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All Pound Dog Rescue dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, heartworm/lyme tested, dewormed, and microchipped prior to adoption. The standard adoption donation is $450, and puppies under 5 months of age are $500. The adoption donation is applied to assist in the costs of veterinary care and the overall care of the dog.


This aquatic furball is Winnie, a feisty one when it comes to playtime, but a true sweetheart for cuddles and kisses.  Boy, does she love her kiddie pool!  Who knew Pug mixes were water dogs??

Winnie is a two year old female Pug/Shih Tzu who was rescued from a home where the dog owners became overwhelmed with the number of dogs and puppies.  There’s no reason to believe that she was neglected or wasn’t loved.  She comes from a very large pack of similar dogs and appears to be very compatible with other canine companions.  Her pre-rescue home also had multiple cats; however she has not been tested with animals other than dogs since she came into foster care.

Winnie has a honey and black coloured coat that does shed.  The people with allergies in our home have been sensitive to this in the time that we have had her.  Winnie’s hair has thickened all over, and has also gotten longer during foster care, and continuing to give her a nutritious diet will help her to be healthier all round. She will need to be groomed on a regular basis.

Winnie is a gentle girl who is very affectionate with her people and likes to be in the same room as her humans, following them when they move from room to room.

When Winnie relaxes, her favourite places are on the furniture near a window, or laying on the mats at the doors so she can see all the goings on outside and inside her home. She’s even jumped into a laundry basket for a nap if it means she’s close to her people!  She also will go for a nap in her crate quite nicely, provided the door is open.

Winnie loves to play with all of her toys!  She will amuse herself, and it is funny to watch her bringing her toys back and forth to  her crate, where she keeps track of them.  Winnie loves squeaky toys and it is not unusual to hear the squeaker over and over, knowing she is happily at play.  Often, when she plays with her humans she will play with a toy and then decide that it  has to go into the crate, zipping back out with a different one to share.  Outside, she will chase after a thrown toy and is beginning to bring it back to be thrown again. She loves her benebone and works on it indoors and outside.

Winnie loves to play with other dogs.  When Winnie meets up with her playmates, she only has eyes for her dog friends.  She absolutely loves wrestling with her same sized buddy, but also is happy to play with larger dogs.  She is hilarious to watch, as she likes to be the boss in deciding what they will do, and with familiarity, she likes to be the dog in charge.  Winnie loves to be chased by her friends, but will also be the chaser.  Winnie shares toys with her dog buddies and her play is always friendly.  She will love a home that has another playful dog, has people who will play with her often, or a home where playdates with other dogs will be a regular occurrence.   If living in a home with another dog, a neutered male dog would be best.  Or a submissive female.  We feel that Winnie would like to be the queen in the household so another confident, dominant female would not be a suitable match.

Winnie loves the outside and will need space to explore a backyard and give her a place to run around as she is apt to do.  Winnie gets the zoomies a few times a day and it is hilarious to watch her happily run around in circles in our large yard, always keen to have us join in and egg her on!  Our home is not fenced, so she is now quite used to exploring on a very large leash.  She will follow her people around as they tend to their gardening, often getting us to throw balls for her.  Winnie goes for walks one or two times a day, but spends a lot of her time outside, and is given lots of exercise through play with her people. She especially loves the teenagers in our home and they play with her constantly.

When meeting new people, Winnie can be a little wary and tends to shy away from them.  If any quick moves are made toward her she will bolt or run to her person and stand behind them. Once introduced, she tends to be impartial to someone new so people have to gently coax her to come to them or sometimes a return visit will get a friendly greeting. Winnie will sit beside her people very calmly when they are talking to people who visit, or if we encounter people on our walks. Once she has gotten to know regular visitors, Winnie greets them happily as her friends.  Winnie would be best in a quiet home without a lot of people coming and going.  Winnie has been good with older children and could go to a home where children are over 10 years of age and know play with her respectfully.  She will not do well at all in a home with rambunctious children or one where friends are over quite a bit.  Again, a quieter home is best for this shy girl.

Winnie has learned so much and experienced new things in her foster home.  She has gotten used to wearing a collar, walking on a leash, experiencing grass and going for car rides.  It took a while to get her house trained, but she’s got it mastered now.  She will go in and out of her crate all day, but if she’s in it while her people are away, Winnie will bark for quite a while until she settles in and is quiet. At night, Winnie happily goes to bed in her crate and sleeps through the night and most mornings does not make a sound until her people awake.  Winnie would be best suited for a detached home, where barking noises while crated won’t bother neighbours or in a home where she will not need to be crated during the day. She also requires a family where someone is home most of the day, even post COVID, and she won’t be left for long periods of time as a regular occurrence.

Winnie weighs about 15 pounds, and has gained some weight since coming to us.  She eats a combination of kibble and wet food twice a day.  At first, she ate her food immediately, now it takes her a little longer to devour it.

Winnie has been learning some new commands and will now sit patiently for a treat or to get her leash attached for a walk.  She is learning the words stay, come, off, treat for bed and walk.  Sometimes she responds to treats as a reward, but often leaves the treat once she has earned it.  Continued training with Winnie will benefit her in the future.

Winnie was a stubborn learner to get housetrained, and she still requires some time to get her business done.  She will need to be with people who have the time and patience to wait for her to go.  If you are leaving for work in the mornings, you will need to allow lots of time in your routine to wait for Winnie to go to the bathroom. She needs her people nearby to give her direction to do her business, otherwise she sniffs, lays down or wants to play! As well, Winnie only goes to the bathroom in our yard, she never pees or poops on walks!

Now to the aquatic part! Winnie loves the water and loves to swim!  She goes in and out of a kiddie pool on a regular basis and it is so funny to see her walk into the pool and lay right down with only her head poking out over the edge!  She will lay there for quite a while, especially to cool down from her active play time with her dog friends.  Winnie has also enjoyed an in ground pool and loves laying on the steps and then going for a swim. It’s so neat to see her paddling around! Winnie would do well in a home with a pool or access to water.  You just need to know to watch Winnie closely anytime she’s near a pool in the summer!

Winnie is a lovable little Ewok, who entertains us on a daily basis.  She will fit well with adults  or family who is looking for a playful little dog who will be an adoring loyal companion.






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