Happy Tails of PDR Alumni 2021

Stanley found his forever home with a woman who was looking for her new best friend and companion. She saw Stanley′s adoption posting and felt in her heart that this was her dog. Stanley is called Finley now and is settling in very well. Hes making himself right at home and is making friends with his new vet staff as well.

We knew what Melanie′s ideal family and home should look like and boy did we find the perfect fit with a couple from Richmond Hill. Melanie knew it too and wasn′t near as shy with them as she usually is. Upon her adotpion she went right up to her new dad and everyone knew that Melanie was home. She is named Minnie know and to say she is adored is an understatement.

Mylo found his perfect family in Cambridge with a prior PDR adoptive family. They adore big Shepherds and we knew that Mylo would be of interest to them now that they were looking for a dog again. Before we could even message them to read his bio they had applied. This was their dog!! Mylo is settling in well and loving all the spoiling and attention he is getting and really loves his walks and meeting the dogs of the neighbourhood.

Turtle found his most perfect home and family!! This active family has a home that backs onto conservation area full of wooded trails and a ton of places to explore. They are quite experienced with an active, smart and sometimes stubborn breed like Turtle is and are more than set to manage this. Between all 5 of the family members Turtle will be getting his exercise and play needs more than met. But mostly, the love that this family has to offer a dog is by far the greatest thing that Turtle could ever ask for. He is named Finnegan now, affectionately called Finn, and he is settling in great. Owns the place already!! And he is adored to say the least!

Bach found his forever family in Kitchener and has a new dog best friend and older brother as well. Bach adores his brother and a lifelong friendship has been established. He′s settling in really well to his new home and his family loves him very much. We are so happy for Bach!

We couldn′t have found a more perfect forever home for Melody!! She now has a very dedicated mom and an extended family equally as devoted to her. Melody is named Twila now. She is doing great in her new home and adores all her family! They are taking her training and socialization seriously and ensuring that all the progress we made with her wont go to waste. Twila is flourishing in her new home and will have everything she could ever want and then some...and this includes a stylish wardrobe which she rocks!

Tatum found a loving family to adopt him who understood that he is a shy boy and would need time to settle in. He is doing well in his new home and has picked his person that he is bonded strongly with. Tatum will be starting classes soon so that his family can work on his confidence and socialization.

This cutie is Millie and she is a Pomeranian/Pug mix puppy who came to us from Manitoba for better opportunities for an amazing forever home. Millie was adored by her foster family and it worked out wonderfully that a direct family member of the foster mom was actively searching for a puppy just like her. To say that this was a perfect match for Millie doesnt even describe it....Millie has a Boxer sibling now to be a playmate and mentor and they get along fantastically. She also has a family who adores her! They will be taking her through advanced obedience training with the goal to participate in agility training with her should MIllie enjoy this. She will be very loved and they will ensure that this bundle of fun and energy lives her best life.

The first of the pups has gone to his forever home!! Stafford has found his forever family with a couple in Kitchener who are past fosters and adopters! They have lots of experience with the Husky breed and know exactly what to expect with this breed mix. Stafford was the pup that best suited their wants and needs. He is having a good first day in his new home and we expect to receive lots of updates on this lucky pup.

Chuck has gone off to Toronto to join his new family! His mom has taken early retirement to ensure she had the time to devote to a puppy so Chuck will have her full attention. He is up for the many walks around the beautiful neighbourhood they live in full of wooded trails and ravines. Chuck also has a teen boy at home to be his playmate and best buddy.

Solomon is off to London with a couple who were looking for a energetic, outdoorsy dog, having had experience with that. They did their research on his breed mix and are committed to his socialization and training. But best of all, he is already greatly loved. He is called Darby now.

Hayley now calls London, Ont. home with a couple who previously had a high energy, sassy female Husky x and were really looking for the same. They were the ideal fit for our super busy, super sassy little girl. Hayley is settling in well and is on her best behavior on day 1. We are so proud of her but also know mischievous Hayley will emerge very soon!

Copper′s new family is a couple from the GTA who are very active and outdoorsy. They spend a lot of their time camping, portaging, and hiking so Cooper, our lean and athletic puppy, was the perfect fit for them. We know he is going to have many awesome adventures ahead.

