Happy Tails of PDR Alumni 2024

Lisa found her happily ever after with a woman who was looking for a little Bulldog type puppy to love.   She knew when she saw Lisa posted that this was the pup for her.   This feeling was only strengthened when she met her and everyone agreed that this was a great fit.  Lisa is called Mabel now and is doing great in her new home. 
Presley is happy to announce that he found a great forever family. His family was looking to add another dog to the home and knew that Presley was the type of dog that they were looking for.  The dogs hit it off really well and were a great match. Presley is called Chip now and is settling in well.
Primrose found her happily ever after with a couple and their cat who were looking for a dog to love. Primrose ticked all of the boxes of what they were looking for and they fell in love with her when they met her. Prim us called Peach now and she is doing really well in her new home and family! 
Pumpkin found her most perfect home with a woman and her daughter, and the grandparents, who were looking for another small dog to love after mourning the passing of a beloved dog. They met Pumpkin and it was a love match! She is settling in so well and has a life now of being spoiled, and so cared for.
Kong the Pug is a lucky little dog who found his forever family with a PDR alum family who are Pug lovers through and through.  They had previously adopted a senior Pug, Pearl, from our rescue and upon her passing, took their time to mourn her loss.  They were ready for some Pug love again and reached out to us.  We had Kong, a super sweet boy Pug coming up for adoption and we knew that he would be a great fit for them.  They met him and all agreed that Kong had found his family!! Kong is settling in well and is a very loved Puggie!!
Lucille the Cocker Spaniel is happy to announce that her foster home has become her forever home!   Her fosters knew that this dog was special and the time spent with her during her foster time built such a strong bond that they knew that she was meant to be their forever dog.   We know that Lucy has found her perfect fit and has a great life ahead of her and we celebrate this “foster fail”
Francine the Pug found her forever home with her foster family!  This lucky Pug had a rough start to life, as a puppy mill mamma, but all that changed when she was rescued and joined her foster family.  In the months in foster care she settled right in, charmed her foster family, and became the foster that just “fit”.   When a potential adoption didnt pan out, the foster family knew that she was meant to be their forever dog .  Francine is quite happy with this and we celebrate this “foster fail” with her family! 
Eevee the Golden Retriever found her happily ever after right where she was in her foster home.  Her family loves the Golden breed and as they grew to know and love Eevee it became very apparent that she was meant to stay. She fit in with the family and the other pets in the home seamlessly and when it came time to talk about posting her for adoption they knew that they couldn’t let her go and she was meant to be theirs.  So we celebrated this foster “fail” with her new forever family!!