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Pound Dog Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing stray, abandoned and surrendered dogs in Southern Ontario pounds and low resource shelters.  It is our mission to adopt these dogs out to loving, secure homes so that they never again deal with the devastation of being lost, homeless, or abandoned and facing certain euthanasia due to space limitations at overwhelmed pound facilities. 

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Fundraising for CeCe

This Thanksgiving weekend we want to give thanks to our amazing vet team who literally saved PDR pup Cece’s life and gave her a fighting chance at survival.  I’m sure you all remember CeCe, the sweet Husky X puppy who came into our care with a broken leg. She had been found in northern Manitoba, injured and trying to fend for herself with no chance of survival.  But thanks to Save a Dog Network she was saved and sent to us to get the care she needed.  She needed orthopedic surgery to repair her leg but all went well and we had posted with how great she was doing.  What we didn’t know is that she was harbouring a diaphragmatic hernia,  most likely caused by being hit by a car, which is what we suspect was the cause of her broken leg.  Cece was doing great, showing no signs of further issues, and was going to be going up for adoption.  Until 4 days ago when Cece found herself in a battle for her life.  She couldn’t breathe and it was discovered that she had a diaphragmatic hernia and it had burst, pushing her abdominal organs into her chest cavity.  I am so very very proud of our Preston Animal Clinic vet team.  All hands on deck, this team pulled together and managed to stabilize Cece and give her the chance she needed to get to the Ontario Veterinary Clinic for emergency surgery.  All through the hours, it took to drain air from her chest cavity, get her much-needed oxygen and try and stabilize her our vet team kept us in the loop and kept fighting for her.  We need to also acknowledge her amazing foster family who dropped everything and mapped out the quickest route to OVC to get her there.  CeCe made it and surgery was planned for that night to fix the hole in her diaphragm.  Huge thanks also need to go out to the great surgery team at OVC who got all her innards back in the right place and sealed up that hole that caused all of the issues. Cece came through surgery well and recovery went great.  We are happy to say that she is now back at home with her foster family and is doing quite well.

We need your help though as this life-saving surgery came with a very heavy vet bill.  We were quoted $10,000 for this life-saving surgery.  That is a substantial amount of money for a small rescue like ours to take on.  But we had to give Cece that chance.  This pup survived life as a lone pup in the far north, being hit by a car and severely injured, making a flight to rescue help in Winnipeg and then another flight to Ontario to get the surgery she needed.  She came through all of this with a fighter’s spirit and happy, loving temperament.  This puppy is only 4mths old but has already undergone more than any dog should have to deal with in a lifetime.  All the vet teams commented on how strong this pup’s will to survive is and also how sweet-natured she is.  We couldn’t give up on her.  There was no way.  So we took this on and she was saved.  Cece will have a full life ahead of her so, in the end, every cent spent will be worth it.  But we could certainly use your help. Any amount of donation helps.

We are going to be having a series of fundraisers for Cece.  We ask you to please share these posts to bring attention to as many people as possible.  Please participate in the fundraisers if you can.

Encourage others to do so as well.  If you would like to just outright donate, this can be done through e transfer to pounddog.ca@gmail.com or through the credit card option on PayPal.  Or, you can donate through our Canada Helps page.  Tax receipts are issued for donations of $20 and above for outright donations.  We will keep you posted on the money raised.  At this time of giving thanks, we want to thank all of our supporters for always being there for us and caring so much about the dogs in our rescue.  You really do help us make a huge difference in these dogs’ lives!!! THANK YOU!


Dudley - , a Pound Dog Rescue alumni dog.

We are in urgent need of fosters as we can only save as many dogs as we have foster homes for. All costs are covered by Pound Dog Rescue.


Meghan, a Pound Dog Rescue alumni dog.

View our dogs who are ready to be adopted. Learn about our adoption contract, which includes an adoption donation fee and other contractual requirements.


Cheyenne, a Pound Dog Rescue alumni dog.

Donations over $20.00 will receive a tax receipt. We are a registered charity in Ontario, #81487 2230 RR00001 Pound Dog Rescue- Ontario.



Simon, a Pound Dog Rescue alumni dog.

There are many ways to get involved with Pound Dog Rescue and we are always looking for new volunteers to join our amazing team!


All Pound Dog Rescue dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, heartworm/Lyme tested, dewormed, and microchipped prior to adoption. The adoption donation structure is as follows: Puppies 2-6 months old: $650, Puppies 7 months -2 years old: $550, Dogs over 2 year old: $450. The adoption donation is applied to assist in the costs of veterinary care and the overall care of the dog.

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You can donate securely through PayPal or by using a credit card. Donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt. We are a registered charity in Ontario, #81487 2230 RR0001 Pound Dog Rescue- Ontario.