Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

I would like to introduce you all to Gem, she is a Golden Retriever who is 6 years old . Gem is a beautiful dog and currently weighs about 60lbs with beautiful brown eyes. Gem came from a puppy mill where she was made to have many litters and unfortunately did not receive the socialization that she needed while she was growing up.  Gem is a very sweet girl, with an old soul personality.  She takes a few minutes to warm up to new people but loves the attention she gets from them.  Gem is also sometimes unsure of new things so will require lots of dedication and patience while she gains the confidence that she needs to be the best girl that she can be.

When Gem first came to us, she was very unsure of her surroundings but once confident she adores her people and you can see how much she craves human affection and interaction. 

Gem needs time and patience to try something new and becomes comfortable after only a few times.  For example, she is very hesitant to use a new entrance or exit door but after a few times, it is like she has been using it her whole life.   She will happily wag her tail and walk up to you and give you kisses and ask for pets and never wants you to stop.

Gem is currently living in a home with three other dogs.  She gets along with every single one of them now and really enjoys their company especially the youngest (18-month retriever mix). In the beginning, though, she clearly told each and every one of them to stay away and they respected her boundaries.  While the other dogs in the home don’t really do a lot of playtime, we do have the 18 month old and she quite enjoys rolling around with him and playing with some toys together.  Gem is also living with a cat, she has not shown any interest in the cat at all. The cat is not on guard at all when Gem is around, though it is recommended that if there is a cat in her forever home that they be dog-savvy. I don’t believe that Gem would do well in a home with kids under the age of 14 and this is strictly due to the energy levels and noises that come with a busy household with young kids. She would prefer a calm and quiet home.

Gem has been on many car rides of up to one hour during her time with us.  Gem needs to be lifted into the car and is a nervous passenger for the first 10 minutes.  She then settles in to watch the world go by.  We found it works best to secure her in the back because she tends to want to be in the front.  This is still a work in process for Gem and she will need plenty of opportunities to continue to build her confidence in the car.

Gem has been on many walks and it is one of her favourite things to do (besides sleep) since getting out of the puppy mill. Gem is nervous slow walker.  She wants someone who is not in a rush and who wants to casually walk and enjoy the world around her with her.   Gem is a flight risk so it is important that she wears a martingale and that the leash is held properly at all times and caution is taken to ensure that if there is an unexpected loud noise or truck backfiring that she remains safe.  Gem currently has a very large, fenced yard to play in.  She loves to run and play and then roll around with joy.  Gem has shown low prey drive during her time with us so far towards the chickens but ignores them when they are on the other side of the fence.  She has not been exposed to squirrels or rabbits on our walks.

Gem’s favourite time of the day is probably breakfast and dinner, when she knows that you are getting her food ready she gets so excited and will follow you around to make sure that you prepare her kibble just right and then go and wait by her crate for you to feed her as she eats in her crate with the door open. Gem was not successfully crate trained due to her anxiety of enclosed spaces.  She really hates being in the crate with the door closed and will pace and drool for hours and never settle.  

She now sleeps on a dog bed in the kitchen and this works very well for her.  She is quiet until morning.  Gem is completely house trained and will ask to go out when she needs to. When its bed time or just time for us to leave for a few hours, she is gated in the kitchen.

Gem has been an absolute delight to have in our home. She is a very calm and sweet natured dog and she has lots of life and love to give. Gem would love a home where things are a bit quieter, but with someone who will take her out for many walks each day. She needs her neighbourhood to be a quieter one as she startles with loud noises, a small town, rural area, or quiet subdivision would work for her, but she would not fare well in a busy city setting.  Gem doesn’t require a large yard or a detached home, but she does need someone who is committed to her training and helping her to gain the confidence that she needs to become the best version of herself. A basic obedience and manners class is mandatory with Gems adoption, however Gem would really benefit from being able to take some advanced obedience classes to help her on her journey. She is a very smart girl and this will be an excellent way for her to divert some of her energy.

If you are looking for an older soul dog to join your family, someone who you can go on leisurely walks with and just enjoy the simple things in life, looking for a dog whom you can help to build trust and confidence through training classes and everyday exposure to life then maybe Gem is the dog for you!