Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

Introducing this sweet puppy Karmela.  Karmela is a 2.5 month old Husky/Collie cross, with husky facial markings.  She will be a medium-large dog when full grown, and just a beautiful girl.  Her adult weight will be approximately 40-50 pounds but we cannot make any guarantees as she is a Manitoba mix and can have a number of other breeds mixed in .  Karmela has a beautiful caramel coloured coat, which is the reason she got her name Karmela (Caramel for short).  Just look at those cute floppy ears and her eyes just pierce through your heart.    

Please read up on both the Husky and Border Collie breeds to know that she will be the right choice for you. This combination of breeds you can count on her being very intelligent and athletic.  I can tell you that these trails are very prominent even now.  Karmela loves her training in-between play times already.  She is so smart, very attentive ‘alert’, sweet as well dramatic, affectionate and friendly.  So if you’re looking for a high energy, fun, loving and loyal four legged companion she may be your girl. 

Karmela came to her foster family home at 7 weeks old, with another puppy.  She was from a remote northern area in Manitoba, found wandering on her own so did not have the best start in life.  She is now on top quality food, has been vet checked receiving the proper vaccines for her age and has a good bill of health.  It only took her a few weeks to feel comfortable around us and her new environment.  She is loving having another friend (pup she came with) and some older foster sibling dog and humans.   

Karmela is exactly what you would expect of a Husky/Collie cross puppy, she is adorably goofy, friendly, super playful, and so sweet.  She’s a little energetic spark ball when its play/training time and a perfect cuddler and napper when you need that rest time or just need a little time to get things done.  Even though Karmela is dependent on her human company she doesn’t have to follow you around 24/7, she is able to nap well, even with noise around her.  She will literally fall asleep within 30 seconds of hitting the ground, as long as she gets the exercise she needs.  If you are able to fulfill all Karmela’s needs, you will have the best of her.  

Karmela is a highly motivated pup, she needs a great human leader to bring her to be that ideal dog everyone thinks about and wants.  This is why we are big believers in training classes.  We require all our rescues to attend beginner and level 1 obedience/training classes.  Karmela will not reach her potential if she doesn’t have daily training in her life, and what you learn in classes will be so beneficial to her and her family.  Her favourite part of the day is when we work on her training/commands and yes, it is because she loves her reward treats.  

Since Karmela is so young still we concentrate on her confidence, commands and behaviours.  We expose her to as many object, noises, obstacles we can around us.  We take her on little trail walks around are property and cottage, getting her to navigate around things, over/under things and just to explore ‘close’ on her own.  The whole time doing this we work on her recall ‘come’, which she is fantastic at.  She has the quickest and prettiest ‘sit’ I have come across and we have had a lot of puppy fosters come our way.  She will lay down ‘down’, and go back up to a sit from the down position.  She is currently working on shaking a paw ‘paw’.  

With being a puppy the behaviour we are constantly working on are the nippy of the hands, which is a normal thing for puppies.  

Karmela being the smart cookie she is has caught on to potty training pretty quick.  If she has an accident in the house, it’s by no means her fault.  Like all puppies she needs constant supervision and if she is not in your sight you will not pick up on her clue that she needs to go out potty.  Karmela is 90% housetrained now, she does go to the door and we are working on her to ring a bell.  When she cannot be supervised the crate is a great way to control no accidents.  

Karmela will sleep in her crate overnight and during day.  She would rather nap next to you if you’re on the couch, but she will easily also pass out in the crate.  Crate time especially at night will be something you might have to experiment with, right now she falls asleep fine but being in a new environment may take her some time to settle.  Just stay strong as she may have a tantrum and cry to get out, but that will only last a few minutes.  

Karmela’s perfect home will be one with energetic active humans who love her endlessly.  We believe she could go to a home with kids ages 8+ as long as they are well versed in appropriate play with dogs and involved in her training.   A well natured male dog in the household will be fine, she understands her boundaries with our two family dogs.  She doesn’t have cats in her foster home so can’t say how she will be, but at this age it will be more the cat to adapt then the pup.  Karmela’s ideal situation would be one where she can be with her humans for majority of the day, join them on their day excursions trips instead of being left behind.  At her age she will not be able to be in her crate for long periods, her bladder its just not mature enough.  If both family members work a full day you will have to work a schedule where someone comes home a few times during the day to let her out and give her a little playtime or walk.  It would just not be fair for this bundle of fun to be cooped up all day in a crate. Your floor boards or furniture will end up being her chew toy as she will not get the adequate amount of exercise.   

With Karmela’s breed she would need a fairly large fenced yard. Right now she has a large yard to play in, and does like to roam pretty much the whole yard.  Her favourite is to run from one end to the other, just because.  Karmela will help with any outside tasks you do, especially the gardening.  She is not a big digger just curious and gets in the way. 

Right now at Karmela’s age she gets short walks, just to expose her to noises and the leash.  She does however have lots of outside playtime.  Karmela will need a few long walks a day.  She also will likely be a great running/biking partner.  The best dog is a dog that gets the physical and mental stimulation they need. If you are working out of the house be prepared to take her for one of those walks in the morning before being put in her crate.  Kamela would love her humans/family to have a very outdoors active lifestyle. 

Karmela loves to play fetch, tug, run around with stuffy’s and chew on her nylon bones.  She also can keep herself occupied with her toys on her own. 

She has been on long car rides and usually will just fall asleep, as long a she gets a walk or play before hand. 

Karmela has not had a chance to be social with other dogs other than the ones she is being fostered with.  She does get startled when any dogs in the neighbourhood bark, which will change in time.  

Karmela is a good puppy, but a puppy none the less and puppies are tiring and need constant support while they grow and navigate the world.  Please be honest with yourself if you have the time and energy to focus on a puppy and properly train, exercise and socialize one.  Puppies are a TON of work and not everyone has the schedule, or energy or time to raise a puppy properly.  

Overall Karmela is the epitome of what you would expect of a Husky/Collie cross puppy.  She is smart, curious, sweet, fun, active and loyal, a companion animal through and through.  Karmela is going to make a family VERY happy and will be a great addition to anyone who has a lot of time and love to give.  We cannot wait to see Karmela in her forever home so that she can continue to give her whole heart to her humans.