Happy Tails of PDR Alumni 2015

Ace found a terrific home in record time with a family who knew immediately that this was the dog for them. Everything they had described in terms of energy level, intelligence, personality, temperament and size that they wanted in a dog was Ace. IT was love at first meet and an absolutely perfect match. Ace now lives in Puslinch with a family with kids and a super friendly dog to be his best buddy.

Eve wasn′t with us long at all when she found her forever home with a woman in Kitchener looking for her first dog. Eve was such an easy dog to live with that we knew she would be a great fit, and her new mom just loves Border Collies so it was a perfect match. Eve is called River now.

Rosie didn′t let a heartworm diagnosis hold her back from finding her forever family. She is now the only pet of a couple in Oakville so she will get all the love and attention, which suits her perfectly. Her family will be working with us to complete her heartworm treatments and get her back on track to a healthy heartworm-free life.

Faith found her perfect home with a family in Kitchener that has kids and a Lab to be her best friends and forever buddies. She will be attending obedience classes to keep working on her confidence. Faith is a very happy pup now that she has found her forever family.

Sammy found a great home with a man who was experienced with the Husky type breeds and who was drawn by her beauty and medium size. His father lives with him and is home most of the day so Sammy will always have company. Sammy lives in Cambridge now with 2 cats as potential friends too.

Fergus is a Lab/Border Collie pup who never made it to adoption postings as we had a wonderful couple actively searching for a Lab type pup to join their family. Fergus has a Lab sister who he adores and he couldn′t have found a better home. Congrats Fergus!

Rayne found a great couple in Cambridge who wanted to add another dog to their family to give their young Husky an active playmate. Rayne is the perfect playmate and it took no time for the dogs to be good buddies. Rayne will be called Rae now in her new, loving home. Her new parents are pretty smitten with her!

West was super popular for good reason. We had no problem finding him a great home in Mississauga with a young couple looking for a dog to add to their family after the passing of a beloved dog. West is named Decker now. He is in good hands and will get all kinds of love and attention.

Damsel had so many families wanting her but our sweet princess needed a specific home where she could be the only pet and get all of the attention and people who understood her Doberman needs and quirks. Damsel found all that and more with a young couple from Oshawa who are committed to furthering her training and catering to her princess needs.

Otto is a Shepherd/Collie who never made if up for adoption as his foster dad fell in love and couldn′t part with him. We at PDR celebrate this ″foster fail″ because we know Otto has a wonderful home and he will be well cared for. Otto′s gentle nature and calm spirit were exactly what his new dad was looking for and fostering soon became adopting.

This adorable Pomeranian was adopted by a couple who saw him posted as a stray and contacted us immediately when they heard he went to rescue. They were the ideal family for Cash so after some good foster care and full vetting off to Ennismore he went to have his happily ever after.

Daphne found a dog′s dream and will be living on a beautiful horse farm in Acton with a loving family and a dog brother to play with. She will be put to work as the social greeter to all visitors and will accompany her dad on daily chores. Her name is Chelsey now and she′s got a wonderful life ahead of her.

Phoebe found an amazing couple in Hamilton to adopt her! She was exactly what they were looking for and they have the time and energy to properly train and raise a puppy. She starts puppy school very soon and is being a very good girl in her new home. Her name is Elli now.

Axel is an super sweet Doberman/Shepherd puppy who ended up in the pound after being a spontaneous purchase by someone not equipped to care for a puppy. We had a wonderful family looking for a Doberman puppy and it was love at first meet! Axel now has a great family committed to training him and giving him everything he needs.

Raven has gone to a family with kids to be their very first dog. She is going to be very loved and cared for and was exactly what her new family was looking for. Raven has a big backyard to play in with her kids and will join in all the family activities. She lives in Waterloo now so we hope to see her at events in the area.

Pugzy found a great home in Waterdown with a couple looking for a cuddly, lower energy dog with personality. That is Pugzy most definitely and she′s going to be so happy with her new family.