Robert′s new family has always had Huskys and are well versed in this breed. They have an acre of yard fenced for the dog and are avid walkers so Robert will have his exercise needs met! But best thing is that they own a pet store and Robert will be going to work with them just like last dogs did. Robert wont lack for anything is already greatly loved.

Denny was the last puppy of the litter to leave us and move on to his forever home. He is off to Hamilton to join his new family. They are super excited to have him and have been planning for a puppy for so long, but wanted to wait until they had a house better suited for a dog. They now have everything a dog could want and Denny is off to a fantastic life as a beloved pet.

Ralphie the Chihuahua/Dachshund came into our care as an unclaimed stray from a shelter. He fit right into his foster home right away and only managed to make himself more at home while he was there. His foster mom knew that this dog was meant to be her forever dog. So we are now celebrating this ″foster fail″ and we know that Ralphie is going to be very well cared for and loved and never abandoned again.

Zola found her adoptive home in Toronto with a couple who were looking for a mature dog to join their family. They are active and wanted a dog that could keep up with their love of walking, but would also enjoy quiet times in the house. They got all that and then some in Zola and she is settling in well.

Eira found her forever home in Toronto with a family who were looking for a loving and playful family dog. Eira was exactly what they were looking for. This little dog fit in right away and adores her boys. She loves playing in the yard with them and then cuddle times after. The family has named her Luna and states that they feel like she has been with them for a long time; she just meshed so seamlessly into their lives. Luna is very loved and cared for and has gotten her happily ever after.

Zeus found his happily ever after in Hamilton with a couple who were searching for a lovely little dog and had a fondness for seniors. They fell in love with him over his photos and bio and this love was solidified when they met him. It seemed the love was reciprocal too as Zeus tried to jump into their car at the meet!! He knew that this was his family.. If Zeus had it his way he would have left with them that day. Zeus is settling in nicely and has a great routine started. He has also made some friends in the area already which doesnt surprise us as he is a very social boy.

Maple found her forever home in Ridgetown with a family looking for a fun loving, friendly dog to love. Maple also has a doggie sibling to romp around with and it was love at first sight for the 2 dogs, with lots of playing and running around on the meet. Maple really bonded with the kids at the meet and everyone knew that this was Maple′s home!! She has settled right in and has met other dog friends and is a very popular gal in the neighbourhood. She adores being a family dog and we are so happy for her and for her new family!

Peanut found her family in Kitchener who were looking for a medium sized, friendly dog and loved the Beagle breed. When they saw Peanut posted for adoption they knew that this was their dog. Peanut is called Penny now and has nicely settled into her forever home. She has been there over a month now and is very much attached to her people and loves being spoiled by them!

Jango found a great family in Mildmay to give him his happily ever after! He was exactly what his new family was looking for and he has settled in nicely to his new home. He is making a lot of friends and bringing a lot of happiness to his family. He has a lot of property to patrol with his people and loves all of the squirrels and other small animals around; they keep him busy, and distracted! So his family is really looking forward to his upcoming training classes so this young dog can learn to listen better even when squirrels dart by!

Topaz found her forever home in Hamilton with a woman and her daughter who were looking to add a dog to their family. They knew what would suit their family and home best so kept an eye out for the perfect rescue dog. When they saw Topaz and read her bio they knew that this would be a great dog for them. Topaz is settling in nicely and is really enjoying all the walks she is getting in her new neighborhood. She also loves all the cuddles she receives. She met her cousin dog as well and has a nice friend to go on walks with and hang out with. Topaz is named Suki now and is living a full and happy life!

Zach found his forever home in Kitchener with a man who was ready and looking for his next best friend and partner. After reading Zach′s bio and then meeting him he knew that this dog was as great as we said he was and knew that this was the dog for him. Best thing, PDR alum, Saucy, would be playing a big role as best buddy so we had her attend the meet as well, and the dogs hit it off. Zach is named Sal now and is enjoying his new home and family and of course, his bestie Saucy who he has regular play dates with.

