Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

Behold beautiful Bianca!

This leggy girl is a mini doodle which is a Golden Retriever/Miniature Poodle mix. She is 2years old and weighs about 30lbs and is the perfect size for adventure or couch cuddles. Her coat is red and blonde and although she is shaved down right now it looks like she will have the signature Golden Retriever white feathering on the backs of her legs. She has gorgeous brown eyes, adorably floppy ears and an incredibly sweet and gentle disposition. She’s put her old life behind her and she is ready for new love!

Bianca, or B for short, was discarded from a large-scale breeding operation and it’s the best thing that ever happened to her. After a life of neglect, she’s still pretty timid and getting used to the world but she has made great strides in the short time that she has been in her foster home. She still finds new things to be a bit scary but all she needs is a family to love and support her while she builds her confidence. Once she feels comfortable she is an easy-going family member!Bianca is generally quiet but she does bark when anyone new comes in the house or if she is just too excited to get out of her crate for a walk. The barking is never incessant so she would do well in any home environment. What’s most important is that Bianca goes to a calm and supportive home where she can feel safe. She needs encouragement to continue to come out of her shell. As a dog who was confined for her whole life she would love a backyard to explore but as long as her new family has lots of time to give her lots of walks, she will be ok. B loves to walk and explore and would be a great partner for an active family – hiking, camping, sports – she’s in as long as she’s with her family. Right now, she gets several walks a day and she quickly learned how to be a lovely companion on the leash. She is a bit reserved but given a few minutes she will greet new people and let them pet her. She has no reaction to other dogs when out walking, even the ones who bark at her, and she has shown mild interest in squirrels. No matter what is happening she is attentive to her handler and quickly redirected if her attention wanders. She’s a dream.

One thing we are always aware of with mill dogs is that they tend to be a flight risk. New/loud noises, new people, unsure situations – all of these can trigger her flight response so wherever B goes, her new family needs to be aware of this and committed to keeping her safe. She will need to wear a martingale collar and her new family will need to be sure all doors and gates are kept secured.

One of my favorite things about Bianca is how quickly she decided that she wanted affection – as soon as I enter the room and sit on the floor or the couch she is there is remind me how much I love petting her and telling her how much I love her. She is not stingy with her kisses and gets strange enjoyment out of licking my watch! She is just starting to get comfortable enough to play a bit and follow me around the house. She has an affinity for stuffed toys and stuffed animals and she will surround herself with them on her bed. Then she arranges them and pushes then into the bed and settles in for a nap. She has not shown any interest in common toy play, like chewing or chasing, but she is still just finding her way in the world and this may come. She feels most safe on her big dog bed but she will go into the crate with a bit of guidance. She is not a dog who hangs out in the crate unless she has to but she does settle well once she’s inside. Right now, she is crated during the day while I am at work with a bathroom break at noon. She would definitely love to have company more often but she can continue this schedule if necessary. She sleeps quietly in her crate overnight and the only noise she really makes in there is the crashing or her strong tail against the walls of the crate when she hears me coming! We’ve had a few cuddle sessions on the couch but she’s still working up the confidence to make that a regular thing.

In the time that Bianca has been with me she has not had any accidents in the house. She still requires a bit of a walk to go to the bathroom right now but even at that she takes care of it quickly. I have given Bianca a few baths and she has been a very cooperative subject. I have not had occasion to cut her nails but I would expect the same cooperation. As her fur is still shaved down from her previous life we don’t know exactly what her fur will be like when it is fully grown in but she definitely has some wave to her fur and she sheds. Her coat is still thin with some bare patches but as she continues on her new high-quality food this should all rectify. She will be a dog who needs regular grooming of her coat so her new family must be ready for this scheduling and cost. B is still pretty nervous riding in the car so she needs to be secured in a crate or with a seatbelt. She pants and drools but still tries her best to stay still. With continued exposure it’s possible that car rides become an easy task for her.

Bianca is being fostered in a home with multiple dogs and she has been a polite houseguest. She co-exists well with everyone but she has not been very interested in play or closeness with the other dogs – she is all about her person right now. She would be fine in a home with another well-mannered dog but she would do just as well as the only dog. She has not been tested with cats but I assume she would be fine with dog-savvy cats who have a place they can escape to if necessary.

Bianca has met some children and thinks they’re great – they are just as capable of giving her attention as adults! She would be fine in a home with children over 8yrs of age who have been taught how to handle her gently. As she is a flight risk we need to ensure that any children in the home are mature minded and responsible enough to keep Bianca safe by keeping doors and gates secured at all times.

Bianca was spayed shortly after arriving in rescue. The surgery went well and they were able to scale and polish her teeth at the same time. She has also been microchipped and is up to date on all of her vaccines. There was nothing else noted in her vet visit and she is healthy girl with a healthy appetite. She was a bit picky in the first few weeks but she is finally licking her bowl clean at every meal!

Anyone interested in Bianca needs to think ahead to the holiday season… are you travelling? Having large gatherings at your home? Then sadly this won’t be an ideal time to be bringing a new dog into the home. But if you have a travel-free holiday season and will be mostly spending quiet days and nights at home, then this would be a great time to introduce a new dog into the home. All new dogs need consistency and routine in the weeks and months following an adoption so we have to ask all of our applicants to think ahead as to what the holidays realistically will look like before applying for this sweet girl.

Sweet B is looking for a calm and confident family that can guide her as she continues to learn about the world. She needs patience and encouragement to help her find her confidence and learn all about being a pet. She would love lots of walks and adventures and looks like she will be an expert couch cuddle buddy in time. She’s an easy-going dog who will shower you with affection and attention in return. Are you looking for a slender, tender, leggy pup who wants to be your bestie? Look no further and fill out an application for Bianca!