Happy Tails of PDR Alumni 2014

Timmy was the perfect pick for his new family from Waterloo. They wanted a calmer pup and our sweet little Timmy fit the bill. They also loved the name Timmy as it suits him perfectly. Timmy is much loved by the 2 young boys in the home

Stormy found a forever home in Millgrove with a retired couple looking for the active pup to eventually join them on long walks and hikes. Stormy was our most active puppy and suited them perfectly. She is called Mei-Li now after her Chinese Pug heritage.

Windy was the perfect pick for her new mom and Pug brother. She has gone to her forever home in Mississauga and is impressing her mom by being such a good puppy. Her name is Jilly now to match her new brother Beans. Jilly and Beans, too cute!

Peggy has found her forever home in Brampton with her mom and Pug sister Zoey. Peggy is called Sophie now and she adores Zoey, copying her behaviours and wanting to follow her everywhere. Zoey is learning to cope with a new baby sister but every day they bond more and more.

Big Chunk was the pick of a family from Woodstock that has 2 young girls. He is called Carl now and he is adored by his new ″sisters″. Carl is a huge hit with his family and he is being a good boy, making us proud.

Linus went to his forever family in Schomberg that includes 2 young girls who love him dearly. His family loved the name Linus and opted to keep it. He is settling in well and proving to be a smart little boy, leaning the rules of the house and being super cute.

Dora was the perfect fit for a young couple looking for a good friend for their little boy Shih Tzu. She lives in St. Thomas now and will be a much loved family dog. Good for Dora!!!

Wallace is a Bearded Collie X who never made it to the website as he was discovered by family members of his foster family and it was love at first sight. He lives in St. Thomas now and has a Goldendoodle as a buddy.

Pepsi found her forever home in Bowmanville with a young couple and their Boston Terrier. It was love at first sight with the dogs and they are fantastic friends now. Pepsi has a lifetime of long walks and play with her new buddy, and snuggles and cuddles with her new family.

Lucy has gone to Brantford where she found her forever family. She is the first dog for an active family with kids which suits Lucy perfectly. She loves playing in the backyard and has many playmates now. Lucy will love all the attention she will get.

Pixel is the perfect first dog for a couple and young boy who were looking for a friendly and affectionate small dog. She is living in London now and will receive a lot of attention and love and walks. Pixel has a lot of kisses to give and her new family loves to receive them.

Violet found her forever home in Princeton. It took a while for us to find this beautiful girl her forever home but it sure was worth the wait. She is adored by her new parents who were looking for an affectionate and well trained dog to complete their home. They can′t believe how perfect she is. Her name is Lexi now.

Cali found her forever home in Waterloo with a young couple and their cat...named Callie. It was meant to be! Cali and Callie are getting along well and we know that Cali is going to be a happy girl in her new home.

We were approached by previous adopters of Angie the German Shepherd, looking for a buddy for her. We found Leo, a Shepherd X, at the pound and boy did he ever fit the bill. He started off in the ″foster to adopt″ program and when it became apparent he was exactly what his family and Angie were looking for his adoption was finalized. Congrats Leo on a wonderful home!

Dixie found a family in Milton who knew exactly what a Plott Hound was and what the breed requires to be fulfilled. Dixie will have kids to share her home with and give her all the cuddles and hugs she desires. She has a fenced yard for daily sniffs and a dad who plans to run with her. She will love that! We just need to convince the cat that she′s a welcome family member now.

Monty is another dog that was successfully adopted directly from his foster home without every going up on the websites. He is a 6mth old Bernese Mountain Dog X that was the perfect dog for his new mom and her young daughter. They know his foster family and were waiting for the perfect dog for them to show up... and it was Monty!

Tig found his forever home in Fergus with a family that is dedicated to training him well and raising him to be a great representative of his breed. He will get a lot of love and affection from his family, and all the rough housing, wrestling and running play he desires from his new sister, a Rottweiler X , who is a perfect match for him.

Missy is a Yorkie/ShihTzu who was adopted before even making it to the website. We had a family who submitted an application describing in detail the dog they were hoping to adopt. They were patient and waited for the perfect dog for their family...and Missy was that dog! She now calls Baden home.

