Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.


Meet Butternut!! Our beautiful, happy, silly pup. Butternut is a 5-month-old Siberian Husky/Pomeranian cross. These hybrid dogs combine the traits of the energetic Husky and the lively Pomeranian, making them loving, playful, friendly, and energetic companions. Butternut currently weighs around 15 pounds, and there is a variance in size she could be but we expect her to be 25-40lbs when fully grown. Her name perfectly describes her gorgeous coloring – she’s a strawberry blonde with bright, piercing blue eyes and an adorably curled tail. Butternut is undeniably a beauty, as you can see from her photos. She’s also a silly, clumsy, playful, and snuggly little girl.

Butternut began her life in a puppy mill until about a month ago when she was rescued by Pound Dog Rescue and entered foster care with a few other foster friends of various breeds and sizes. She adores every dog she’s met – to the point of occasionally annoying them with her playful attempts, like nuzzling their faces and trying to share their crates. Butternut has grown accustomed to sharing space, lap time, toys, and sticks with her foster brothers.

Every night, Butternut sleeps in her crate and happily goes in for meals, bedtime, and when we’re out of the house. She eagerly enters the crate for a treat or meal, responding obediently to the command “crate”. Sometimes, if given the command while in front of a different crate, she’ll enter that one instead, perhaps preferring to be with her foster brother. She’s even started going into her crate to rest on her own with the door open, indicating that she sees it as a safe spot. Butternut will remind her owners it’s time for a bathroom break and breakfast by about 7:30 if she’s concerned they’ve forgotten her, otherwise remaining quiet and content.

Butternut loves her morning romps around the yard with her foster brothers as much as she enjoys her walks. She’s learning proper walking manners and is proving to be easily trained in this regard. Typically, she can be found playing with her foster siblings or chewing on toys or anything she can find – shoes, boots, socks, mittens. She’s still learning to distinguish between toys and non-toys, a training area that will need continued attention, especially as she begins losing her baby teeth. Butternut needs vigilant supervision to remind her what’s off-limits for chewing. The rest of her time is spent napping, as Butternut is a big snuggler who loves a good nap on a blanket or bed.

What Butternut loves most in the world is attention, pets, and playtime. She’s a smart girl who can sit, lie down, and enter her crate on command. She’s almost completely housebroken, with accidents occurring only when we haven’t gotten her outside in time. We’re starting to notice her cues for needing to go outside, which usually involves heading towards the door.

Butternut is an easy dog to travel with in the car; she’s happy to lie quietly in the backseat with her seat belt leash on. Although getting in and out of the vehicle can be a bit nerve-wracking for her, her confidence is growing with each trip.

Butternut is a perfect blend of energy and playfulness with a generous dose of cuddlebug. If allowed, she’ll happily snuggle up in your lap and easily fall asleep there. Another wonderful trait is that she’s so happy being cuddled and pet that handling her for tasks like nail trimming, ear checking, bathing, and brushing is easy.

An ideal home for Butternut would be with someone looking for a loving dog ready for adventure and activity, but also for some lazy evenings on the couch. She thrives in a fenced yard where she can run and play, and she especially loves playing with other dogs. While she’s generally quiet, her new owners should be prepared for potential vocalizations, especially if she has to adjust to being alone. Butternut is a quick learner; it only took her a couple of nights to get used to sleeping in her crate.

Butternut absolutely adores people! She’s met numerous new faces and loves them all. Whether she spots them on the sidewalk, at the local pet shop, or they come for a visit, she’s all wiggles, tail wags, and face kisses. She’s interacted and played gently with our nieces and nephews, showing she can be gentle despite still being a puppy. She enjoys the company of other dogs but may be a bit overeager in her attempts to play, so a home with a friendly, well-mannered male dog would suit her best, but she would also do well as an only dog. While she hasn’t lived with cats, she hasn’t shown any inclination to chase small animals like squirrels or birds, though her parent breeds have strong prey drives.

Butternut truly is a beautiful, smart, loving dog. We’ve been delighted to care for her and watch her playful energy as she learns how to navigate the world. She has a sweet demeanor and is a pleasure to have around. It’s been a gift to watch her embrace the role of a beloved pet, and her future owners will be lucky to have her in their lives.