Happy Tails of PDR Alumni 2019

George has found his forever home with a prior adoptive family. His family were grieving the loss of their PDR dog Willard when they saw George. They applied for him right away as they knew he was the dog for them. We knew the dedication and commitment this couple has to their dogs and that George would want for nothing and live a charmed life. George got along fabulously with their other two senior dogs and has fit right in, bringing some terrier spunk to his new pack.

We had a couple looking for a best friend for their small dog and were patient, wanting to find the perfect match. Alvin the spunky Miniature Pinscher was looking for a forever family and was hoping his family would have a little playmate for him. Alvin and his brother Wish got along like soul mates and bring a lot of joy to their family! Alvin gets to go to work with his people and brother and spread joy to his co workers as well.

Bob found his forever home to start 2019 off perfectly! He is keeping his family busy with lots of walks and doesn′t let the frigid cold slow him down one bit. And he has even shown them his trick of opening up the fridge door to help himself to snacks!! Smart boy!!! Bob will keep his family laughing with his antics and we couldn′t be happier for him.

Scarlett found her forever home in Brantford with a loving couple who were looking for another big dog after the passing of their beloved Rottweiler. Scarlett caught their eye and won their hearts when they met her. She is quite happy in her new home with all of her toys. She has been renamed Poe Henley which has significance to her new family.

Shyloh found his forever home with a family who live on a hobby farm. Syloh will grow up with kids to play with and a pony and goat to buddy around with. Our sweet pup has settled in nicely and has a lot to keep him busy on the farm!

Comet found his forever home with a couple who were waiting for him right from the moment they saw that we had taken him in from Manitoba. When they met him it just reinforced their feeling that this was their dog. Comet is named Roscoe now and enjoys his life with his new family which includes a kitty. And our toy loving puppy has discovered a whole new world of kitty toys too...what fun!

We couldnt have found a better home for the pink ball and his Doberman friend Drake. It so happens that we found a family for them that have have many balls before and 4 past Dobermans and were looking for another ball and Doberman pairing to complete their family. Drake gets to enjoy life on a horse farm with many visitors to give him treats. And pink ball gets to enjoy semi retirement as the family has many other balls to entertain Drake that are new to him and therefore very exciting.

Josie found her forever home with a retired couple looking for a small dog to cherish after the passing of a beloved dog. Josie caught their eye and won their hearts when they met her. They understood her needs and were more than willing to give her everything she needed to be a happy and confident little girl. Her name is Coco now and she is adored in her new family.

Gigi found her ideal family on a rural property in Waterloo. They were looking for a playmate and companion for their Husky mix boy dog and after meeting Gigi at one of our meet and greet events felt that she would be a great fit. A further meet with the dogs solidified their desire to have Gigi join their family. Gigi is named Dakota now and is loving her new home and family. In between wrestling and romping she can be found snuggling her new brother and best friend.

Hillary found her perfect forever home with a couple who were looking for a pup to bring joy and laughs to their home after the sad passing of both their Golden Retrievers in a short time. They were hoping for a Retriever and when they saw and met Hillary knew that she was their puppy. Hillary is named Oakley now and on her adoption day she gleefully greeted her new family and never looked back. It was really meant to be. Anyone wishing to follow Oakley′s adventures can find her at @oakleythepointerlab

Pilot found his forever family prior to be posted for adoption! His family attended both meet and greet events that we had Pilot at and spent hours with him, falling completely in love with him. We did a meet with the family dog as well and that went really well. So Pilot has joined his family and has 2 teen boys who were really excited to have an active, rough and tumble type pup as the family Lab is more of a cuddler. Pilot has been named Rumble which suits him perfectly and he is already attending puppy social classes and doing great!

Lupin found his adoptive home in Innerkip with a family that was looking for a big dog to love. They were really attracted to Lupin′s photos and bio and when they met him it solidified the fact that this big love was meant to be their dog. Lupin is already in classes with them and learning new things and is receiving a lot of love which is all we wanted for this nice boy!

Amigo found his most perfect home with a retired lady who was looking for her next best friend after the passing of her last special dog. She was drawn to Amigo and was committed to working with this quirky little dog to bring out the very best in him. Amigo was very drawn to her and made it very obvious that he had picked his mom. He has settled in very well and is quite happy!

Yukon found his adoptive home with a family that has a boy to be Yukon′s very best friend forever. Yukon is greatly loved and will have a wonderful life of long walks, cuddles and cottage time!