Buttercup, or as we all call her, Butters, found her forever home in Exeter with a woman looking for her first dog of her very own. She was drawn to the breed mix of Butters and her joyful attitude and knew that this dog would be a great fit for her home and lifestyle. Butters is settling in nicely with her new mom. She loves the interactive toys that her mom bought her and all of the play and exercise she is getting. Her mom says Butters has been excellent on leash and is sleeping well at night after her busy days.

Thor found his adoptive home in Brantford. We are happy to say that he is doing well and settling in nicely. He loves being on the couch with his family and they tell us that he likes to sit in the middle so that he can get pets from both of them!! Thor is very loved and we know he is going to be really happy with his family!

Reine found her ideal forever home with a couple who were looking to complete their dog family. Reine was exactly what they were looking for and boy does Reine love her doggie brothers!!! Reine′s new family is very committed to her training and she is already mastering her obedience skills. They know that she is a super smart working breed so are dedicated to training her very well. Reine keeps her brothers busy and is having the time of her life in her forever home.

Diego is super happy to announce that he has been adopted!! He has an older brother named Appa who he adores...maybe a bit too much. Appa would like to sleep in in the mornings and doesnt appreciate Diego′s up and at ′em puppy attitude. But once Diego convinces him that the day is full of fun to be had the 2 dogs get to playing and hanging out together. Diego has made us proud by showing his new family how smart he is by learning all kinds of new tricks and commands and he is loving his new family and home!

Sven found his forever home with a family who were looking for their next great dog and fell in love with fluffy, cuddly Sven. They were an ideal fit for our lovable pup and he really took to everyone in the family. Sven has settled in very well at his new home. He is being a very good boy and is showing his new family how smart he is by picking up on their training quickly. Sven is enjoying lots of yard time, walks, and cuddles. He is named Ashford now and is greatly loved by his family.

Kane found his forever family in Cambridge who were looking for a second dog, and playmate for their current dog. Kane and his big brother hit it off right away and the whole family fell in love with Kane at the meet. Kane is settling in nicely and is a happy puppy. He is looking forward to going to dog school with his family and showing off how smart he is!

Preston is a super cute Husky/Shepherd puppy that joined our rescue from Northern Manitoba where he was saved from starvation and extreme cold by Save a Dog Network Canada. He came to our rescue for a better chance at a loving forever family. Ends up, he found that forever family with his foster family!!! This family had been wanting another dog ″eventually″ after the passing of their dog. But eventually became ″now″ when Preston joined their home. He fit in so well with their family and cat that they knew that this was the dog for them.

Uma found her forever home in Guelph where she gets to be her happiest as a family dog. Uma is settling in very well in her new role as best friend to a young girl. The whole family is quite pleased with her and love having a dog in the home again. And Uma is happy being loved and cared for and secure in knowing that she will never be abandoned again.

Misha found her new family in Waterloo with a woman who was looking for a playmate and companion for her current Husky X dog. She is an avid walker and takes her dog out many times a day so was searching for an equally active dog that would enjoy the activities that she and her dog like to do. Another Husky mix was a clear choice and when she met Misha, it was obvious that this was her next dog. The dogs got along very well and we all knew that this was a great relationship in the making. MIsha is named Phoenix now and is settling in very well and is loving her big brother and new mom!

Richard found his ideal forever home in Ashburn, Ont with a family who live on a rural property with significant acreage fully fenced!! This was such a great fit for our super high energy, busy pup. He has older teen and young adult boys to play with and lots of places to explore with his family. He will also have a social life with dog friends that come to visit and play with him. We truly couldn′t have found a better home for this lucky puppy.

Alaska found a fantastic family in London with a couple looking for their first dog together. They loved not only the look of Alaska, but his temperament and energy level were really what they were looking for and wanting in a dog. The meet solidified their love for this dog and Alaska really took to them as well. He is all settled in now with his new family and has a new name, Archie. He is very much loved and his family is so happy with how well he is doing. We are so proud of Archie for being a good boy and know he is going to be his new family′s best dog ever.

Colby is a Husky X pup that found his forever home in Norwich with a couple who love their Husky type dogs!! And, we knew that they would be a great family as they already had a PDR dog, Rogen (brown dog in photos) so we knew that Colby would have an excellent home and family. Colby is named Koda now and he is loving his rural home and lots of space to play in. He adores his brothers and is learning a lot from them!

