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Meet Trigger. He is a one-year old  German Shepherd and Hound mix, he has a beautiful red coat with a black back and tail. He is a medium size dog weighing in at about 40 pounds which makes him the perfect size to curl up against you or right on your lap to cuddle, which he loves to do.

Right when we saw the picture of Trigger at the pound we knew even before meeting him that he would be a keeper. Upon meeting him we were definitely right and he’s only gotten sweeter. He was a sweet little puppy excited to get out of a cage and filled with energy, he quickly got along with his now foster sister, Maple, right away. He also gets very excited when he sees his foster brother cat, at first he would bark because he was so excited and wanted to play. As long as the cat doesn’t run then he is great and knows to be gentle. We will only consider a home with a cat in it for Trigger if the cat is very dog savvy and knows not to react to a dog at all.  Playing is what Trigger always wants to do, he’s known to throw a ball or his toy right on your lap and sometimes even his foster sister Maple’s head. He loves to be right next to his humans whether it be following us around the house to coming right on top your chest and up to your face when you tell him to cuddle. He is always full of excitement and love. We feel that this would make him a great family dog, he is a great size for children.  Even though he has not been around children, we think that he would be great around them since he is so loving and playful. Preferably children 10 and up as when he gets excited he can be quick and jump around quite a bit. Also he doesn’t realize sometimes how long his legs are and can “punch” you in the face when he gets called for cuddles.

He can be a bit shy at times.  At first he is unsure of new people and will bark for a few minutes, but if you make him feel comfortable he will be soon be friendly and wants all of their attention as well. His uncertainty of people has definitely affected his experience when going to the vet, we are not sure if there is a reason for his anxiety while at the vet but he becomes very scared, it is best for him to have his human with him the whole time if possible to comfort him.

Trigger’s next home needs to be his forever home because he gets very attached; if his foster mom leaves he tends to cry just waiting until she comes back again and does not like to be alone at all. With that being said he actually does do well in his crate and has no trouble walking in on his own when told with or without a treat. At first he will cry for a few moments but then calms himself down. He is a very intelligent dog, we have already taught him sit, shake a paw, lay down, speak and are working on wait and dance. He is a very quick learner, also quite the explorer, if his nose catches a scent you bet he’s following that trail, or if he’s in a new place he wants to explore and smell all over. He gets along great with other dogs whether it be playing and running around with them outside or cuddling right up to them to sleep.

As mentioned Trigger loves exploring and especially loves long walks, he will be a great companion for those that love the outdoors, the only thing is actually getting him there, Trigger tends to get car sick, he does not enjoy car rides at all right now but over time he has been improving. If he has a small spot to lay down he is usually okay for a little while.

Although we have only had Trigger for a few weeks we already love him dearly and know that he will be definitely missed when it is time for him to go from our home but we will be so happy once he finds himself the perfect family. I couldn’t see anyone not loving him. Some of the things that we will miss most is the small grumbles he makes when you rub his side, the continuous ball being thrown on my lap, or his head pushing my laptop out of the way when he wants attention. He is also quite the talker especially when he is excited.

He has been a wonderful buddy for us as well as his foster siblings and will make the perfect dog for a loving home.



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