Happy Tails of PDR Alumni 2018

Hilde is starting 2018 off with a forever family!!! Hilde is now living in Windsor, Ont with a retired couple who were looking for a mature female Beagle after a previous beloved Beagle passed away. Hilde was everything they were looking for and it was an immediate love connection. Hilde has a beautiful fenced yard, lots of great walking trails and the security of being a loved family member.

Maddison is such a lucky puppy to have found a loving couple who live on a rural property in Newmarket and were looking for a great pup to share their active life. Maddison is everything they were looking for and then some! They adore her!


Pumba found his forever home in Paris, On with a couple who were looking for a senior dog to be a good companion to their senior dog. Pumba was exactly what they were looking for and he and Margot got along very well. Pumba is called Todd now (Margot and Todd...any Christmas Vacation movie lovers will get this reference!) and is enjoying all of the love and care he is receiving in his forever home.


Minnie found her forever family in Georgetown where she is greatly loved. She is a special companion to a teenage girl who was wanting a cuddly dog to be her best friend. Minnie was a perfect fit!

Kasey found her forever home in Waterloo with a retired woman longing for the companionship of a dog after the passing of her previous beloved dog. Kasey was everything she was hoping for and is providing her new mom with many laughs throughout the day with her quirky personality. She has brought such joy to her new mom who is thrilled with her. Her name is Kailey now.

Ned found his forever home in London with a great couple who were looking for an active dog to join their family. They fell in love with Ned and knew that he was the dog for them. Ned has an extended family of dogs who are his buddies and he lives a busy and fun filled life. You can follow Ned′s adventures on Instagram at @nedthelabradoodle/

Snow (Now Tundra) The first of our Manitoba puppies has been adopted!! This little guy has been named Tundra by his new mom. He has got quite a life ahead of him. His mom is newly retired professor and a very active woman. She has a manor of a home in a regal section of Toronto. The huge fenced yard backs onto a ravine and wooded area. She also has a 300-acre farm property that she goes to most weekends. And if that isn’t enough she also has a private cottage on an island. She already has him signed up for obedience classes and starts this week. So...this guy has got it made!!!

Amber found her forever home in Elmira with an active woman who had been searching for a dog for quite a while before discovering Amber and knowing her search was over. Amber adores her new mom and is very bonded to her already.

Randall found a family with kids to love him!! They were looking for a big dog after the passing of a beloved Great Dane and our big, goofy love of a dog, Randall, caught their eye. Randall adores being a family dog and playing with the kids. He would like to play with the cat too but that relationship will take more time to develop! Until then, he shows the cat the respect she demands.

O′Reilly found his forever home in Guelph with a couple looking for a second dog. O′Reilly adores his big brother ‎Murphy and the two are getting along very well. Murphy is teaching O′Reilly the best walking routes and the best napping spots and O′Reilly is showing Murphy how fun it is to wrestle and play.

Hannah found the best home ever with a family with teen kids in Baden who were looking for a second dog to love. We couldn′t have found a more caring and loving family for her. Hannah is named Aspen now to pair with her Goldendoodle sister Willow. She loves her sister and her family and is flourishing with the love of her family.

Levi found his forever home in Kitchener with a couple looking to add a second dog to their family. Levi adores his big sister and follows her everywhere. He is greatly loved in his new family and will be kept very busy learning all there is to know about doggie life from his sister.

Bertie found herself a wonderful family in Kitchener to call her very own!! Her name has been slightly altered to Birdie and she got a handmade personalized bed to welcome her to her new home. Birdie is greatly loved and loves being a part of a big family. She has made herself right at home!

Maverick came to our rescue as an unclaimed stray. Maverick is a dog that charms everyone that he meets so we weren′t surprised that he won the heart of one of our veterinary staff who was looking for a family dog and buddy for her current dog. He was a hit with the family and his new doggie sister and he has made himself right at home. Maverick didn′t have the greatest start to his life but that has certainly turned around and he is greatly loved and a member of the family.

