If you are looking for a high energy, outdoor loving dog, than look no further!!!  Trails and the outdoors are her favourite places to be!  That being said, she will     require two good walks a day.  We typically walk 2km in the morning and 2km in the evening. If you are willing, she would love a 3rd walk if you can keep up!

Delilah is a 2 year old Labrador Retriever and Poodle mix with a wiry chocolate brown coat streaked with a slight grey marbling.  This breed mix is often called a Labradoodle.  Delilah is a large sized dog and weighs in at about 53 lbs, recently spayed and microchipped.  Delilah is a shy, gentle natured, intelligent dog who is sensitive to loud unexpected noises.  She is very inquisitive when you least expect it.  When she thinks no one is looking, she likes to explore her surroundings. She will cautiously approach to get a good scratch behind her ears when she gets the opportunity.

For Delilah’s first 2 years of life she was used for breeding purposes up until about 7 weeks ago when she came into our care. Delilah has never known a life as a pet and has been working so hard in the past few weeks to learn how to trust people and how to feel safe. Due to her past Delilah will need a very specific type of home for her to be comfortable and thrive in. Delilah is a very nervous dog who, when comfortable, is a complete joy but will still need a great deal of work to get her to be her best self. Delilah’s growth process will be slow and no matter how much time and support she receives there will still be situations where she is not comfortable. Delilah is happiest in the company of other canines.  She would be best suited to a home with a mature, confident male dog and this is what we would like for her. Delilah would not enjoy a home with a female dog as she would like to be the only female dog in the family. All that being said I am certain her perfect family is out there and that this girl will bring more joy to her family than they can even imagine!

When Delilah is feeling safe and comfortable she becomes quite relaxed with those around her and doesn’t’ mind having a quick laydown while you visit or work outside.  Every morning after coming out of her crate she walks around excited, knowing that the morning hike is about to start.  She will stare you down and pace back and forth until you bring out the leash.  The lucky family who adopts Delilah will need to make sure they love to walk.  Walking is Delilah’s absolute favourite pastime!!  Delilah seems to prefer the floor with her bed as a pillow, blankets do not seem to interest her except for a spot to place her head.

Delilah is quiet and polite in the house but this spunky little lady has a small mischievous streak that can be quite entertaining.  Delilah has been known to sneak a hat or flip flop from her Foster Dad!  Delilah does not guard anything that she adds to her bed, she is quite willing to give it up when she realizes someone has noticed.

Delilah goes to her crate and realizes it is a safe place that she can hide when she is feeling overwhelmed. She sleeps in it happily overnight and enjoys being in it when she’s home alone. It’s important that Delilah is crated when alone because as I mentioned she does like getting into things and should only be allowed to wander while supervised. Delilah does not have any separation anxiety but prefers her humans around her to provide her with mental stimulation and reassurance.

Delilah is a medium shedding dog and is happy to be brushed on a regular basis.  Please note, that even though she is a “doodle” she is not hypoallergenic and she does shed.  She will not be a suitable dog for those with dog allergies.

Delilah lets you know when she is awake by shifting and making noises in her crate.  She awaits the world to wake up so she can enjoy her early morning walk.  Sometimes she continues sleeping even after her crate is open.

Delilah’s adoptive family must be highly aware that she is a flight risk. Delilah is very nervous and when something scares her she tries to bolt. Things that startle Delilah may include (but are not limited to) people who move quickly,  sneezes,  people blowing their nose, wood chipper,  other dogs barking at her, etc. Delilah’s family will need to be very aware of her impulse to run when frightened and will need to be very careful with her. A martingale collar, a secure leash, and a good grip are required. Delilah will not be a dog who can go outside unleashed in any area that is not completely secured.  She can also be very sneaky and try to escape through the door as people come and go.  She doesn’t seem to want to run away, but she loves her walk and is willing to go on her own!  Because of this Delilah is looking for a calm and quiet adult only home with not a lot of activity inside or people coming and going. She will not enjoy the noises and quick movements of children and would need a home without children that visit.

Physically Delilah has a clean bill of health.  She has had a past hematoma on her right ear which has caused a thickening of her ear flap.  This may or may not make her prone to ear infections in the future.  The vet has recommended a weekly treatment as a preventative measure to ongoing infections. We have treated her ear infection that she came to us with but weekly cleaning preventative will help stop another one from recurring.

Delilah’s ideal home is one that is in a rural setting or a quiet neighbourhood.  Delilah would thrive on a hobby farm or quiet town/subdivision house with a large fenced property.  She is not bothered by tractors, chainsaws or equipment. She enjoys watching all of the action from a safe distance and only cares that she is close by. She will not do well in a busy city center or around a lot of traffic and noises.  This girl needs a quieter existence to feel comfortable.

Delilah is a great traveler and has experienced long car rides to the cottage without any issues.  Even a short trip to the corner store is something she enjoys. She has tolerated rides on a side by side and seems to be quite happy accompanying everyone for any type of adventure including boat rides.

In her forever home Delilah would do best with a dog companion. Although she has never been off leash with another dog, she gets very excited when she meets them, her tail doesn’t stop wagging. Delilah has not been cat tested but could likely be ok with a calm, dog savvy cat in the home. One that runs from her or reacts to her will not be a good fit though.

Delilah will need a little patience as she gets to know you.  She is a little shy with new people but warms up just a little bit more after each visit. It will not happen overnight but instead take time and deliberate care. That being said Delilah has already made so much progress in the short time we’ve had her that we know in her perfect family it won’t take long for her to accept and start enjoying her new life. Adopting Delilah gives this little angel the new chance at life she deserves and gives your family a most special new member.