Riggs found a home in Courtice, Ont. with a great couple that already have a Shepherd/Husky and were looking for a buddy for her. Riggs was the perfect fit and he loves his new sister. He′s with a couple who understands the energy and exercise requirements of this breed mix and they were so happy to have Riggs join their family.

Zuri found her forever home in Ingersoll with a wonderful woman and her young adult daughter. They have been without a dog for a long time during the busy teen years and both agreed that now is the right time to bring a dog back into their life. It was love at first sight with Zuri and she was the perfect fit for them. She fit right in!

Mr. Jenkins went from the poor house to the penthouse as they say!! He started off as an unclaimed stray, discarded as an 8yr old dog. He is now living the high life in a Toronto condo that is very spacious and has its own private fenced rooftop patio! He is loved by a young couple who will lavish him with everything his heart could desire...most of which is cuddles!

Ruby was very popular for good reason! She found her forever family in Burlington where she will have teenage kids to play with and a doggy play group to attend daily. She will be so happy! Good luck Ruby!

Cadet found a family in Kitchener that was searching for a happy, lively and super friendly dog to complete their family. Cadet was the perfect fit. He shares his home with kids, cats and a new best buddy, Zooey, the Beagle. He will now enjoy daily walks, runs and all kinds of affection.

Lily found her home in London with a family who have been searching for the perfect dog to complete their family. They met our lovely Lily and knew she was the one for them. Lily will get all kinds of love in her new home.

Sarge has found his forever home in Cambridge with a loving family in need of a dog to complete their home after the passing of a cherished family dog. Sarge will receive all the love and care that he didn′t get in his previous home and he will never be abandoned again. Sarge is a very lucky boy!

Licorice the 3 1/2mth old Border Collie pup found her forever home before ever making it to the website! She will be living on a farm in Washburn where she will not only be a much loved pet but also a working dog. Her family plans to train her for agility and herding skills. Her new name is Jade and we couldn′t have found a better placement for our active and super smart puppy.

Sully is going to call Windsor home and will share his life with a young couple looking for their first dog together. Sully will love being the only pet and getting all of their attention. Sully will live an active lifestyle of many walks and play times with his new family.

Annie found her forever home in Kitchener with a caring and loving woman who was drawn to Annie′s need for patience and calm in order to gain confidence and flourish. Annie has a dog brother who will become her best friend in no time, and a mom who has the time to devote to her and the knowledge to bring out the best in this shy girl.

Jessie found her forever home in Port Elgin with an active retired couple who were looking for an active dog to suit their lifestyle. They have all kinds of time to devote to playing, training and loving our beautiful girl. She will be greatly loved.

Tawny found her forever home! She was adopted by a great couple who absolutely love this wonderful dog. She will have all of the love, affection and exercise she needs and they are committed to training her well and making sure she has dog friends to play with. Tawny is a lucky girl!

Tula has been adopted to a family in Kitchener that includes 2 little girls who are so excited to have a girl dog to dress up in sparkly collars and leashes. Tula′s new dad is looking forward to running with her and we′ve made him promise that he′s entering her in this years competitive obstacle race now that they have a Canine division! Tula is with an active family and that suits her just fine.

Stewie was the perfect pup for a busy family looking for a gentle and loving furry addition to their home. Stewie was a great breed mix for them and they loved that he was a puppy so he could grow up with their children. Stewie is living in Paris now and is called Vader.

Winston′s new dad had pretty much given up hope in finding his perfect dog when he came across Winston′s profile and knew immediately that this was his dog. Winston seemed to have the same opinion as he bonded to his new dad right away too. WInston is being called Norm now and lives in Cambridge.

Our wonderful volunteer who takes Rowdy to dog school bonded so strongly with this love of a dog that she couldn′t part with him. Rowdy is now called Mowgli and he has a Lab X brother who adores him and a loving family to give him the best home ever!

Argo had no troubles finding a forever home. His smiling face attracted a lot of interest. Argo will be living in the countryside close to Drumbo with a couple and their female Rottweiler who will be his best friend. The dogs really got along and she likes to play as much as he does. Perfect match!

