Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

would like to introduce you all to the most loveable, fun going and wonderful mini bulldog Jughead.  Jughead is about a year old and is considered a “mini bulldog” which really just means a Bulldog /Boston Terrier mix.  He is a super lean and healthy boy weighing in at 30lbs, which is an excellent weight for him to keep him active and agile, and boy  is he ever agile.  Jughead is a really handsome boy, hes got some beautiful brindle markings interspersed with white which makes him quite stunning, but that doesn’t even compare to his personality.  This boy has quite the personality and is a very comical character.  He loves to be with you and follow you around the house, he also loves to jump straight up in the air to try to get up to your level, considering he’s a small dog he is able to jump about 3 feet high vertical as if it’s nothing – something tells me that Jughead would love to go to an agility class!

Jughead was taken in by Pound Dog Rescue when a puppy mill decided to shut down and get rid of all of their “stock” dogs.  It’s hard to say what kind of life he lived, he was in relatively good condition when he came to us, and he was not fearful of anything.  Jughead is a super personable dog, he is highly social and he loves all dogs, cats, kids and adults, he doesn’t discriminate on anyone.  He thinks that everyone wants to be his friend and he expects pets from everyone.  When we have had company come over it doesn’t even phase him and he loves to go and see everyone and treats don’t even need to be involved.  That being said, we are still working on his manners, as he does like to jump up on us and our house guests.  We have been working on this with him diligently and he has improved immensely since we first brought him into our home, but he does still have some work to do as he just gets so excited.  Because of his jumping, I would recommend a home with kids ages 8 and up, just so that we can avoid any littles being knocked over.

Jughead is fully crate trained and he goes into his crate to eat his meals, as well as to spend some time while the family is gone, sleeping, or if someone has some meetings at home.  Initially Jughead very much hated his crate and he would bark for hours, he has come such a long way and now he doesn’t bark 95% of the time.  Occasionally if he hears us going about the house he will let out some barks, but it is pretty short lived and he calms down and takes a nap again.  Overnight he doesn’t bark at all until the morning when he can hear us starting to stir, then he likes to let us know that he’s still in his bed.  Because he does occasionally bark in his crate, I would recommend a detached home just to avoid disrupting any neighbours.  While Jughead would certainly love to have a big backyard of his own, he does not by any means require it.  He would be more than happy with a smaller backyard, if it’s unfenced he thinks it would be even better because then you would be forced to go outside and hang out with him!

Jughead really enjoys going for walks and being able to stop and smell the flowers, as well as the rocks, light posts, trees, pretty much everything.  Jughead sometimes is great to just walk by your side, other times you have to really encourage him to keep following you, but he does walk extremely well on his martingale collar.  Jughead is pretty interested in absolutely everything he sees on his walks including people, dogs, squirrels, everything.  Like I mentioned above, he thinks everyone is a friend!  He is constantly wanting to meet all dogs and people to get some attention.  While he doesn’t bark at them, he does try to pull to go see them, so we have been working on correcting him when he does this and rewarding his good behaviour.  Jughead is extremely food motivated which means training will be an absolute breeze with this guy, even if he is a meathead, Ha!  It took all of 15 seconds to teach him to sit once I brought a treat out, so I have no doubts that training classes will be his favourite day of the week.  We expect Jughead to be enrolled into a basic obedience/ level 1 obedience at minimum, however I can’t stress enough how beneficial advanced levels of training would be for a dog like Jughead.  Bulldogs are notoriously stubborn, but continued training classes will help him really understand what is expected of him.  I also truly believe that Jughead would excel in taking some agility classes, he really loves to take running leaps through the air and to jump straight up on a regular basis.  Anyone looking to adopt Jughead should do their research into the breeds and be fully aware of the medical issues that can come up with these breeds of dogs so they can be sure that they can provide him with the necessary medical attention down the road if it arises.  Jughead has received a clean bill of health from the vet, but it is always best to be prepared for the types of health concerns that could arise for this breed down the road.

Jughead has been on a few car rides and he has done really well, his most recent car rides has been in a crate in the back seat, and he for the most part just laid down and enjoyed the ride.  Occasionally he would get up and whine a little bit, but as long as you talk to him he would settle fairly quickly.  I would consider Jughead to be more of a medium energy dog, he certainly loves his walks and he loves playing with the other dogs, but he also really loves his naps.  Jughead is currently being fostered in a home with many other dogs, and he loves to initiate play with them all the time, especially the puppies.  He enjoys wrestling, chasing as well as sharing toys, it’s really important that if he has another dog in his forever home that this dog want to interact and wrestle play with him.   Jughead would also be fine living in a home as an only dog as long as his exercise needs were met.   Jughead definitely loves to nap when playtime is over, and he’s a bit of a diva because he will not sleep on the floor, he wants to be up on the chairs or the couch to take his nap.  His favourite spot is on one of our chairs that has a pillow on it, he will either curl up on top of the pillow, or he will curl up beside it and use it as a pillow.  When we are in our TV room, the minute we sit down on the couch, Jughead jumps up and curls up with us.  He is a BIG couch potato and absolutely loves to lounge and will sleep completely carefree on the couch and just snore away…. Someone could break into the house and he wouldn’t budge if he’s asleep on the couch.  One thing about Jughead, his forever family must be able to tolerate snoring.  If you’re the kind of person that gets really annoyed when your significant other snores, maybe Jughead isn’t the dog for you.  When this guy is asleep he snores super loud and it is constant, you always know the moment he falls asleep, and he will snore the entire time until he wakes up.

Jughead is an awesome, well-rounded, super handsome boy.  He has been an absolute joy to have in our home and he has some awesome spunk.  If after reading the above you think that Jughead is the dog for you, then I would encourage you to look into his breed and consider submitting an application!