Let me introduce you to Timbit! She is a beautiful 4-year-old female Chocolate Lab.

Timbit is about 78 lbs, has a dark brown coat, soulful eyes, and the sweetest face you have ever seen.  She is a gentle and emotionally intelligent dog who has a calming presence and a kind, tender type of temperament. Timbit was named after her beautiful coat colour that reminded us of the Canadian delicacy. Her name also reflects her sweet, soft, and comforting personality.

After being forced into breeding puppies for many years, she has been rescued and has transformed from being a sad-girl into a “certified” good girl who is ready for life and love in a home with a forever family. Since being rescued by PDR, she has successfully learned to do her business outside, to walk well on a leash, to sit and to go to her crate/bed on command. Timbit has also been spayed and medically examined by a veterinarian.

On first impression, Timbit may come off as shy and nervous. However, I can promise you that with compassion, patience, and praise she will reveal her true self to you and bond for good. Timbit is a dog who loves to be outdoors on walks, relax in her crate or on the carpet, play and socialize with dogs, and eat food and snacks. Your heart will melt when you see how excited she gets for treats, how cuddly she is for pats and scratches, and how well she interacts with other dogs and humans. If that doesn’t get you, the joy she displays when she plays with toys, or the look of her body when she finds a comfy spot in your house will certainly do it.  If I had to describe Timbit in one word it would probably be “chill” as she is very calm and very skilled at going with the flow. That being said, she will most certainly play and get active with you!

This “mama bear” would do best in a home with another dog or as part of a pack. This is important as Timbit learns best from being around other dogs and is her happiest self when caring for them. Watching her calmly intervene to manage a conflict between other dogs is quite astonishing! Timbit is good with dogs of all sizes and has settled in nicely with her foster dog sister. While Timbit interaction with cats, children and other pets has been limited, it is believed that she will make friends with them relatively easily. Her kind curiosity seems to win over everyone she meets! A family with kids though needs to understand that she is going to need quiet and calm settling in time and won’t be wanting to have the children all over her or being overly excited around her. Once she has settled and gotten to know her new family she will enjoy the energy that comes with children but a plan will need to be in place and enforced by the adults to let her acclimatize at her own pace.

Timbit will also do best with access to a fenced outdoor area as she will ask to go out (yes, she is that smart!) and likes to explore her space. Her recall is coming along but still needs work. At this stage, she requires being on-leash in non-enclosed spaces to ensure her safety as she can be curious and get distracted in trying to follow her nose. Timbit has shown a fondness towards her crate as it has become a “safe space” for her. She will bring herself there for rest and will sleep there happily. We found that using a sheet to block out the light and playing calm background music helps her feel at ease when the humans are out of the house or when sleeping.

Timbit enjoys all forms of exercise offered to her including play and walks. Two or three 20–30-minute walks a day are recommended to help her stay active and happy. Walking through parks, forests, and neighbourhoods are sure to make her tail go high and waggly and ensure she gets a good rest and is on her best behaviour.

What Timbit loves best is a tie between walks, liver treats and a belly rub!  Like stated above, Timbit is a sensitive girl and will most likely need some time to get herself comfortable in a new family and house but rest assured you will get there and be so happy you did! We found giving treats from a distance (e.g. toss to her and not hold in hand) and not watching (e.g. look other direction) helped build trust. The same goes for physical touch – respecting her desire for space in the initial stages (e.g. don’t try to pet if she is moving away) of adoption will be important. Before you know it, she will start showing affection by smelling and licking your hand, showing excitement for treats and walks, and asking for belly and ear scratches (by laying on her back), and light petting on her head and face. In our home she has grown to love and ask for cuddles and I am confident she will with you too.  We don’t think Timbit received a lot of positive human attention in her previous housing situation, so taking things slow and steady will go a long way to building a harmonious relationship with her!

Timbit is being taught basic obedience and now knows “sit” and to go to her crate upon request. She is working on “stay” and “wait” but has yet to master these skills.  She is not a dog that jumps up which is very nice indeed. Something to note is that Timbit will not accept treats when she is stressed out (like when being groomed). Using affection in these situations will likely help you more than food. Timbit shows a lot of obedience training potential as she is food motivated. Her new family is encouraged to keep going with this as you can definitely teach this dog new tricks!

Timbit’s journey in life has not been an easy one, but she is not letting that hold her back from enjoying what it has to offer! This beautiful, intelligent, and caring dog has displayed an exceptional amount of personal growth while with us and is now ready to share her love with a forever family. Could this be you?