Chippy is a super unique SharPei/Border Collie mix that never made it up for adoption officially as we had a mom with 2 young boys looking for an ideal family pet and Chippy was exactly what they were looking for. Chippy is the perfect size and temperament for a home with children and we all knew that she was going to work out perfectly. The boys named her Maxi and she is enjoying games of fetch in the yard with them.

We knew it would take an extra special family to help our shy Haven continue to come out of her shell. We found the most amazing family for her in Kitchener. They are big believers in the benefits of obedience school so we will be seeing Haven go through multiple levels which is perfect! And Haven loves her Sheltie brother and plays with him every chance she gets.

Rogen found his forever home in Brantford who had applied looking for a dog that she can work advanced obedience and agility with. Rogen is a young Shep/Collie/Retriever and fit what she was looking for. He is settling in well and would be even happier if he could convince his new cat siblings to play with him! For now playing with his new mom will have to do

Look at this beauty! This is Django the Mastiff/Shep mix. A previous adoptive family had contacted us looking for a Mastiff pup to be buddies with their dog and when we took in Django we all knew that he was the one. The dogs adore each other and it was a perfect match. Django is now named Lincoln and he has settled in well at his forever home.

Owen found a Lab loving family in Cambridge to call his forever home. He had older kids to clown around with and is a very happy boy to have a family to call his own. Owen has been renamed Gallagher and is affectionately called Gally.

Boston found his happiness with a family with kids who were looking for a happy and fun dog to love. He adores his family and has made himself quite at home. Boston is a wonderful family dog and shares his love with every member.

Hayden had been found alone and cold, surviving on his own in very harsh conditions in Northern Manitoba. Thanks to Save A Dog Network Canada he was rescued and he made his way to us to find his forever home. Little did we know at that time that he found his forever person the moment he stepped out of the crate at the airport with one of our own volunteers. Hayden now has a happy and fun filled life with a loving family and doggie friends in a beautiful rural home with a huge yard to play in. But most importantly he has a mom that loves him dearly and that is all that he ever wanted.

Fynn found his dream forever home!! What’s better for an active dog than a large ranch with wooded trails, creeks, plenty of pastures to run in and a Border Collie sister to play with?? Fynn has all of this and more in his forever home outside of London. He adores his new family and is thrilled with his good fortune!

Willow found her ideal home and family in Ayr. She has settled right in and has claimed her favourite spots in the home to lounge but still be within eyesight of her family. Willow′s family has gotten a head start on obedience training and already has her in class, and are mastering the art of controlled walking. Willow couldn′t be happier and her family feels the same.

Bogart found his forever home in London with a family with kids and another ShihTzu for him to be best buddies with. The dogs have become immediate friends and Bogart is loving having a family to call his own who adore him and will always care for him. He′s a very lucky dog.

For any of you that missed Mr. Burns′ special announcement at our HOWLer event...he has found his forever home!!!! His foster mom couldn′t part with him, he is just too special and such a perfect fit in her family. He has got 2 dog siblings and a cat and fits in wonderfully with all. Burnsie is already proving to be a comfort and companion to a new foster dog and takes on this role naturally. We couldn′t be happier for Mr. Burns and all agree that he couldn’t have found a better forever home.

Harlequin found her adoptive home with a loving family looking for a buddy for their current dog. Harlequin loves her new brother and the two get to have many adventures together. Harlequin is called Mavis now and she is settling in well with her family and loves her new home.

Stella found an ideal forever home in Toronto with a very experienced dog owner and his super lovely Rottweiler. Stella is called Kazumi now which is a Japanese name suiting her Akita breed. She adores her Rotti brother and has a wonderful playmate in him. Kazumi has a beautiful life ahead of her where she will be greatly loved and very well trained and socialized.

Bandit found his adoptive home in Woodstock. He′s super happy with his new family and is providing them lots of laughs and fun times.

Pringle has found her ideal forever home with a couple who were looking for a family dog and canine companion to their Lab mix, Kaos. Pringle bonded with Kaos very quickly and everyone knew that it was a love connection all around. Pringle is very loved and happy in her new family.