Esme caught the eye of one of our veterinary staff members when Esme was in for her spay. She knew that her family was looking for a sweet Chihuahua and Esme is certainly that. Further meets just confirmed that Esme was meant to be the dog for them! She settled in quickly and is loving her new life as a beloved family pet.

Noodle′s foster mom brought this sweet Pomeranian /Chihuahua boy a long way in her time with her. He has flourished so well and is a dog that is very sensitive to others and loves to cuddle that his foster mom knew that he was a therapy dog in the making. Noodle will be giving back by offering the love only a dog can give to those in need along with his mom who has a huge heart and has always wanted a therapy dog but just needed the right one to come along. And that right one came along in a fluffy red furred package!

Nirah found her perfect forever home in Cambridge! Her new family says they are obsessed with this sweet pup and couldn′t be happier with her. She has settled in quickly and loves all the new toys in her home..including a stuffie piglet and baby rhino which are our pet names for Nirah!

We found Parker the most ideal forever home and family! We are so happy for him. Parker has a brother, Toby, who he is silly over. We have never seen Parker so happy. You can follow his adventures with his brother on Instagram at toby_and_parker. Check out the video to see what we mean by how happy Parker is...it will make you smile.

Our fun guy Angus has moved to Vanastra to join his forever family!! Angus gets to enjoy going to work with his mom in an upholstery shop where he has quickly realized that customers mean treats so he has taken on the role of store greeter eagerly. Angus has a dog buddy that visits regularly and a few cats to keep him company as well. Angus has been renamed Arlo to avoid confusion as one of his cats is named Gus.

Our Handsome Henry has found himself a loving forever home with an older sister to be his buddy. His sister seems to really like him and Henry is settling in well. He starts obedience classes soon to work on his confidence and to fine tune the obedience skills he learned in his foster home. His new family is quite enjoying this lovable big pup and he is feeling more comfortable with every passing day.

Loki found his ideal family which includes his people and a big Mastiff X brother, all of whom he adores. He and his brother love to play and nap together, and Loki′s confidence is building every day as he learns from his brother that the outside world is not a scary place. We are thrilled with his progress! He is named Frost now and his antics can be followed on Instagram at ember_and_frost.

We are happy to announce that our sweet Husky mix puppy, Opie, has found her perfect forever home with a couple from London! They have named her Perry and are so happy with their new puppy! Perry goes to work with them and gets all kinds of socialization and attention. If you would like to follow her adventures Perry has her own Instagram page at @perryperriperry.

Cleo is a darling Pug/Rhodesian Ridgeback we had in our rescue who caught the eye of a previous adoptive family who were looking for a companion for their Mastiff X, PDR alum, Hank. Cleo was the size and temperament they were looking for and Hank definitely approved of the adoption. Cleo has been named Rosey now and she is doing great in her new family. Hank and Rosey are the best of friends and play together and cuddle together. Rosey is really enjoying life with her forever family!

Pearl the Pug stole the hearts of everyone who met her and so many of us at PDR were wanting her if we only had the room for another dog. But we also knew that we had an ideal family waiting patiently specifically for a mature Pug and that Pearl would be perfect for them. Pearl now shares her life with a couple in Kitchener and their 2 girls, all of whom adore their new Pug friend. Pearl continues to charm everyone she meets and she has stolen the hearts of her family who will give her the best of anything she could ever need.

Bindi the ShihTzu has found her forever family right here in our own rescue family! Her foster family just couldn′t part with this sweet girl. She fit in with their other dog so well and just seemed to seamlessly transition into their home and routines that they knew she was meant to stay. So we celebrate this ″foster fail″ with her foster family and wish them a big congrats on their new dog!

We couldn′t have found a more ideal home for Phoenix. She lives in the country now with a little brother and an active couple who take her on lots of adventures. She has been named Lucy and is loving her new life with her forever family.

Kora is a darling little Beagle who came to us in a state of neglect and with large mammary tumors. We got her on a quality diet and took care of all of her medical needs including tumor removal. We were happy to find out that her tumors were benign and this sweet girl has a great future ahead. Through all of her treatments and recovery her foster family fell more and more in love with this cutie and realized that she was home to stay. We celebrate with Kora′s family their ″Foster fail ″ and know that she has a wonderful life with them ahead.