Ellie was very popular and had a lot of interested families so we had no trouble finding her a perfect forever home. Ellie is going to be living in Plattsville and will share her home with some cats and a Golden Retriever buddy. Ellie will be greatly loved and cared for and will never again be abandoned.

Stubby found his forever home!! He is now the dog of his very proud dad in Guelph. They are a great pair and will have a lot of adventures together. Stubby has already been taught to swim by his dad and there′s many more things they will do together. Stubby is called Milo now. Congrats Milo on a great home.

Riley the Doberman came to us as a stray so thin and malnourished that every bone in her body could be seen. She had a remarkable temperament and was fostered by a staff member at our vet clinic who had been waiting a long time for a Doberman to come along. With good food and a lot of love Riley is gaining weight and is now a healthy and happy dog who was officially adopted by her loving foster home.

Ginny is the sister of Luna and found her perfect family before ever officially going up for adoption. A great couple was referred by our vet and they wanted a gentle natured, affectionate pup to join their family. Ginny won them over and will join a wonderful home of her new parents, and 2 bunnies in Kitchener.

Luna was adopted by a loving couple in Toronto who were looking for an affectionate, friendly and medium energy puppy of their very own. Luna was everything they were looking for. She′s going to have a great life of lots of walks and all kinds of sights and smells in the big city.

Clover was found by a woman looking for a Border Collie to be her running partner and best friend. She now lives on a farm outside of Drumbo and has a dog friend along with plenty of farm animals to keep her busy. Clover will be well exercised and trained and will be living a Border Collie′s dream life!

Lyla was spotted by a young family in London who were looking for a great natured pup to join their family. Lyla is going to have kids to grow up with and will get a lot of attention and be greatly loved.

Mortimer found his forever home in Kitchener with a young couple looking for their first dog. As fate would have it, they had already decided that they were going to name their dog Mortimer when they should get him. Well, no name change needed here! Morty is home where he was meant to be!!

Skip the Doberman came to us terribly thin and neglected but he was super happy and friendly. He blossomed in foster care and while there, won the hearts of close family friends of his fosters. When ready he was welcomed into their home to live forever. Skip will get to see his foster family often which suits everyone!

Muppet is a Westipoo that never made it to general adoption as we have a waiting list of families looking for sweet, non shedding, little dogs. Muppet was the perfect fit for a young couple in Kitchener looking for their first dog. It was love at first sight and Muppet is adored in her new family.

Cabrinha found her forever family in Barrie. She will bring puppy happiness and energy into a home that had to sadly say goodbye to their beloved older dog not long ago. We know Cabrinha will add joy and so much love to her new family.

Higgins found his forever family very quickly. The first day he was posted for adoption he was spotted by a couple looking for a rescue dog to add to their family. Higgins now lives in Georgetown with a loving family and their dog who will be his new best friend.

Cookie has found the most wonderful couple to adopt her. She is calling Burlington home and has the nicest neighbourhood right by the lake, perfect for walks! She will be so loved.

Tyrion has a new mom! He has found the most wonderful home with a loving woman and her Lab. He will be so well cared for and will have everything he ever needs. We are thrilled that this wonderful dog has found such a great home. He will be called Ty now.

Little Princess Ruby found her home in Binbrook with a couple seeking a little dog to complete their family. Ruby won them over with her cuteness and her many kisses and they knew this was the dog for them. She will get a lot of exercise and attention in her new home. We know she will be very happy!

Little Prince couldn′t have found a better forever home. Previous adoptees of Daisy and Rosie, the darling poodles, fell for Prince and knew it was meant to be. He′s got everything he wants, loving caregivers, kids and little dog buddies!

Remember Pickle? Our little darling with the broken leg? Well she is all healed up and has found her ideal forever home in Ottawa with her foster mom′s sister. We are thrilled that Pickle stayed in the family and we will all get regular updates on this amazingly sweet little dog.

Becky found her home in Toronto with a man looking for his first dog now that he is settled and has the lifestyle to suit a dog. He was well researched and prepared and his search led him to Becky. It was a great fit and Becky now has a house with a big backyard in the big city!

Gemma has found her forever home! She is living in Woodstock now and is the only pet to a great couple and their young child. Gemma will get a lot of cuddles, love and walks and will be very happy getting all of the doggie attention.