Silas found his forever home in Paris with a couple looking for a second dog to join their family and be best buddies with their hound, Wes. They read Silas′ bio carefully and felt he was exactly what they were looking for. The dogs got along well and have the same Hound X goofiness so it was a great fit. Silas is now called Giles and is having a great time in his new home.

Juniper was adopted prior to posting by a loving couple in Mississauga looking for a pup to compliment their active lifestyle. Juniper is called Arwen now and is chronicaling her adventures on her own Instagram page if you would like to follow her at @arwentheshepkita.

Desna found her forever home with a prior PDR adoptive family!! Their dog Randall was nicely settled in and he loves dog so much that they wanted a buddy for him. Desna was the perfect fit, she adores her big brother and has completely taken over his bed and his bone and he couldn′t care less!

Rolo found his ideal forever home with a family missing a dog in their lives after the passing of a beloved family dog. Rolo was exactly what they were looking for and it was love at first meet all around. Rolo is going to enjoy camping this summer and already enjoys lots of walks and plenty of attention and affection.

Brook found her most perfect home with a new dad who was eager for an Akita but never thought he would find a puppy in rescue. His patience paid off and he is thrilled with his new puppy and Brook, now named Nakida, is thrilled with her new dad and her country home and acreage. Nakida and her dad are inseparable and a strong bond has formed already.

Dipsey found a family to call her very own!! She was exactly what her family was looking for and she was certainly happy to be their dog too. Dipsey is called Havana now and is bringing a lot of joy to her family. And her stunning good looks have made having cars stop while they are out walking a regular occurrence! Everyone wants a better look at this gorgeous Akita X pup!

Fraggle the Poodle found her forever home right in our PDR family. One of our foster moms has had a long desire for an apricot Poodle as this is the breed of dog she grew up with and loves. Fraggle fit in perfectly with her dog and cat and made herself right at home. It was meant to be!! She is called Millie now and is quite adored.

Khaleesi found her forever home in Waterloo with a couple who were very attracted to her breed mix and knew that she was the pup for them. They have named her Meeka and she is already in classes as they knew that training was crucial for a large and stubborn pup. Meeka had become a fixture in their lives and accompanies them everywhere.

Duckie the lucky Beagle found a family to love her and give her the security of a forever home. Her family was missing a dog in the home after the passing of a beloved prior dog. Duckie has filled that hole with all of her cuteness and affection. She even gets to go to work! She has an Instagram page devoted to her called @duckthebeagle if you wish to follow her.

Pepper found her forever home in Thamesford with a family with children who were looking for a great family dog. Pepper has fit right in and shes such a sweet dog that even the cat accepted her right away. We couldn′t be happier for them all!

Kuma found her family in Cambridge. It was love at first sight and the family knew that this was their dog. Kuma joins a home of rescue pets and is settling right in. She will keep her new family busy with her puppy antics and love of digging in mud!

Nash found his forever home on a horse farm by London. His family are prior adopters and have PDR alum Gary the Lab. Gary wanted a buddy and he and Nash got along right from the start. They play every day and are bonded brothers already. Nash is called Levi now.

Easton found his forever home with a couple who were looking for their first dog together. They fell for Easton′s overt friendliness and goofy ways. He is completely adored in his new family. His name is Oz now and he′s loving life as a beloved family pet.

Evie the black Lab X puppy found her forever home before even officially going up for adoption. We had a family looking specifically for a female Lab that would be a good family dog and Evie was a perfect fit for them. She is aptly called Shadow now as she follows her family around everywhere they go. She enjoys her life of long walks and lots of play and cuddles in Conestoga.

Chino found his forever home with a couple with a female Husky who were looking for a playmate and companion for her. Chino caught their eye and it was a great match when the dogs got together, they played a ton and didn′t want to part!! Chino now enjoys life with his sister permanently and she is showing him the ropes of the home and all of the best spots on their walks.