The Easter Bunny brought Malcolm the best thing ever...a forever home!!! We were thrilled to find Malcolm his most ideal home and family. He now lives in Rockwood on a rural property with 4 acres of safe, fenced walking areas and yard. He has 2 senior dog sisters and they all get along nicely. His sisters were super excited for him to join their family today and there was a lot of tail wagging happening by all 3 dogs. His new mom is a dog trainer and knows exactly how to best introduce a blind dog to her home and property. And it gets better!!! She has plans to do scent work with Malcolm in the future as she knows he will enjoy this activity and will be so good at it, relying so heavily on his sense of smell as it is as he is blind. So we dropped Malcolm off today knowing that he is where he was meant to be, and he has such a bright future ahead being a loved family pet.

Bonnie found her forever home in Stratford with a couple who had a Bernese mix and were looking for another similar type dog that would enjoy their outdoor activities, cottage life, and would be a compatible partner for their dog. They never expected to find a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog up for adoption and when they read Bonnie′s bio they knew that this was the perfect dog for them. Bonnie and her sister have bonded right away and are great friends. They play a lot and then nap together as well. Bonnie has settled in very well into her new home and family and we know she is a very happy dog!

Toffee found his perfect fit with a woman who was looking for the perfect dog for her, and also a good buddy for the family Golden Retriever. Toffee was exactly what she was looking for and after meeting him everyone knew that this was where Toffee was meant to be. The dogs got along fantastically and are the very best of friends. Toffee is doing great in his forever home and we are so happy for him!

Ryker found his perfect fit with a woman and her family who were looking for a special dog to call their own. They fell in love with Ryker after reading his bio and looking at his photos and when they got to meet him, that love was sealed! Ryker seemed equally happy with the match!! Ryker has settled in very well in his new home and family and is loving all of the attention he is getting. He loves couch cuddles and for a dog that once lived outside in the cold, he certainly does love his cushy beds and all the other luxuries of a loving home!

Cupid was adopted to a family looking for a Husky/Shepherd type puppy and were thrilled to find exactly what they were looking for in rescue. Cupid now calls London home and is enjoying time with his new family. He is called Ozzie now and is very loved!

Banana found the best forever home!! He is having a blast with his new brother, an Irish Setter, who is young and goofy just like him. The boys love wrestling and playing, so much in fact that his family has to impart time outs so that the dogs don′t over do it. His new family is very active outdoors and Banana is joining them in all the activities and is living his very best life. He is named Webster now and wants to thank everyone for following his story and caring so much about him. He wants you all to know he is doing great and he is SO happy!

Kilo is so happy to announce that she was adopted by the best family for her!! They adore her and when they first saw her posted and read her bio they knew that this dog was well suited to their family and home. They have a nice yard for her and ensure that she is out for her walks multiple times a day. She has been on many adventures with her family already, exploring her new neighborhood. Always on alert for squirrels she was too busy to look at the camera for her adoption photo though!

Moose found his forever family in Cambridge with a couple who were looking for their first dog together and loved the Husky breed. They were looking for an active fun pup and knew when they saw Moose′s adoption posting that this was the pup for them. Moose has settled in very well and is greatly loved. He has met a nice dog friend and is mastering his leash walking skills as well. There is lots of learning ahead for this pup but his family is very invested in doing the best by him and teaching him everything he needs to be a happy and well adjusted dog.

Polar found his happily ever after with a prior adoptive family. PDR alum Rayna, was at a great age to welcome a puppy brother and be a great role model for her. The dogs hit it off right from the start and love to play all the time. Rayna is introducing Polar to the neighbourhood on their walks and showing him how good dogs walk nicely on leash. We couldn′t have found a more ideal placement for Polar and we look forward to many updates on he an Rayna′s antics.

Niah is a Labrador Retriever puppy who found herself needing a rescue placement and boy did we have the perfect foster parents for her! Our long term, very dedicated foster family had lost their beloved yellow Lab over a year ago and had been waiting patiently for a Lab to join their family again. Niah fit in immediately and got along well with their other dog, PDR alum Milo, and we all knew that this was meant to be. We want to celebrate this ″foster fail″ with our wonderful volunteer/foster family and we especially want to acknowledge their decision to adopt, not shop.

