I would like to welcome you all to meet this bright little firecracker Winter. Winter is a spunky 3 month old Husky mix, she has a beautiful blonde coat and vibrant energetic eyes that never stop searching. This little girl weighs about 20 pounds right now and she still has some growing to do. Winter is an absolute snuggle bug, she is always searching for feet to sleep with, or other dogs to curl up with, and when you pick her up she will happily lay in your arms. Winter is quite an active and vocal pup and because of that we think she would be better suited in a detached home where she won’t be a bother to neighbours and where she hopefully has a fenced in backyard for her to roam in.

Winter was one in a group of pups that was unfortunately born outside, her and her sibling were taken in by Save A Dog Network and then made the big journey to Toronto in order to be taken in by Pound Dog to give her the best chance at finding her forever home. Winter was full of joy and excitement when we brought her into our home and it didn’t take long for her to warm up to the house and all the foster dog siblings! She loves to explore her surroundings, she will test and see what she is and is not allowed to play with. Winter has definitely shown some interest in chewing things that are less than ideal, like the underside of some chairs, however she is very quick to receive correction. Her new home will need to make sure that they are diligent with watching her in the home to ensure that they can stop any unwanted chewing before it starts. Winter certainly loves to chase some toys around the house or find a good toy to chew on the pet bed, her puppy antics will keep you entertained for hours.

We don’t expect that Winter will be an exceptionally large dog and we think she will likely only grow to about 50 pounds, but she certainly has never ending energy. She currently lives with three older large breed dogs and two other puppies and she has them playing all day long, once she wears out one she goes onto the next one! Winter will require lots of exercise to help her burn her energy off so she can enjoy her nap time, and boy does she enjoy her nap time. I think napping is this girls second favourite thing to do, especially if there is someone to snuggle up with! Winter will make herself right at home on your feet if you are standing up to the counter, she will also snuggle up with the dogs or she will stretch out on the pet bed for a good snooze. You know she’s burned off her energy when she goes and takes a good nap somewhere. Winter is always happy to follow you around the house, no matter where you go. Whether it be upstairs, the bathroom, or just to the back door to grab something. Winter is always up for adventure and she certainly does not want to miss out on any of the fun, she would love to find a family who likes being active outdoors who will take her on hikes and help her use up all of her energy so that she can come back and snuggle up on the couch.

Winter is crate trained and does so well to go in her crate with her tasty treat. When it’s time for the humans to leave the house or go to bed all you have to do is throw in a good chew toy and snack and she walks right in and settles down. She may let out a slow howl or two at night and will only start to make some noise once she’s heard that you are up and about in the morning. Winter is a stubborn little husky and chooses when she would like to listen, she is working very hard on her commands, but she is not food motivated which makes things a little tougher – but all the more rewarding. Basic obedience training with Advanced Obedience will be a must with Winter as it will help her develop a wonderful relationship with her new family, but also it will help her to understand what is expected of her and help set out rules in her new home. Winter is very intelligent and is going to be a very strong willed dog and she will need consistency and structure in her forever home in order for her to continue to thrive throughout her days. Winter is going to be a very confident girl and she is not suitable for first time dog owners. Winters new family will need to have experience with working breed dogs, and be willing to provide ongoing training past the initial basic obedience.

Winter has been working on her house training and she has been doing very well. She is still very young, so she needs to be watched constantly to make sure she is taken outside when she wakes from a nap or after she has been playing for a while. We watch her constantly and try to put her out frequently to do her business, she knows that she needs to go before she comes back inside. There have been several instances where we have been calling her to come in, but she will go over to the grass, do her business and then happily run back into the house. She has also told us many times that she needed to go by waiting at the back door for us as well. Her forever home will need to make sure they are diligent with her during the first few weeks in her new home to ensure that she understands she is still supposed to go outside.

Being Winter is still a young puppy, we will only consider a home for her where someone is home or has the capability to come home throughout the day. Puppies need to be taken outside for bathroom breaks very regularly when they are small and will not be able to hold it for an 8 hour work day. We are also looking for a family or person that is fully aware of the time commitment of a puppy and the work involved. Puppies are a total joy and bring so much love and happiness into a home, but you cannot underestimate the work and time involved in raising a puppy properly. They need constant supervision while young to expedite the house training stage and to ensure they aren’t chewing on anything inappropriate.

Winter has been going on some walks, from the beginning she was very confident and would happily trot along on her way. Currently she is walked on a flat collar but does have a tendency to pull, and because of this we have been introducing her to a gentle leader head halter, which will help her perfect her walking technique as she gets bigger.  So far when Winter has been in the car she has been with her sibling and they have gone in the crate and she is always very calm.

Winter has been a fantastic addition in this short time that we have had her. She has an incredible zest for life and a larger than life personality. She loves to busy herself with chewing on the toys around the house and loves when the other dogs want to play some tug of war or if the humans want to play fetch! Winter’s ideal home would have another playful dog for her to expel some energy, but we also think Winter would do well as an only dog if her new family has lots of time to spend with her. True to her breed, Winter is quite a stubborn little girl and sometimes decides to ignore her humans, and carries on with what she wants to do. Winter is also currently living with a cat, she has certainly shown interest in the cat and has occasionally given chase, but she has never become aggressive. If her forever home has a cat, it would need to be extremely dog savvy as we don’t know how Winter’s prey drive will change as she gets older. Winter also lives with two kids in the house, being as she is still a puppy we have been working on her mouthing and she does better and better every day, she loves when the kids get down on the floor and play with her! A home with kids over 8yrs of age who know how to act appropriately with a puppy would be fine for her.

Winter is a sweet and beautiful girl and all she wants is a home to call her own. I promise that Winter comes with lots of love to give and many kisses to share, all she’s missing is her special someone! Are you the one that can offer this girl a permanent place to call her own and finally be home?