We had a list of criteria for Cam′s forever home...rural home with large fenced yard, someone home most of the day, other dogs to play with, active family who enjoy being outside with dogs...it took a while but we found his perfect family who met all the criteria and then some. Cam′s new mom is a groomer who works out of her home and Cam is her constant companion. Cam loves his life with his new family and we couldn′t be happier!

Keeley is a German Shepherd/Husky puppy who met her forever family at a meet and greet function we had. It was an immediate love match and the love continued with further meets and an introduction to the family dog, a Golden Retriever. Keeley adores her new brother and can be found right by his side in play and sleep. She is learning a lot from her brother but also in puppy classes that she is attending with her family. Keeley is a greatly loved new addition to her family!

Storm attracted a lot of attention as she is so beautiful but we knew we needed to find the ideal family for her that could handle a confident Husky pup and provide her with the exercise and training a Husky needs to be happy. We found this ideal family that also happened to come with a happy Lab boy who is Storms very best friend and playmate. Storm is living her perfect life in a home with plenty of outdoor space, and loving people who are well experienced with the Husky breed.

Milo adopted

Milo came to us in February 2017 as a neglected stray. He had serious medical issues that required expensive surgery and extended after care. After a year and a half he was finally healthy enough to be adopted but his amazing foster family advised us that he had already found his forever home! We were thrilled and cannot thank his fopster family enough for the dedication and commitment they have to Milo on his journey to health.

Our sweet Marlie found her forever home in Kitchener with a couple searching for a young dog to join their family. Marlie was everything they were looking for and when they met her it was a love match. Marlie is enjoying her new life of backyard play sessions, long walks and lots of love!

Sprocket found his forever family far north in Field, Ontario!! Everyone involved, including Sprocket, knew right away that this couple was meant to be Sprocket′s family. He has truly lucked out and will have a life where he is adored and given everything he could ever want. Plus he gets to accompany his dad in the truck, with a mattress pad in the back for his comfort, on his work details, so Sprocket will be thrilled. He has a great life now of lots of time spent with his people, a large yard to run around in, and plenty of walks. Not bad for a dog who was living on his own in a bush.

Newt is a darling St. Bernard/Husky mix puppy that was adopted prior to posting by a couple who were looking for a St. Bernard to join their family. They have since named him Moose and knew right from first meet that he was meant to be their dog. Moose is enjoying his life with his family and all the new adventures that go along with that.

Elroy found his forever family in Burlington. His family was looking for a Husky type puppy and Elroy′s sweet and gentle nature really suited what they were hoping for in a pup. Elroy is very happy; he gets to play and run around the yard. He explores on walks and spends the day with his dad helping him work. Mostly though Elroy loves having a family to call his very own!

Leia, the Rottweiler who had to go through 2 knee surgeries while in rescue, found her forever home with a couple looking for a Rottweiler to join their family. They knew that Leia was perfect for them. They have a Rottie in the family and were hoping for a sweet dog just like him. They found this in Leia and it was a love match! Leia now enjoys a life of trail walks, doting attention and lots of love. And to top off her great news, she also just had her final xrays and has gotten clearance from the vet to live a normal doggie life now!! No more leash walking restrictions!

Aegon found his forever home in Elmira with a family looking to add a Husky type dog to their family, having had a couple prior Husky′s and loving the breed. They knew they wanted a puppy who could grow up with their Boston terrier and build a strong bond with her. Aegon is called Dali now and I think we can all agree that the bond is growing strongly with these two!!

Arnie, our sweet Corgi X who had a to undergo a serious hip surgery and recovery has found his most wonderful forever home with a couple who have a gentle Golden Retriever who was very much missing having a doggie sibling. Arnie was a great size and personality to fit what the family was looking for and the dogs get along wonderfully. All the play with his new brother is really helping Arnie build back the lost muscle tone in his hip and leg and he will be 100% in no time. But best of all, he now has a family who adores him and is committed to giving him the best life possible.

Hector found his forever home with a prior PDR adoptive family. He joined a dog loving family who have a Golden Retriever named Thunder and PDR alum Storm the Great Pyr X. So naturally they decided to change Hector′s name to Reign to fit in with the dog name theme. He has settled in nicely and even cuddles with his brother Storm...when he isn′t bugging him!