Murphy is a 9mth old Mastiff/Bulldog who needed a lot of work with confidence and socialization as he came from a puppy mill. Our volunteer training assistant spent a lot of time with him helping build up his self esteem and training and in the meantime fell totally in love with him. Murphy lives in Kitchener now and will always be a member of the PDR team!

Snaggle found a great home in the bogy city of Toronto with his new dad. Snaggle can go to work with his dad so he will love all the attention that comes with that. Snaggle really seems to love his dad from the first meet so we know he′s a happy dog now!

It took no time at all for Maddi to find her forever family. She lives in Kitchener now with a young couple perfectly suited to our sweet pup. She will be well trained and well loved and cared for. She couldn′t ask for anything more! We look forward to photos as she grows.

We had an approved family looking for a loving, friendly, mid sized dog to bring some doggie love back to their home after the loss of their prior dog. Lexi the German Shepherd/Husky was exactly what they were looking for and she has made her place in their family seamlessly. Lexi lives in Waterloo and is greatly loved.

With happy hearts we are thrilled to say that Buster has found his most perfect forever home. He is living in Acton with his new mom and 2 mature small dog siblings to keep him company. He will have everything he ever needs and more.

Ginger found her new home in Maple with a family that has previously adopted from us. They have Cali the Doberman and were on the look out for a companion for her. A hound was on the wish list and when they saw Ginger they knew she was the one. Her name is Aspen now and she′s very loved in her forever home.

Nikki found her forever family in Millgrove. She is very much loved by her family, which includes parents, kids and a nanny so Nikki will have someone home with her most times. This suits Nikki perfectly as she loves being with her people.

Miles is a 7mth old Shepherd X that never made it to the adoption sites as he was the perfect dog for a family we had that was waiting for an active, friendly, dog loving, child loving pup that would be a great jogging partner for mom. Miles ticked off every box of what they were looking for and then some. Miles lives in Waterford now with his forever family.

Tess was a very popular dog and we had many applications on her. We found her a great home in London with a very active couple looking for a running/biking partner to accompany them. Tess is built to run and she was the perfect fit!

Sweet Molly found her forever family in Waterloo! She has kids to play with and a new dad who was really hoping for a hound and was thrilled to find Molly available for adoption. She had the exact temperament he was hoping for and Molly became a member of the family.

Sugar found her forever home in Niagara on the Lake with a man who is looking for his next buddy following the passing of his Am. Bulldog. Sugar can go to work with her new dad and ride in the truck and visit job sites. She will be thrilled. Plus she has kids to play with too. Perfect!

Miley is a year old Foxhound who found her home before even making it to the websites. We had a loving couple waiting for the perfect dog to come along. They met our sweet Miley at a promotional event and knew she was the one. Her name is Zelda now and she lives in Kitchener.

Libby found happiness with a couple in Waterloo that had an application on file with us waiting for a sweet Lab to come along. They got super lucky because Libby is a 7mth old darling of a Lab puppy and she was the perfect fit for them. They have named her Scout now.

Moe found his forever home in Fonthill with a retired woman who had done her research and knew exactly what kind of dog would suit her the best. Moe was it and he now enjoys walks along nature trails and a mom who loves him. He will even winter in Florida! Lucky guy!!! His name is Janda now.

Diamond is a beautiful Rottie X that charmed her foster mom so much with her great manners and affectionate personality that it became impossible for her foster mom to part with her. Congrats to foster mom Kelly on the ″foster fail!″ We couldn′t be happier for you both.

Steele had an application minutes after being posted for adoption. Her family has been patiently waiting for just the right Doberman to come along and Steele was it. She is named Sheila now and has a comfy couch to call her own in her home in Guelph that she shares with her family and Poodle sister.

Roxy found her best home ever in Michigan!! We don′t adopt to the US usually but made an exception as this was the most ideal home for Roxy possible. She is named Zena now and has an amazing couple to love her and 2 dog siblings to play with. It was a perfect fit right from the start!