Taya found her best fit with a woman who was looking for a new best dog friend after the passing of a beloved small dog. She had the quiet home and gentle manner that we knew would be best for Taya. Taya is bonding very well with her new mom and we have been told that Taya is a joy to her. We love that!

Agnes found her forever family in Toronto with a couple who were looking for a dog of their very own. They needed an apartment suitable, moderate sized dog and Agnes was exactly what they were looking for. The fact that she is a complete love sealed the deal. Agnes is now settling in to being a big city dog. She has discovered the trails close to home and is loving her walks there. But best for her is cuddle time on the couch with her new family as this is where Agnes is her happiest! This dog loves to snuggle!

Taya found her best fit with a woman who was looking for a new best dog friend after the passing of a beloved small dog. She had the quiet home and gentle manner that we knew would be best for Taya. Taya is bonding very well with her new mom and we have been told that Taya is a joy to her. We love that!

We couldn′t have found a better home for our sweet senior Westie X, Hamish! He went to a couple in Kingston who recently lost a cherished Westie and were missing the goofiness, character, and fun only a Westie can bring. They have a senior Yorkie that missed having a buddy as well. When they read Hamish′s bio they knew that this was meant to be their dog. Hamish has settled in better than anyone expected and it is obvious that he knows that he was meant to be a part of this family as well. He is loving his cuddle times with his family and play time in the yard. He also really loves his sister and the 2 are already bonded and like to sleep next to each other. We are so happy for Hamish and look forward to further updates on him!

PDR alum Libra, the Akita X, was begging her parents for a puppy and they finally relented. Libra wanted a boy puppy of northern breeding just like her and when her family saw Trooper posted for adoption they thought that this would be the perfect little brother for Libra. The dogs got along fabulously and it was a perfect fit. Congratulations to Libra for getting her puppy and congratulations to Trooper for finding a wonderful and loving forever family and a big sister who will be your best friend for life!

Juno found her perfect forever family with other dogs to help her confidence building, cats that are taking some getting used to, and her people whom she adores! Her new mom works at a Dogtopia and is able to bring Juno to work with her to ensure that this sweet pup gains proper, safe and slow socialization to a variety of other dogs. This is the ideal placement for Juno who needs to grow in her social life with other dogs. Juno is named Alus now and is having a great time with her new family!

Welsey found his perfect family fit in Kitchener with a couple looking for an active Collie type dog. They have a long history with Collies and are very dedicated to obedience training at an advanced level so we knew that this was the perfect pairing for Wesley. He is doing great in his new home and is showing his people just how smart he is with all the new things he is learning. We are very proud of Wesley!

We had a lovely couple specifically looking to adopt a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and had their eye on a prior dog in our rescue. This dog was adopted by a prior PDR adoptive family. But we knew that they would be an ideal family for another CKC Spaniel. Valentine, that we had in our care. When they read her bio and saw photos this couple knew that Valentine was perfect for them!!! She is named Rylee now and lives in the beautiful town of Goderich close to the water. She has settled in perfectly and is greatly loved.

Blossom is a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel we have had in our care for many months. She came to us terrified of people and the world around her, having previously lived her life as a breeding dog. On her path to stability and health we had a family who had adopted PDR alum Jimmy, another CKC Spaniel, offer to assist with Blossom′s socialization by going on pack walks with their 2 CKS Spaniels. As more socialization walks happened it became very clear that Blossom was picking her family, and her family was also very interested in adding a little girl dog to their pack. We know we couldn′t have found a better forever home for sweet Blossom. She is in great hands and we are thrilled for her!

Barrett is a sweet little Cockapoo puppy that came to us as his ″breeder″ deemed him unsellable due to a severe heart murmur and didn′t want him. We had diagnostics done to determine what was wrong and it ended up being diagnosed as Patent ductus arteriosus (also called PDA) which is a birth defect of the heart and is fatal if not treated quickly. Barrett had his life saving heart surgery at OVC and came through it wonderfully. His foster family took amazing care of him through it all. And in the end it was no surprise to anyone that Barrett had found his forever home right where he was. PDR alum, Ollie, is thrilled that his best friend and awesome playmate is there to stay!! Congrats to Barrett on finding the best family ever to be your forever family!