Happy Tails of PDR Alumni 2013

Gus is now being called Angus and is living in Toronto. He′s got a big brother Boxer X who he idolizes and a dad who thinks he′s just perfect

Rocket is now living in the heart of Toronto and is a big city dog. He can strut his stuff all over T.O. now with his new mom and dad.

Sadie is now living in London with a loving family with a big yard and two young kids to grow up with.

Boomer is now in London with his forever family and is having a ball. He loves his new home and is a happy boy.

Dexter has a wonderful forever home in Georgetown with a family with kids and all kinds of Lab experience. He will have tons of love and fun in his home.

Reggie is a big city dog now! He′s the first dog for a fantastic Toronto couple and they couldn′t have picked a better dog to start with.

Being blind didn′t hold Leah back from a perfect forever home. She has a great family now with a visually impaired Boxer brother to be her forever buddy.

Sherman the people lover has found a family in Oakville with 6 people in it to love him and give him pets. Sounds perfect for him.

Baxter has found a mom who is retired and has all kinds of time to spend with him. He is living in Kitchener.

Layla found a great home up north in Port Syndey with a couple who can provide her the companionship she requires along with a whole lot of love.

Islay found her perfect forever home in Stratford with a mom who has the patience, caring, and time to raise her and train her to be the best dog she can be.

Scruffie found his perfect home in St. Catherines with a family who know Jack Russell Terriers well and have been looking for their next best friend.

Louie found a great home in New Hamburg with a retired couple who are looking for a little buddy to share their life with.

Shannon never even made it to the website as her family was waiting for us to find them a perfect dog and she is it! Her name is Ellie now and she lives on a beautiful country property in New Tecumseh

Bella found her perfect family before making it to the website thanks to her wonderful foster dad. She′s living in New Hamburg now with a family with kids!

Sam found her forever home all the way up in Bancroft with a mom and dad and a Shepherd sister to show her the ropes. She has an ideal home now where she will never again know cruelty.

Asher found a home with a Golden Retriever brother named Thunder so Asher is now named Storm. Thunder and Storm are best buddies and share their home with a loving mom and dad and kids! Storm will have all kids of fun and attention in his forever home.

Maya has found her forever home in Stratford with a mom looking for her first dog to love. Maya is a great beginners dog and will teach her mom the joys of dog ownership!

Harley found his perfect home in Cambridge and will have lots of people home to love him and play with him.

Out of all the dogs our photographer has worked with it was Madison that stole her heart. She is an Italian Greyhound/Jack Russell Terrier mix and now has a loving forever home. And we are sure to have regular pictures of her sent our way!

Angie has found the most loving mom and dad who were immediately smitten with her despite her unique appearance. She has 3 cats for buddies and she′s so happy!

Clint was very sick when he came to us so had to spend some time in his foster home recovering. He′s healthy now and managed to win over the hearts of his foster family who couldn′t bear to part with him. His name is Bandit now and hes a happy boy!

Hank′s sad story has a happy ending! He has been adopted to a loving couple and he has a furry family to help him continue to gain confidence and move ahead. His name is Kane now and he will live happily ever after.

Socks found his forever home in Waterloo with an active couple looking for a great dog to share their life with. Socks was a perfect match and is being called Spock now.

This Beautiful girl is Belle and she has been adopted to a family in Cambridge who were on the look out for a sweet natured Golden Retriever to add to their family. Belle never even made it to the website as we knew her forever family would fall for her!

Carmen had a great foster dad who found her a perfect home with his friends. Carmen is called Islay now and loves her new parents and cat sibling. She still gets to see her foster dad regularly too!

Penny found a loving forever family in Kitchener who were on the look out for a dog who loves walks and cuddles. These are 2 of Penny′s favourite things so it was a perfect match! She′s got a big family to share her love with.

Mallory was immediately snapped up by a staff member at our vet′s who has been waiting so patiently for a sweet natured Golden to come our way. Mallory is called Ryder now and she is a much loved member of the family. She was definitely worth waiting for!

Hemi was the perfect fit as his forever family really wanted another Min Pin after their last cherished dog passed away. Hemi won them over right away with his comical antics and joy for life. Hemi′s got it made!

Abby has found her forever home! She was the perfect fit for a family of first time dog owners with teenage girls who wanted a dog to love but not the energy and mischief of a younger dog. Abby will get all kinds of love and attention here.

Jordan is a happy and friendly ShihTzu X who we rescued from the pound. We had a great family waiting for a lovely non shedding small dog to come along. Jordan was the perfect fit and he′s now a much loved member of their family

Norman has finally found his forever family. He will be the first dog for a young couple in Woodstock and will get all the love he deserves

Bounce found his forever home with a lovely retired lady in Oakville. Bounce was so attached to his foster mom that we weren′t sure he would bond with anyone else quite the same, until his new mom came along. It was like they were meant to be together. This was a perfect pairing and Bounce has a new mom to adore

Lilah found her forever family very first day she went up for adoption. She was the perfect pup for a family in Guelph who were looking for a new dog after the loss of a beloved elderly dog. A house just isn′t a home without a dog. Lilah is called Kayla now.

