Happy Tails of PDR Alumni 2023

Bagelle found her forever home with a couple who love Beagles and were looking for a gentle and sweet natured dog to love.  They felt that Bagelle would be a great fit for them, and at the meet Bagelle seemed to think so too . She was quite taken with them!  Bagelle is called Layla now and is settling in well at her new home where she is living quite the luxurious life and loving her super comfy blankets
Nori found her forever home with a couple who were looking for a second dog to join their family.  They love Retrievers and knew that they wanted a mature, lovely natured dog who would be a great companion for their Lab. Nori was a great choice and she took to her new brother right away. Nori is named Ladybird now. She is very loved by her family and is settling in well!
Walter found his forever home with a family who adore Berners and have one already that they were looking for a buddy for. We knew that they would provide Walter with a loving home and everything that he needs. And Walter loves people and other dogs so he would fit in nicely!  Walter has secured his favourite spot on the couch in his new home and is settling in well!
Gemi found his happily ever after with a couple who were looking for a mature, small low shedding dog to adopt, having not had a dog for many years.  They saw Gemi’s posting and knew that this was the perfect dog for them.  Gemi is settling in very well to his new home and family life.  He is loving the many cozy places to nap around the house and keeps his family company as they work from home
Celeste found her ideal home with a woman who was looking for a second dog to love. Her dog was lonely after the passing of its companion and she knew that another mature, sweet natured dog would be the best fit for her and her dog. Celeste was exactly what she was looking for and we all knew that this was a fantastic fit for Celeste as well. Celeste is named Bella now. She bonded right away with her new brother and sleeps cuddled with him all the time. Bella also has an extended family who adore her and she visits regularly when her mom has to go out of home to work.  
Clementine is a darling goldendoodle puppy who cane into our care as an unsold puppy from a puppy mill. Her life got immediately better when she entered foster care and she proved herself to be a happy,  confident puppy. She was being fostered in a home with young children and so when someone with a special connection to PDR contacted us about adopting Clemmie who had a young child, we knew that this pup would be a good fit. Clementine is named Ruby Joe and is settling in very well in her new home and is very loved by her family. 
Shelby found her forever family with a couple who were looking for a dog to join their family and be a part of all of their activities.  Shelby caught their eye and they knew that this was the dog that would be a great fit for their active lifestyle.  Shelby agreed and really took to them at the meet.  Shelby is named Marcie now. She is a happy dog loving all the fun and adventures with her new family and friends!
Romeo found his happily ever after with a couple who were looking for a small, affectionate dog to love. They saw Romeo posted and after reading his bio knew that their search was over, they found their dog. Romeo is settling in nicely in his new home. He is named Mr. Tots now (so cute) and is entertaining his family with all his cute antics
Gromit found his forever family st Christmas time and got to spend the holidays with his new family. He is adored by his family but especially by his girl.  Gromit adores his girl and she feels the same for him.  There is a special bond building there that we are so thrilled to have been able to provide them both. Gromit is a happy boy and wr are told he is doing great in dog school!
Fawn found her forever home with a woman who was looking for a little dog to be a friend and companion. She fell in love with Fawn after reading her posing and then had those feelings secured when she met her.  We knew that this woman was the perfect fit for Fawn and were thrilled to have made such a great match.  Fawn is named Flora now and we feel this quote from her new mom sums up this match perfectly,  “Thanks for letting her come home with me. She feels like a long lost friend already”
Agnes found her perfect fit with a couple in Toronto who were looking for a mature dog to love.  They live in an apartment and were looking for a lower energy dog who would enjoy apartment life in a building surrounded by wonderful greenspaces for walking and great sniffs.  Agnes suited this perfectly and of course they adored her when they met her..as we all do!!! Agnes is settling in nicely to life in the big city and is loving all the attention she is getting with her new family.  Her adventures can be followed on Instagram at  Agnes (aka Aggie) the Basset Hound (@agnesthebilingualbasset) 
Waffles is a happy boy now having found his forever family!!  He joined a family who were looking for a doodle pup to be their 2nd family dog and a friend to their current doodle.  Waffles loves other dogs so we knew that this would be a great fit for him.  The whole family adores Waffles and he is settling in so well!
Vader found his adoptive home in Waterloo with a family who were looking for a Lab puppy.  They had a prior Lab and knew about the breed and energy level. Vader is called Tucker now.  He is settling in well and is very loved 
We are sorry for the delay in announcing that Felix found his happily ever after!! He is living a fun life with a woman who was looking for a nice little companion and loved the energy and trainability of the terrier/poodle mix.  Felix is happy in his new home and keeping his new mom busy!
Auggie found his forever home with a couple in Waterloo who were looking for a great dog to join their family.  They loved Auggie’s bio when he was posted for adoption and knew that he would be well suited for apartment living as he was fostered in an apartment and doing well.  Auggie is settling in well and is greatly loved by his family. He is named Wally now
Tilda found her forever home right where she was!!! Tilda the Lab came to us from a puppy mill where she was overbred and uncared for.  She joined a foster home and settled right in to the pack. She was a complete joy for her foster family to foster and she fit so well with their other dogs that her foster family knew that they couldn’t part with her. They love Tilda’s gentle temperament and sweet nature.  So we celebrate this “foster fail” adoption success!!! Tilda has found an amazing forever family and has the best life ahead!
Sierra is a lovely natured Lab who left behind life in a puppy mill and joined a foster family to learn all about being a dog.  This sweet girl fit in so well in her new home and with her family which included children,.  Her calm nature was a great fit and the foster family knew that they would love for her to be their forever dog.  But the test was to see how Sierra would do with other dogs in the home as they wanted to keep fostering!! Well this test was passed as Sierra is now a great big sister to a new foster dog in the home.  So we are celebrating this “foster fail” with her new forever family!!!
Nigel the Bernadoodle came to us from a puppy mill as a 4mth old puppy so terrified of people and the outside world having had no socialization at all. His foster family was in for a challenge to bring this pup around and show him that people are kind and there is a lot of fun to be had out in the world.   Nigel slowly came along and progressed and his foster family took the guidance they received from our team to heart and really worked with him to build his confidence.  During this process they fell more and more in love with this adorable dog and knew that he was the one that was going to stay. Congrats to Nigel from going from foster dog to forever dog!!