Sawyer found his home in Kitchener with a family looking for another low shedding dog to share their love with. He was exactly what they were hoping for and he fit right in so this little puppy has a new family to love him forever!

Curtis found his forever home before officially being up for adoption. We had a loving couple very interested in the litter of pups and Curtis was the perfect personality fit for them. He′s called Bennie now and has his forever home in Woodstock.

Hudson found a great couple in Cambridge to call his new family. He was exactly what they were looking for in a dog and it was love at first sight at the meet. Hudson is going to have a fun time with his new family!

Bud found his forever home with a young couple in Cambridge looking for a big, friendly new best friend. Bud fit everything they were looking for. He is named Coal now and we are happy to say he is also best buddies with prior adoptee Zelda the foxhound.

Henry caught they eye of a couple looking for a hound type dog having fallen in love with hounds with a previous dog. They met Henry and knew he offered everything they love about hounds along with Border Collie smarts and trainability. He was the perfect fit and calls Kitchener home now.

Patrick was the lucky puppy selected by a fantastic couple in Stoney Creek who were looking for a little brother for their Rottweiler X. They described what they were looking for in a pup and took our advice that Patrick was the one. And he sure was! Patrick has a life of walks, play and cottage time to look forward to!

Jax found his forever home in Paris with a loving couple looking for their first dog together. Jax hadn′t even made it up to the adoption pages but we knew he would be perfect for this approved couple and a love match it was. Jax is called Twiz now and they are all one happy family!

Russell found his adoptive family in Hamilton. He found a couple looking for a Lab/Shepherd mix as they had loved one before and knew the mix to be a great dog. They were very happy to have found Russell and he was equally happy to have found his forever home!

Beatrice was exactly what a retired couple in Burlington were looking for after the passing of their beloved Shih Tzu dog. They have always had ShihTzu′s and fell in love with Bea right away. Bea will winter in Florida and summer at the cottage. Lucky dog!

Lucas was exactly what an active Kitchener couple were looking for. They wanted the athleticism and adventurous attitude of a big dog in a little dog body and ‎Lucas was the perfect fit.

Otis was noticed right away by a young man looking for his first dog. He knew what type of dog best suited his lifestyle and applied right away when he saw Otis′ posting. Otis is an easy dog quite suitable for a first timer. They were a perfect fit and Otis has joined his new dad and his girlfriend in a great home in Waterloo.

Freddie found a great home with a family with kids and another dog to be his companions. He was so happy to go to his forever home and they were thrilled to have him as well. It was a great fit!

Kenzie′s fantastic personality made her a very popular girl. She found a great home in Mississauga with a loving couple and their Labradoodle. Kenzie and her new brother got on great and are such a cute pair. Kenzie is much loved in her forever home.

Portia′s foster parents adore this beautiful girl and have loved sharing their home with her. When we started to have interest generating in Portia her fosters realized that they couldn′t imagine life without her and have chosen to adopt her. Portia is in the perfect home and will now be a foster sister to other dogs in need of a loving foster home.

Margo didn′t have to go up ″for adoption″ because we had a family patiently waiting for the perfect dog for their family and a Beagle was on the top of their wish list. Margo LOVES kids so they were the perfect fit. They are going to work with us to cure her of heartworm and in the meantime she is in a home in Elmira where she is adored!

Cheyenne was a wonderful mom to her puppies and such a great natured dog herself that when it was time for her to find a special forever home we had no problem at all. She is now the joy of a retired woman and her husband out by Wellesley. She is truly loved.

Sheppie found her forever home in Stoney Creek with a young woman and her roommates. They loved the Sheltie breed and were searching for a Sheltie type dog to love. Sheppie was the perfect fit as they wanted a mature dog, past the puppy stage, but still full of life. Sheppie fit in perfectly!g home where he will never be neglected again.