Rusty found his perfect home in no time. He was a popular dog even though he piddles! Rusty is being called Mac now and he lives with a couple in Guelph where he will get all the care and love he needs.

Blue has found a terrific mom in Woodstock looking for her first dog to call her very own. Blue has her undivided attention and is a happy girl getting plenty of walks and love.

Junior has been adopted to an active young couple with a super playful female Boxer. Junior adores his sister and they play non stop! Boxer X heaven!

Having heartworm didn′t hold Edwin back from finding a wonderful family. He′s going to be a big city dog in Toronto with a loving couple who will make sure he completes his treatment with us and will be heartworm free in no time.

Maggie now Heather was unclaimed at the pound, having been owned by a man who let her run loose all the time and got sick of claiming her. We took her in and her foster family fell head over heals for this loving, sweet and happy Golden Retriever/Collie. She has never run off once now that she is in a loving family.

Hondo is living in Vaughn with a great family who love the look of a Husky but didn′t want the size or energy level of one. They discovered Hondo and knew he was THE ONE. Hondo loves his new family and is a very happy boy.

Manny found a great home in Hamilton with a loving couple and their cat who has already established that he is the boss. Manny doesn′t argue that, he knows cats rule! Manny is named Finlay now.

Jasmine found a wonderful couple in Hamilton who were looking for a young and friendly Boxer to call their very own. Jasmine was the perfect fit! She will get all the exercise and love she needs to be a happy girl!

Riddle found a great couple in Wasaga Beach to adopt him. His mom wants to pursue agility training with him. He will excel at that!

Griswald was a very popular dog for good reason! He found his forever home in Toronto with a young couple and their dog named Wolseley. Griswald and Wolseley, now that′s a perfect pair!

Kip went to a forever home with a previous adoptive family who were looking for the perfect little buddy for their dog. Kip and his new sister bonded immediately and it was the perfect fit. He′s called Jaxon now.

Finnigan has gone to be the first dog for a young family in London. They fell in love with his calm, gentle nature and just new that he was the perfect pup for their young children to grow up with. He is being called Hendrix now.

Dudley found his perfect home with a couple from Hamilton and their Shep X young dog. Dudley is already enrolled in level 1 dog school and will be getting a great doggie education just like his lovely new sister did. We are so pleased!

Jaxson found his forever home in Kitchener with a great man looking for a new best friend. Jaxson is more than happy to be his new dad′s best buddy in all adventures and also during down time. Here′s to a great match!

Lyra′s story touched many people and she was a very popular little dog. She found her forever home in Mississauga where she will be a much loved family dog and will be cuddled a lot. She will love that!

Odin found an active dad looking for his new best friend. Odin′s new dad was looking for a Cattle Dog and was so happy to have found Odin. We are so happy to. These 2 will have many adventures together.

Gryphon is now a family dog in Drumbo where he is enjoying lots of walks and play. He is starting obedience school right away so he can learn to be a well behaved and obedient giant dog. Gryphon is called Hank now.

It took a while for us to find the perfect home for our rambunctious Lab pup but patience pays off as we found Blake a great home! She lives in Woodstock now and has 2 boys to rough house with and a Golden Retriever sister to wrestle and run with. Blake will be so happy!

Athena was noticed by a PDR volunteer who fell immediately in love with her. She has found her forever home in Wellesley with a wonderful couple and their 2 dogs. Athena will get plenty of walks, romps in the yard, and most importantly, love. She′s destined to be very spoiled!!

A broken leg didn′t hold Oscar back from finding his forever home. He lives in Kitchener now with a wonderful couple and he has a tiny little dog brother that he will be best friends with. Oscar has found a home full of love to spend his life in.

These 2 dolls are Daisy and Rosie and they are Toy Poodles we rescued as a bonded pair. Their foster mom found them a perfect home together with a neighbour family that had a beloved Poodle that passed away. These 2 have the best home ever where they will be loved and cared for forever and never parted.

Amp found a home in Forest, Ont with an active mom who was looking for a walking buddy. He can′t believe his good luck!

We were thrilled when Heidi found her perfect home with a Doberman loving family in Maple, Ont. They were everything we were looking for for our precious girl and they couldn′t believe their luck that they found such a loving and good natured girl. It was a perfect fit!

Holly found a family in Bright that was looking for a beautiful Collie type dog to complete their family. Holly is going to be a much loved family dog living her life on a farm! So much for that glowing white coat!