Our sweet Shiba Inu, Yoshi, found his forever home in Pickering with a couple who had a Shiba already and were looking for a friend for him. They knew the breed well and were perfectly suited to the uniqueness of this breed of dog. Yoshi and his new brother get along very well and Yoshi is living his very best life. We are thrilled for him!

Izzy found her perfect forever home in Brampton with a retired lady who was looking for a sweet natured, small, low shedding dog to be a loving companion. Izzy was looking for a loving retired lady to be her best friend and soul mate. These 2 met and it was a total love match. Izzy now enjoys her days with her new mom, cuddling, going for walks and being great company.

Our portly Border Collie, Kelly, has found the best forever home ever for her! She was adopted by a couple who are just as dedicated to getting her to a healthy weight as we were. Kelly came to us at an astounding 98lbs and is already down to 87lbs and going strong. Her family takes her for daily long walks and hikes and is monitoring her diet. We are so proud of their commitment to Kelly and having her live her best life. We will be keeping tabs on her weight loss and will update on her progress.

Flossy, our special needs girl, found herself a wonderful family in Seaforth who have the compassion, patience, and love to provide her a stable forever home. Flossy has a doggie sister who loves being chased in the yard and Flossy loves to chase so they are getting along fabulously. And Flossy also has a family with 2 teen girls, all who love to cuddle her so she is in her glory. We are so happy that Flossy has found a family to love her and take great care of her.

Nugget found his adoptive home in Stratford with a couple who were looking for a JRT after falling in love with the breed with a grand dog they came to love. Nugget has a pool in his new home and we found out he loves swimming! He is thrilled!! Nugget loves his new home and yard and is enjoying his adventures in his new neighborhood.

Balto is living his best life in Guelph now with a mom and 2 teen daughters and the resident dog Oliver the Border Collie mix. Balto and Ollie are the best of friends and enjoy a lot of play time. Even better, Balto′s mom is very active and he is now up to 10 to 15kms a day in hikes and walks and loving every minute of it. There is nothing better for a Husky than lots of exercise so our lovely boy is in his ideal home now.

Little Ben the Shepherd/Husky mix didn′t stay in our rescue care very long as we had a prior adoptive family looking for a puppy to be a playmate to PDR alum Haven, the Boxer X, and give their Sheltie a break from having to keep up with her. Haven and Ben got along fabulously and a strong friendship is in the making. Ben is named Koda now and is loving his new life and family. He is greatly loved and has a wonderful future ahead of him.

We couldn′t understand why we weren′t getting any interest in Mik, our lovely Lab/Pug mix. But it all made sense, and we knew fate was at play again, when his foster family adopted this great dog. He fit perfectly into their family and is a great buddy and partner in crime to his sister, PDR alum, Portia. We celebrate this ″foster fail″ with Mik′s new forever family and are so happy that he has found such a great home!

Roger found his happily ever after in the big city of Toronto with a couple who were looking for a dog of their very own. Roger suited exactly what they were looking for and we knew that he had a temperament well suited for the hustle and bustle of city life. Roger is enjoying his long walks down by the water and all the excitement that comes from living in the city.

Mira has found her perfect home and has settled in quite nicely. She has got a backyard to run around in and a loving couple to be her new family. MIra′s new family is so happy to have her and has raved about her and how well she is doing. Her new name is Meeka. We are thrilled that she has found such a great forever home!

Bosco found his forever home in Woodstock with a family who were looking for a Boxer dog that wasnt too young, and wasnt too old, and when they met Bosco they knew he was just right! There was an immediate connection when Bosco met the family and we knew that this was going to be Bosco′s forever family. Bosco now enjoys time at the cottage, all kinds of love and attention, and the commitment of forever care that a prior family hadn′t given him. Special plus is that his new mom has the skills to repair his cherished froggy toy when it gets a little worse for wear. Bosco is especially happy with that!

Kevin found his forever home in Kitchener with a couple who were looking for a Chihuahua to love. Kevin is enjoying his home with a big window where he can look out and survey his neighbourhood which is one of his favourite things! He is a total sucky and his family adores him. He even has a grandma who watches him when his family has days where both have to work and Kevin loves the extra kind of spoiling and love that only grandma′s can bring. Our little guy has found his forever family and we are thrilled.

Our unique and lovely Robin has found her forever home in Stratford with an active couple and a new cat best friend. Robin is named Hera now and is enjoying daily long runs with her dad, and the happiness that comes from being in a loving home. Robin loves her cat sibling and the two of them are often found hanging out together.