Frankie found his forever home in Pickering with a young couple looking for a Bulldog X to love. He has a super best dog friend right next door who he plays with daily and lives in a fantastic neighbourhood for walking and good sniffs. Frankie settled in right away like he knew he was finally home.

Chance found his forever home with a woman in Hanover who has been looking for another sweet and loving Shepherd type dog since the passing of her beloved dog. She met Chance and knew he was the perfect dog for her. His name is Mickey now.

Mabel has found her forever home! She will be living with a family in Kitchener that has 2 teen girls who have been missing having a dog in the home. Mabel is sure to get a lot of love and affection from her new family...and a lot of walks too! Congrats to Mabel on her new home!

Huck found his forever home in Waterloo with a young couple and their Collie/Lab dog who were looking for a puppy to add to their family. Huck impressed them with his skills at puppy class and got along great at the home meet and so he came to be in his loving forever family.

Bobby′s forever home is in Toronto with a couple who were heartbroken over the loss of their beloved Newf and were astonished to find a young and lovely Newf boy in need of a home. His new mom is a professional dog walker and Bobby will go to work with her everyday and help walk all his new friends..

Olive is the first dog for a wonderful man and his teenage son looking for a sweet, calm and loving dog to add to their family. Olive has a cat to be friends with in her new home. Her family is so thrilled to welcome Olive to their New Hamburg home, forever.

Finn was extremely popular and made it very hard for us to pick his family out of so many applications but we know we did great by him! He is living in Burlington now with a young couple looking for their first dog. They are dedicated to training him well and bringing the best out in this wonderful pup.

Tibby will be living in Keswick with a great couple looking for their first dog together. They fell in love with Tibby and knew she met all their wants and desires. They look forward to obedience school and know that Tibby will be a superstar!

Wiley found his new dad in London! He went to an active man looking for a running partner and best buddy. Wiley will be attending obedience school and the goal is to train him for dog sports like agility or flyball.

Tucker found a couple in Guelph looking for an active, happy little dog and they fell in love with Tucker. He will be a great companion for them and will join them on travels out east and daily activities.

Bunny found a great forever home in Kitchener where she will be loved and doted over as the only pet in the family. Her new family was searching for a Rottweiler to love and Bunny was the one for them!

Lou has found a wonderful home in Oakville with a loving couple looking for their first dog. He will be the only pet and get undivided attention and love which suits him to a tee. Lou is already exploring the smells of his new neighbourhood on walks with his new family.

Bailee has found her most perfect home in Kichener with an great young couple eager for their first dog together. They knew what characteristics they were looking for in a dog and Bailee was what they were looking for. She is being called Linda now and she is a very happy girl.

Buck was VERY popular and we had people wanting him as far away as Texas!! We were able to find Buck his perfect home with a family from Orangeville where he will get a lot of attention and exercise and he will be going to advanced levels of training to make take advantage of his German Shepherd brains and abilities! PERFECT!!!

Popeye is a 8-10mth old ShihTzu who never made the website as we had a wonderful woman eagerly waiting for a dog exactly like him to complete her home. It is a very merry Christmas for both pup (now named Rudy) and his new mom this year. They adore each other!

We just happened to have a great family looking for a Basset Hound when Maisy came into our rescue. Maisy never made it to the website as she suited their family and home very well and it was love at first meet. Maisy is happily living in Kitchener with her new family and a little dog brother.

Dash is a Min Pin/Jack Russell X that ended up being the perfect dog for his foster family. His happy, loving nature and good manners turned his foster family into a forever family and we are so pleased!

Georgia is a Lhasa Apso who never made it to general adoptions because we had a lovely woman waiting for a small, non shedding dog to come along and Georgia suited everything she was looking for...and is super cute to seal the deal! Georgia now calls Kitchener home and has a devoted mom to care for her.

Lincoln is a 4mth old Chow/German Shepherd puppy that has been adopted by his foster family. We knew when we dropped him off that there was very little chance of him going up for adoption. It was love at first sight for his foster family and he was just what they needed after the sad passing of their beloved dog a few months prior. Puppy love has healing powers!