Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.
Are you a fan of couch cuddles, leisurely strolls, hanging out in the sunshine and having a good laugh every day? If so, you may have met your perfect match: Dyson! Named after the vacuum because of his fondness for sniffing and exploration, Dyson is a happy-go-lucky, 3 year old tri-coloured Beagle, who enjoys basking in all the human love he can get. He is a medium sized dog, the perfect size for many living situations and lifestyles, weighing a healthy ~30 lbs.

Dyson came to us from a shelter as an unclaimed stray, but it’s clear that he had positive human interactions in his former life, as he is extremely well adjusted to being a family pet. Upon arrival into foster care, he was immediately comfortable jumping into his foster family’s laps for cuddles and pets. When humans are sitting on the couch cross-legged, Dyson recognizes this as the perfect cuddle opportunity and will immediately hop up and melt into your lap. He is such a happy, loving dog, and is always in the mood to give or receive affection from his family or new friends.

Dyson is a fun-loving beagle with big floppy ears, and enjoys all aspects of being a beloved household pet. It’s hard to resist his cuteness when he’s partaking in one of his favourite activities – looking out the front window. As he curiously observes the neighbourhood with his head resting on the back of the couch, his ears spread out beside him, kind of like wings! When he’s not observing the neighbourhood, he loves to stretch out on the floor and bask in the sun rays beaming through the windows, soaking in the day.

Dyson would do best in a detached home with a yard. Although he is generally quiet (especially for a Beagle), Dyson does like to vocalize his feelings when there are curious creatures on the TV (especially dinosaurs), or when there are other dogs passing the house on a walk. In a condo with more stimulation, his vocals could potentially disrupt neighbours, so a detached living situation is ideal. Dyson would love to be in a multi-person home, as he is very affectionate and enjoys attention; the more the merrier for this guy! In terms of a lifestyle match, Dyson is perfect for a family who enjoys a good mix of adventure and chill time, just like him.

Dyson is an extrovert, and loves human and furry friends alike. This boy does not have any stranger-danger, and sees new humans as new friends. He has spent time with dogs and cats, getting along with both. For cats, he has shown mild curiosity, but is respectful in his approach to engaging feline friends, and does not pester them. As a result, he could live harmoniously with a dog savvy cat. For dogs, he is well mannered and was quickly accepted into “the pack” when being babysat at another PDR foster home with several other dogs. He has also enjoyed play dates with other dogs while at his regular foster home, and has shown love for every dog he meets, big or small. He will follow around his furry foster cousins – a Great Dane and Black Lab – with ease, wanting to be a part of the party. He even has a crush on the mini poodle across the street and stares out the window waiting for her to come outside. Dyson would do well as a single dog or in a home with other well-mannered dogs and/or cats.

Let’s talk about health and vetting. Dyson is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. While it’s clear he’s a happy guy, Dyson did come to us with a couple of health challenges; he was Heartworm and Lyme positive. He is actively recovering and well on his way to living his best, healthy life. He has received his final heartworm treatment, and is currently on bed rest for the next month as the final step of his recovery.  Adopters will need to be dedicated to keeping his activity down during this recovery period, and providing a calm environment in which he can heal. It is imperative that Dyson not be overextended during this time. No jumping or running is a must, and short trips outside to use the bathroom while on a leash. Dyson will need to be eased into walking again, slowly working his way back up to nice long walks. Dyson is taking prednisone and to gabapentin to help him in his recovery but this is only for the next short while and not something he needs forever. He is recovered though from his treatments and ready to find his forever home.  He is now heartworm free and did very well through is treatments.  He is though still Lyme positive.  This means Dyson was bit by a Lyme positive tick at some point in his life. He is asymptomatic, and after follow up testing was done, it has been determined he does not need any treatment for this. In the future he will likely test positive again on his yearly blood work, but it should not affect him in any other way.  It is imperative that anyone interested in Dyson be FULLY committed to yearly flea/tick/heartworm preventative and ensure that he is given this preventative monthly and that his prevention is purchased through his vet.  We cannot risk Dyson being exposed again to heartworm or Lyme disease and need to be proactive in ensuring he is well protected.  

Dyson’s positive demeanour has also won over the hearts of kids. While hanging out at a dog-friendly establishment, several 8-11 year olds fell in love with Dyson and asked to pet him. Dyson happily accepted this request, and for the next hour he lovingly approached each child to soak in all of the pets and belly rubs, moving  from person to person throughout this time, almost as if to ensure his love was spread out evenly among each new friend. While Dyson is great with kids, he is still a flight risk, so older (8+) dog-savvy kids are suitable for him. For example, Dyson will curiously follow you to the door if you’re running outside to the car, or to grab a package off the porch, so an older child who is aware of flight risk and understands not to leave doors open would be best for his safety.  A Beagle allowed outside without a leash on will take off on a scent and will run away.  We have to ensure Dyson is kept safe and secured. 

Dyson enjoys walks, but while he’s in recovery for the next month, walking must be kept to a minimum. Prior to treatment, he walked well on a leash and enjoyed leisurely strolls, with many sniff stops along the way. While he is not reactive on leash, he will stop if he sees another dog across the street, hoping he might get a chance to meet them and make a new friend. With positive reinforcements, a gentle voice, and a few treats, it is easy to get Dyson to re-shift focus to his handler. Longer term and post-treatment, Dyson will require moderate levels of exercise and make a great walking buddy for a family. 

Dyson is crate trained and goes into his crate with ease. He can be successfully crated for up to 8 hours during a work day, and is crated overnight with no problems. Toss a treat in, and Dyson will happily follow. He is not vocal while hanging out in his crate, and only makes noise when his humans get home and he’s excited to see them.

Dyson is house trained and knows how to alert that it’s time to go outside. He arrived knowing that bathroom duties are not to be performed inside the house. However, due to Dyson’s heartworm medication (prednisone) that he’s currently on as he recovers, he wears a diaper in the house as one of its side effects is increased frequency of urination, making him temporarily accident prone. When not on this medication, he is very reliable asking to go out as needed or wanted and did not have a single accident.  Again, he is only on this medication for a short time longer. 

Dyson loves treats and is very food motivated, so future training will be a rewarding experience for both Dyson and his new family. He has already learned several commands such as: sit, paw, off, and come here. He loves food and will follow his people into the kitchen to supervise their cooking while laying at their feet, hoping that a scrap or two may drop for him along the way. He loves going to his foster grandparents for Sunday dinner, as there are so many people wanting to give him attention, and lots of treats to be had!

Dyson will be a perfect addition to tagging along on family adventures. He is an easy, relaxed car passenger and can most often be found snoozing in the back seat for the majority of the car ride.

In summary, Dyson is a loving, affectionate dog who gets along with all people and animals. His health challenges are behind him and he is ready to live to the fullest with his new family and soak in all of the attention and cuddles. Dyson is such a lover that perhaps Taylor Swift unknowingly wrote her song “Lover” with him in mind, as the lyrics perfectly summarize his adoring spirit: “Can I go where you go?..Can we always be this close forever and ever?.. And ah, take me out, and take me home”.