Panda has found her ideal forever home and we couldn′t be happier! Panda needed a family that would be committed to her dietary needs as she had bladder crystals and we were thrilled to hear that her new family already had a ShihTzu with the same condition so were well prepared to take this on! Panda and her brother get along very well and enjoy spending time together, but mostly Panda enjoys cuddle time with her new people. She has recently gotten a haircut and is settling in well.

Clyde has found his forever home!! We are so happy for him. Clyde gets to share his home with his German Shepherd sister and they enjoy playing with toys together and chasing each other around the yard. Clyde is being mostly good in his new home although did teach his new family that jars of peanut butter cannot be left unattended!! He can′t be trusted when food is involved! This is what you get with a goofy, very puppyish temperament in a large, big dog body and it′s what makes us love Clyde all the more!

Mia found her very best friend with her family in Kitchener who had a Samoyed who was needing a buddy. No stranger to fur and shedding her family was attracted to Mia and her temperament matched their dog very well. Mia and her sibling are never far apart and have finally realized that they can take time to relax and don′t have to play every waking moment!

Lilo found her forever home with a couple who had a young and playful dog looking for a young and playful friend. Lilo and Harper got along very well and have become the best of friends. Her family really enjoys this spunky young Lab and have renamed her Lily. Lily is settling in well and her only disappointment is when her family discovered her trick of eating all of her food and then finishing up Harper′s food too. No more double meals for this foodie!

Ruger′s new family dog sit their daughter′s 8yr old Lab regularly and missed having a dog around the house when he was gone. They were wanting a dog but enjoyed the maturity of their ″grand dog″ and were looking for the same. When they discovered 8yr old Ruger they knew they found what they were looking for! Not only does Ruger look exactly like Mo, but he has the same pace of life and the dogs hit it off wonderfully. Ruger is now doted on by his new family and gets to have his buddy Mo visit regularly. Ruger loves his family and is never more than a few steps away from them at any time.

Chelsea is a spunky and happy Lab mix puppy who came to us from Northern Manitoba for a better chance at a loving family. We had a family who had been waiting a while for the perfect pup and we knew that Chelsea would be what they were looking for. Chelsea is named Phoebe now and is entertaining her family with her personality and fun loving spirit.

Whimsy found her adoptive home in Kitchener with a couple who were looking for a buddy for their active and playful dog and what better than an active and playful pup? They both loved the Lab and Boxer breeds so were attracted to Whimsy and were hoping that their dog would love her as much as they did. Well, we can say that the dogs really hit it off and play all the time. So much in fact that they have to have time outs to give each other much needed rest. Whimsy is named Lexi now and is loving her new family and mostly her new bestie!

Jethro is a sweet 6yr old Lab boy who came into our care in rough shape. He had sores all over his body, had growths on his eyes and nose that needed removed at the same time as his neuter, and had a nasty ear infection that took a while to get a handle on. During that time though he charmed his foster family and their friends so much that one of their friends knew that he was the dog for him. Once Jethro was healed up from his treatments he was adopted to a man in Kingston who was looking for a new dog buddy and loved Jethro′s personality and calm manner. Jethro is called Frank now and is being a very good boy for his new dad.

Diesel found his forever family in Mount Pleasant on a farm! A very lovely family was looking for the perfect dog to love and knew when they met Diesel that he was the one. Diesel now gets to enjoy long walks though the woods and property, all kinds of love and attention and gets to ″help″ with chores. He is a very happy boy and has a wonderful future ahead.

Remi has found the most amazing hound loving family to call his very own. He gets to enjoy daily long walks in a rural setting lots of family members to cuddle with and 2 senior hound brothers for companions. Remi is now named Dave and he is adored by his forever family.

Suki found her forever home in London with a woman drawn to her sweet nature and gentle soul. Suki will be accompanying her mom to work and being trained for therapy work. Her name is Sophie now and she is doing wonderfully in her new home and getting all kinds of attention and love!!!

Sweet Vincent found his most perfect home with a woman who had adopted PDR alum Buster many years ago. Sadly Buster and her Boston Terrier had passed away and her current dog, Dora, was lonely. We knew how amazing this woman was and how devoted to her pets she is so when she reached out wishing to meet Vincent we knew he had hit the jackpot. Vincent and Dora got along right away and Vincent is living the life of a prince with many daily walks, lots of cuddle and play time and fantastic care.

