Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

Hold on to your hearts and get ready to meet our tiny gentleman – this is Hermey!

Hermey is a gorgeous long-haired Chihuahua weighing in at about 6lbs. He is estimated to be 8 years old and has a soft red coat, expressive ears and the Grinchiest feet around. One look in those brown eyes and you’ll be wrapped around his little toes which suits him just fine. Hermey is an agile little man who is ready for whatever his new family has on their schedule.

Hermey was picked up as a stray and taken to the pound. As you would expect, the pound is scary for a little guy like Hermey so when no one came to claim him, Pound Dog stepped in to take over his care and help him start his new life. Lucky for him and lucky for me because we’ve had a great few months together. Hermey is loving, loyal and intelligent and he is going to be a fantastic companion for his new family. He is also insecure, nervous and very sensitive so he needs a family with experience helping a dog overcome these hurdles. As I’ve been working with him in my home I can promise you that it’s totally worth it!

Before we go much further let’s talk about Hermey’s medical history since he’s been in rescue. When he arrived at my home he was coughing a lot to the point that he had no bark so we had the vet conduct some tests. Hermey has now been diagnosed with a collapsing trachea which, unfortunately, is not uncommon for Chihuahuas. Hermey is on a pill a day that has GREATLY improved the coughing, so much so that he is able to fully bark again. His new family needs to be committed to keeping Hermey as safe and comfortable as possible. This means that he benefits from a calm home where he is not pushed into too much agitation as it aggravates his condition. He is also a dog who walks using a harness that is rigged to his collar for safety. It’s important to note that in general, a dog with a collapsing trachea can live a normal life span with proper management and treatment. It will be important for his new family to work closely with their vet team to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to his needs and to monitor his condition closely. His condition does not seem to affect him other than the coughing and he is a joyful little clown who is going to be the next great love of someone’s life!

Hermey would do well in any home type as he is agile enough for stairs and generally pretty quiet. He can be reactive when he sees animals on the TV so you just need to be sure your neighbors are tolerant of occasional barking. We’ve been working on this but the little guy LOVES to watch TV so it’s a slow road. His biggest nemesis right now is the energizer bunny. Or cats – any type of feline. When he’s not watching TV from his nest of blankets on the couch Hermey can be found patrolling the yard or waiting not-so-patiently for some affection from me. He works those little Grinchy feet to hold my hand to his chest for the best scratches. He can come across as a confident man in these attempts but he’s actually very insecure and nervous of quick moves or pets that last too long. It’s taken time to learn his triggers and his behaviors but now that I know him we have developed a wonderful relationship. When he is pushed too far Hermey can be reactive which looks like lots of vicious sounding growls and quick mouthing. I’ve felt his teeth on me during these outbreaks but never with any pressure – so far, he has shown great bite restraint. And he has found a lot of confidence while he’s been living with me so these episodes are fewer but he is still growing and we can expect some regression when he moves in with his new family.

Hermey loves to patrol the yard and go for walks. Every blade of grass is a new opportunity to pee on something. When we are out walking he is curious about people and dogs but we keep our distance. He has shown little interest in the wildlife in the neighborhood and is happy to just trot along for as long as I want. His new family needs to be committed to getting him out to see the world – he loves a good lay on the couch but he has an adventurer’s spirit so he wants all the walks!

One of my favorite things about Hermey is his devotion to his people. This little man is going to bond strongly with his new family and that means company in the bathroom, a sous chef in the kitchen, and supervision in every other household chore. He loves affection on his terms and once he has developed some trust it’s easy to see when he starts to get uncomfortable. When he first arrived, I could not get anywhere near his back end but these days he enjoys a good butt scratch. He’s small enough that it’s easy to miss his body language if you’re not paying attention so his new family needs to be committed to working with Hermey on these points and helping him feel safe to find his trust and confidence. Another thing I love about Hermey is the way he prances around the house, especially if he is happy or excited about something. He hops and dances and play bows all over the place and it’s impossible to not fall in love with him every time.

Hermey was house trained when he arrived and will go to the door when he has to go out. The only accidents he has had in the house have been obvious marking behavior which have greatly improved. He had not had any accidents in the house in some time until the arrival of a new foster dog a few days ago which prompted another episode of marking. He will just need to be monitored when he gets to this new house to make sure he can be corrected before any accidents happen. He also took to the crate right away and happily rests in there with a treat. He gets a little upset if he’s in there while I am in the room, pressing his little feet on the bars and giving me his best puppy dog eyes. He sleeps in his crate at night without issue as long as he has sufficient blankets to burrow into and a cozy bed. Hermey has been a great passenger in the car as long as he is secured in a booster seat or with a seatbelt. He is very calm and settles right away.

Hermey has a coat that will require regular maintenance. As he is still nervous about a lot of things his new family needs to be sure they can handle this task or that he has a groomer who can handle his energy and keep him on a regular schedule.

Hermey is very good with selective dogs and can be a bit unpredictable with others. He is not aggressive or dangerous but his insecurity means that a friendly interaction can suddenly be too much for him to handle and he lashes out or makes inappropriate corrections. He sometimes instigates play but then can be pushed too far and become fearful and reactive. He would do best, as he gains his confidence and learns to trust, to be the only animal in the house. He has not had interactions with any cats but if his reaction to cats on the TV is any indication it would be a stressful environment for him and we don’t want that.

I’m sure it will not come as a surprise that we are also looking for an adult only home for Hermey. Children, with their unpredictable movements, will be too triggering for him. We cannot expect children to learn his subtle body language so they would just further his insecurity and distrust.

Hermey knows his name and some key phrases we use all the time. He is very smart and is one of those dogs who is so in tune with his person that he just seems to understand what you are saying and can deliver what you need. He is great to take treats gently and he’ll go into his create with a command and treat. Anything else will have to come from his forever family who will be required to enroll Hermey in a professional training class. His smarts and his love of his people and food will make him a great pupil!

Hermey was already neutered when he came into foster care. Since he’s been here he has had a dental cleaning with lots of extractions. He has about 15 teeth remaining and he does just fine! He is up to date on vaccinations and health tests and he is microchipped. He was not a fan of the vet which is not a surprise and they had to dig out their teeny tiniest muzzle for him. With me holding him they were able to get done what they needed but this will be something else his forever family can help him become accustomed to.

Hermey still has some learning and rehabbing to do and he would thrive with a new family who has some experience dealing with his behaviors. It’s easy to let these things slide with a small dog but Hermey deserves a chance to be a well-balanced boy so his family needs to be committed to working with him. A calm household without other animals will be best for him as he builds his confidence and will also be helpful to keep his medical condition under control. He is a lover on his terms so his new family needs to be able to give him space when he needs it and all of their attention when he’s ready for it. He loves his people, his blankets, his treats and his couch. If you have all of these things and need a new little man in your life then maybe Hermey is the guy for you! We’ll just be here in our blanket nest on the couch, waiting to hear from you…