It is my pleasure to introduce Zadie, a 5-year-old Beagle. This may just be the sweetest Beagle you ever meet. As soon as she came into our home, she was quick to warm up to us and make herself at home. Zadie is around 25 pounds and has the typical Beagle colouring. She has cute speckles on her legs and big brown eyes. She is considered a medium size dog and is quite easy to pick up and cuddle. And she certainly loves to cuddle! It’s clear that Zadie was loved in a home environment because she is extremely well mannered inside and loves affection. In Zadie’s ideal world she would be pet all day! She’ll even bump her nose on your hand to remind you to keep rubbing her head. Zadie is the perfect mix of sleep on the couch with you all day to let’s go on 5 long walks. She will certainly match your energy levels and is always up for new adventures.

Inside, Zadie loves to snooze on the couch. I work from home, and she will spend all day and afternoon sleeping near me. She really loves to be where the people are, so chances are if you’re in the living room she will be right there beside you. That being said, Zadie will also respect your personal space if told to do so. She is house trained and can easily sleep through the night and will sleep in as long as you do. She is also fine to stay in her crate when you leave the house. She may whine a bit or even get the nervous shakes but will settle down very quickly. Zadie is a low energy dog inside but can get excited outside.

Currently, we are working on Zadie’s leash and outdoor walking skills. Ideally, Zadie’s new owner will continue taking her on walks and working on these skills with her. Zadie will pull towards squirrels, people and will howl at other dogs she sees. Although she isn’t a very large dog, she can pull quite a bit and it’s important for her owner to have the control on the walks. We are introducing her to a Gentle leader head halter and this is making walking much more enjoyable. In typical Beagle fashion, Zadie will sniff the whole walk and can often get distracted by smells as well. With that being said, Zadie will need a very patient handler that is willing to put in the time to work on these skills with her. Zadie does well in a fenced off backyard and will stay busy sniffing around outside. Zadie is not an off-leash dog, meaning she can never be off leash outdoors is she is not in a fully enclosed yard. If Zadie were to catch a strong enough scent or see other people or dogs, she would run towards them and would not be able to be recalled. Zadie loves to be outside, warm or cold and is very content after a 15-to-20-minute walk.

Zadie loves all humans, big or small. She is extremely gentle around kids and adults. She is calm in a group setting and will find a cozy place to sleep or will happily get pet. She absolutely loves people and loves having guests come around. Zadie is not a huge fan of loud, scary, or abrupt noises. When she hears these noises, she will shake nervously. She can easily be calmed down by laying somewhere comfortable and getting lots of pets. Zadie would do well in a large or small home. She would be fine in an apartment if she is able to get out for a couple walks throughout the day. She is quiet in the house unless she sees a dog outside, in which case she may whine and then settle down once the dog is out of sight.

Although Zadie can be quite vocal when she sees another dog, she gets along with them great. It is important for her to have a proper introduction so she feels comfortable around the other dog. She should not be just allowed to rush up to a dog and vice versa. A dog park will not be suitable for Zadie as she is small and will get overwhelmed easily but she would love to have some dog friends to go on walks with. Due to her prey drive for all critters small and fast best for her not to go to a home with cats. Zadie is great in the car and will settle in for the ride after a few moments of nervousness. She just needs continued exposure to car rides to get more comfortable with it. Zadie is very portable though with her compact size and love for all things fun so will make a great road trip companion. Interesting fact about Zadie is that she only has part of her tail. It was surgically removed earlier in her life and makes her very unique. She is missing that hound white tail tip though!!

Zadie is an awesome, loyal girl and would make an excellent companion in a loving home. She is such a joy to be around and will always put a smile on your face.