Well it took us a long time to finally get sweet Bizzy the Bulldog to a point where she was medically sound and able to be adopted. And then it took us more time to find Bizzy her ideal home where this super special dog would be cared for and her needs understood the best they could be. We found her perfect fit with a couple who live up in cottage country, on a lake, who were experienced Bulldog owners and knew the cost and medical concerns that go along with everything Bulldog. Bizzy took to them right away and it was an instant love connection. Bizzy′s new family has taken on her care with gusto and we know she is in the best family ever for her.

Xander has found his happily ever!! He is now the cherished pet of a woman and her daughter who were looking for a little companion to love. Xander was everything they were looking for in temperament and energy levels and then add on that he is completely adorable and it was a love connection! Xander now enjoys lots of walks and cuddle times. You can follow Xander′s adventures on his Instagram page at @XandertheDawg

We had a couple looking for a mature Chihuahua to join their family. They had a lot of love to give and knew that they wanted a small, good natured dog to share that love with. We intoroduced them to Nina, a 7yr old Chihuahua, who was ready for adoption and she was exactly what they were looking for. Nina now lives in Tillsonburg with her family where she is loving her walks around the neighbourhood and showing off all of the tricks and commands she knows to her new family!

We received quite a few great applications for Godfrey but it ends up the very 1st one received was his perfect fit! Godfrey went to a couple that have a mature Cavalier and were looking for a second dog. They never thought they would find a Cavalier in rescue and were shocked to discover Godfrey and were following his story closely. To top it off his new mom is a professional dog walker and Godfrey will be able to accompany her daily on her walking duties, which he will love. We couldn’t have asked for a better fit. Godfrey is called Jimmy now and is loving his new home and family!

Reba found her forever home with a wonderful couple who were looking for a companion for their Pomeranian. Reba is making herself right at home and is bringing a lot of love to her new family and is fitting in nicely to her brothers routine of walks and lounging. That′s a perfect life for our sweet girl who has been renamed Peach.

Hunter found his forever home in West Essex with a couple looking for their next great doggie love. The house was empty after the passing of their last beloved dog and they were looking for a wonderfully natured, happy and playful friend. They found all of this in Hunter and it was a true love match. Hunter is quite spoiled now and will be cared for and loved for the rest of his life!

Koda was lucky enough to be adopted to a woman he already knew and loved! Koda′s new mom lived temporarily with Koda′s foster mom and got to know and love Koda during her time spent with him. When she moved to her own place she knew that Koda was the dog she wanted to be her very own. Koda made the easy transition over to his new home and is really enjoying all the love and affection he receives in his forever home!

Prada found her ideal home in Kitchener with a couple who had a little Chihuahua and were looking for a companion for him. They are strong believers in obedience training of their little dogs and we knew that Prada would be in great hands and get everything she needed with this family. Prada is named Birdie now and is settling in well to her new home.

Oreo found his perfect forever home in London with a family who had a female Collie mix and new exactly the energy level and commitment to training that a young collie mix needs. Oreo is already registered for classes and will be going through to doing agility just like his sister does. Oreo and his new sister are already the best of friends and we couldn′t be happier.

Kia found a fantastic family to be her forever family and she couldn′t be happier!! She has older kids in her home and in particular has bonded with the boy, and she has a friendly Lab sister who she adores. The dogs play so much that they have to have time outs sometimes so as not to get completely exhausted. Kia enjoys cuddle times with her humans and her canine family and is settling in well. She is starting obedience school with the goal to work up to agility training and then see what else this super smart pup can accomplish!

Laika is thrilled to announce that after many months being up for adoption, she got what she wanted for Christmas.....a forever home! The reason that we couldn’t find her home was because she had that all along right with her foster family. We would like to officially welcome Blake to our family and to the PDR family. She is an official foster dog mentor and her job is to teach manners and house rules to future foster dogs...and help them on their way to finding their forever homes just like she did!

Cotton is a Coton de Tulear who ended up in our rescue as an abandoned stray dog. We knew he had a sore leg upon intake but didnt know until later that he had an untreated dislocated hip that required extensive surgery! We set about taking care of Cotton and fixing him all up. In the meantime we had a fantastic couple who were looking for a dog to love. They required a hypoallergenic breed and Coton de Tulear were a breed of great interest to them, having done their research. It was an immediate love match and we are happy to report that Cotton is greatly loved in his forever home and is entertaining his new family with his comical antics every day. They have renamed him Wed and are very happy with their new love.