Judd is a lovely Lab/Border Collie who found a home before hitting the website. We had a couple looking for a great natured dog to love and he was the perfect fit. Even a diagnosis of Lyme disease didn′t deter his new family from adopting this wonderful boy.

Dexter found his forever family in Georgetown. He was the perfect dog for a couple and their daughter after the loss of a beloved family dog. The house was too empty without a dog in it and their search brought them to Dexter. It was a great fit and Dexter loves playing with his new sister!

Ryder found an active couple in Stoney Creek that were looking for equal parts affectionate cuddly dog and active, athletic dog that can join them in outdoor activities. They found this in Ryder and knew he was the dog for them!

Sweet Lulu found her forever home in Waterloo with a loving couple looking for a cat friendly dog to share their home. Lulu was the perfect size, energy level and personality and was exactly what they were looking for.

Mumford found his forever home in Millgrove on a farm with all kinds of wooded trails for he and his new family to explore. It was the perfect home for energetic Mumford and he was the perfect dog for this active family looking for a dog to enjoy their property with.

Penny found her forever home in Kitchener with a family looking for a sweet and friendly dog to be buddies with their current cat. Penny was everything they were looking for and then some. She is greatly loved and will never be abandoned again.

Dolly found her perfect forever home with a retired single lady looking for a dog to share her life with and to love. Dolly shares her new home in Woodstock with a cat and has many friends in the building already. Her name is Siri now.

Eddie is off to Toronto to live the big city life with a young couple looking for their first dog. They needed an apartment suitable dog and were wanting a cuddler and Eddie ticked off all the boxes of what they were looking for. His name is Norbert now.

Taco found his forever home in Kitchener with a family looking for a small dog to love. Taco won them over with his gentle nature and super cuteness and he seemed to think they were a great fit too! He′s enjoying life as a greatly loved family pet.

Clemmie is the first pup of the litter to go home. She is the pride and joy of a great couple from Elmira who were looking for a spirited, active dog to share their life with. Clemmie was exactly what they are looking for! She is called Zola now and will be greatly loved.

Copper has gone to a home with a young couple looking for a companion for their female dog and a dog to work in obedience and agility skills. Copper was a great match for their needs and got along just fine with his new big sister. So home to Waterloo he went!

Sabre went to a loving family in Milton looking for a great natured dog to complete their family. They fell in love with our sweet boy. Sabre is called Toby now and has 2 girls to play with and grow up with.

Maggie went to a young couple from St. Thomas looking for a German Shepherd type dog but needing a pup that wouldn′t be too much for their Havenese. Maggie was our more reserved and thoughtful pup so she was a great pick and the couple are very happy with her.

Lady was the favourite pup of a family from Kitchener. Her part blue eye makes her very unique and interesting, but her great personality was what sealed the deal and made her the perfect fit for this family with kids. She is named Phoenix now which really suits her.

Timber attracted all kinds of attention with his chocolate brown coat and blue eyes...a real stunner. He was a sure pick for his excited family from Paris. They knew from the start that he was the one and he ended up with the right temperament to fit nicely into this forever family.

Jasna found her forever home in North York with a loving woman, kids, and a Poodle X older brother. Jasna′s family was wanting an agility dog and found the perfect puppy from the litter for dog sports. She′s acquired the nickname Jazzy which suits her so well!

Kita′s family was looking for a milder natured pup to be a great companion for their children. Kita was a natural fit into their family. She is now enjoying family life in Brantford.

Bueller was noticed immediately by a previous adoptive family who has Mabel the Basset Hound. They wanted a brother for Mabel and Bueller was a perfect fit. The dogs get along great and Bueller is greatly loved in his new family. He is named Hank now.

Bernard found his forever home in Hamilton with a wonderful woman and her daughter who completely understood Bernard′s need for love, exercise and most importantly, structure. Bernard has flourished in his foster home and will continue to do so in his forever home where the goal is to train him for agility work! Perfect for him!