We had a prior adoptive couple contact us with the sad news that their beloved PDR dog passed away due to illness. They were missing having the love of a dog and wondered if we would have another sweet pup for them . This is how our darling ShihTzu Eevah, now named Trixie, came to be the new love of their lives. Trixie is a favourite of their neighborhood and has made so many friends in a short time. She has brought joy and a lot of laughs to her new family. They couldn′t be happier with her.

Pete found a forever home for the holidays! We had a wonderful family looking for a goofy sibling for their goofy Doodle and theres not much goofier than a Hound puppy. It was a perfect personality and energy match and the dogs became fast friends. Pete is greatly loved by his new family.

Ernie has a forever family for the holidays!! Ernie won the hearts of a couple who were looking for a new little rescue friend after the passing of a beloved dog and knew that they found their next best friend in Ernie. Ernie now enjoys a life of multiple walks a day, play time with his people and lots of cuddles. Ernie got everything he could ever want and is secure now knowing that he will never be abandoned again.

Van found his adoptive home with a couple who were looking for a big dog and fell in love with our sweet boy. His new mom is a nurse so his Lyme disease didnt scare her and she knows she can keep him in good health. Van has a kitty in his new home and they are becoming fast friends. We are so happy that Van has a family to love him for the holidays.

Pixie found her adoptive home with a couple who were looking for a small dog and fell in love with this cute little girl. Pixie adores her new family and is very much a daddy′s girl. Pixie gets to spend the holidays being a loved member of a family which is all she ever wanted!

Gruber found his forever home with a woman who loved the Schnauzer breed and had had them for most of her adult life. She was looking for a friend for her current Schnauzer and Gruber was everything she was looking for and then some. The dogs got along great and it was a love connection. Gruber is now named Cooper and is living the life of a cherished pet and will never have to worry about being abandoned again.

Rumble got his Christmas wish...a loving home and family!! His family was searching for a big dog and new they wanted a puppy. Rumble was everything they were looking for. He now has a big yard and lots of people to play with him but more importantly a family that loves him.

We had a family patiently waiting for a German Shepherd mix puppy to come available in our rescue. When Duke became ready for adoption we had them meet him and it was a total love connection for both the couple and Duke. He got a new family for Christmas and they got the love and fun of the puppy that was meant for them. Duke lives in Guelph with a wonderful couple who adore him. He is named Ray now but kept Duke as his middle name.

Tucker was adopted just before Christmas so he got to spend his very first Christmas with the love of a family of his very own. Tucker was exactly what his family was looking for and has charmed the extended family as well. This feisty pup is getting a lot of attention and affection in his new home and he is loving every minute of it.

Lizzie found her forever home in Brantford with an active family who were looking for a nice dog to be a companion for their other older dog. Lizzie was everything they were looking for and fit right in. She gets to ring in 2019 with her forever family secure in the knowledge that she will never be abandoned again.

One of our foster families decided it was time for a permanent doggie addition to their home. They met this sweet pup in our rescue who was ready for adoption and fell in love. They welcomed Honour into their family for Christmas. She has brought a lot of joy to her new family.

Rambo found his forever home in Stratford where he has a young and energetic Bull Terrier sister who can keep up with him and who likes to play exactly how he likes to play. These two goofballs hit it off immediately and were destined to be the best of friends. Rambo is named Marty now and he is loving his new home and family and they in return love him as well. It was the perfect fit for our bouncy and active boy!

Iris got to spend her Christmas and New Years with her new family!! She got everything she wanted this year, a family where she is loved and cared for and secure. Iris bonded strongly with the daughter and it was apparent right from the meet that they were going to be the very best of friends. Iris was everything that this family was looking for and everyone is very happy.

Nala found her forever home in Kitchener with a family who were looking for a pup that would be a wonderful friend to their young daughter. Nala′s personality, size and temperament were exactly what they were looking for and it was certainly a love match all around when they met her. Nala is now a very loved member of a family to call her own.