Farley is a 7yr old ShihTzu who to us in a very neglected state. He needed a full shave to rid him of his matted coat and good vet care and nutrition to get him in top form again. He was adopted by a family from Ingersoll who were looking for a mature ShihTzu to be a companion for their dog. Farley has found his ideal home now where he is greatly loved.

Jack Sparrow found the most perfect home to suit his needs in Kitchener with a great couple and their young and active Brittany Spaniel. There was an immediate bond with the dogs and they play constantly and have the exact same energy level and play style so we couldn′t have asked for a better fit! Sparrow is called Ruxin now.

Aly has been adopted to a great family in Toronto who were looking for an energetic Lab X to bring doggie joy to their home after the passing of a much loved dog. Aly has kids to play with her and best of all, a cottage where our water loving girl will thrive!

Joey found a loving family in London who were looking for a companion for a senior ShihTzu they had. This family had plenty of ShihTzu experience and were confident that they could continue the maintenance of his allergies without issue. He is named Bentley now.

Fitzie is a Boxer/Dachshund that never even made it to the adoption sites as he was lucky enough to catch the eye of a close friend of his foster mom who was looking to add a second dog to her family. Fitzie needed another dog to be confident so it was a great fit. He is called Fergus now and is living in Waterloo.

Wally is a Boxer/Dachshund who met his forever family at a promotional event. The follow up sit down meet only strengthened their desire to adopt him and have him as part of their family. Wally didn′t even make it up to the adoption sites as he lucked out with a loving home in Kitchener already.

Chica found her forever home in Meaford with a lovely couple who were looking for the companionship of a dog to complete their family. Chica was exactly what they were looking for and Chica is going to enjoy a life of long walks, runs, and even boating!

Tilly found her adoptive home in Cambridge with a family with kids and another dog and cats to keep her company. She will love all the attention she will get and already enjoys going for walks with her new doggie brother. She′s quite pleased with her forever family!

Faye the Dachshund met her forever family at our HOWLer fundraiser. A wonderful couple with a Dachshund already were looking to adopt another and as fate would have it her new mom came to help out on the day and fell head over heels with Faye. She lives in Woodstock now with a wiener dog brother!

Tippy was the perfect dog for a Cambridge family who were looking for an affectionate, cat friendly dog to love after many years of going dogless. Tippy and her new cat sibling get along well and Tippy is looking forward to a life being a loved family member!

Tyke found his perfect family in Burlington with a lovely couple looking for a mature, yet still spunky, dog to be their first dog together. They met Tyke and knew that he was the one for them, and Tyke felt the same way! Tyke is quite happy getting all of their attention and love!

Darby found his ideal home with a new dog brother Bear who is a Pug mix too, and a loving couple from Newcastle who were looking for a buddy for Bear. The dogs have the same love of play and got along fabulously. Darby is named Trapper now and is off to a wonderful life.

Mason the Jack Russell Terrier found his forever home before he officially made it up for adoption as we had a family looking for a smaller, active dog that would make a great travel companion and Mason was a perfect fit. They knew the JRT breed well and fell in love with this jovial guy right away. Mason lives in Kitchener now with his new parents.

Nolan found a wonderful family in Kitchener who were looking for a young Mastiff or Great Dane and found the best of both in Nolan. He′s going to be greatly loved in his new family.

Bitsy found her forever home in Hamilton with a mom and 2 daughters who had a rescue Chihuahua already and were looking for another to complete their family. Bitsy was the perfect fit and she will be a much loved member of the family!

Meghan was a very special dog, having come from a life spent in a puppy mill. She needed a lot of work to acclimatize to life as a loved house dog and family member. PDR co-founders Kim and Jarett, who fostered her, knew that there wasn′t a better home for her than right where she was so that was where she was going to stay!

Harrison the Lab/Golden mix never even made it up to the adoption pages. He was the pick of an approved applicant couple who were waiting for a Lab type dog to love. He is called Murphy now and is enjoying the country life in his new home in Jerseyville.