Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.


This little firecracker is Lucia which is a name that means light, guidance and hope. It seemed a fitting name for a dog who brightens every room she crashes into. At 7 years old this little Chihuahua weighs in at 6lbs. She has a brilliant white coat with soft grey and tan markings, big ears and bright eyes. Lucia has a tail that won’t quit and a spirit to match and I’m so excited to share her with you.

Lucia found herself at the pound, surrendered by her family through no fault of her own. It was her luckiest day so far because she came into rescue in rough shape and in need of immediate help. She came to us emaciated with no muscle tone, she was untrained, unspayed and unvaccinated and she had a mouth full of rotten teeth. It was quite the laundry list of issues but over the past two months she has taken everything in stride as we work to correct this neglect and is now absolutely thriving in foster care. She is a joyful, playful, loving little dog who is looking for her perfect love match.

Lucia is a wonderful, easy dog to have around with just enough Chihuahua sass to keep her interesting. She loves to be as close to her people as possible and strives to make them happy. She is a confident little love bug who tries hard to be obedient while also insisting on having the last word! She is a typical Chih in every way and does very well with rules and structure. She is now at an appropriate weight, spayed and vaccinated and rid of those bad teeth. With about 10 teeth remaining she is often smiling with an off centred snaggle tooth that just adds to her charm. The lack of teeth is no problem for her and she is a great eater. Her remaining teeth have been checked and cleaned and her breath is puppy fresh. She has gained lots of muscle all over and is happy and healthy but possibly the clumsiest dog ever I’ve ever known. She seems to have zero coordination – especially between her front and back end. This doesn’t slow her down but it does make her a bit of a trip hazard so those applying for her should be sure footed! There is not a thing in my house that she has not slammed into or taken out, myself included! She walks well beside you but all of a sudden she will be tangled between your feet so caution needs to be taken. She was checked by the veterinarian and passed all neurological and orthopaedic assessments so we think she just has a strange gait that may be at least partially due to her lack of muscle and malnourished state. It has definitely improved as she has gained weight and muscle so it may continue to get better as she gets healthier.

Lucia is well suited to any living situation as long as you can carry her little 6lb body up and down a full flight of stairs as that’s still a bit too much for her. When she came here she couldn’t even make the jump up the first step into the house and she struggled with the tiny staircase up to the couch. Now she flies up both with ease and has even been seen jumping straight up onto the couch from the floor – a feat I would have thought impossible. She is a determined girl! She is also a girl who was never given any guidance or training so she is still learning how to be calm and quiet. In the home this is really just alert barking if she hears another dog bark or thinks there is someone at the door. When the noise stops she settle quickly (always getting the last word) but this is something to be aware of for her new family. As with any dog, she would love a yard, but it is not necessary for her as long as there is easy access to an appropriate place for her to relieve herself.

She walks very well on the leash aside from her normal uncoordinated weaving. She loves to be outside and enjoys small, frequent walks throughout the day and she is not a dog who requires a lot of exercise. She would love to be a walking companion and could easily improve her endurance through repetition. She could even do a bit of off roading as long as you’re watching to make sure she is still moving comfortably. She will also do her business in the yard if the weather is less than ideal. When out walking Lucia is still very barky when she sees people and dogs. And rabbits. Oh and squirrels. Leaves. Plastic bags. Cars. The wind. You get the picture. She has improved and will continue to improve with training it’s just obvious that no one ever took the time to teach her how to be calm. She is smart and eager to please and will prove fun and easy to train. But don’t expect too much progress around the squirrels – this seems to be a serious hatred, deeply rooted in some old family feud 🙂 Her reactivity seems mostly to be excitement and comes with lots of barking. Lucia would benefit from a family with experience training an excited dog who has spent her whole life without structure. She can learn new habits but her new family must be committed to helping her while still loving and accepting her as she is. She is sweet and stubborn and loyal and deserving of this second chance!

One of Lucia’s best traits is her love of meeting people. After meeting a new person out on a walk the next few minutes are spent joyfully skipping through the grass, high on the rush of making a new friend. Lucia also has boundless energy for play and blossoms in the attention and joy that it brings her. Until it’s time to snuggle or nap which she does with just as much enthusiasm. In typical Chihuahua fashion she LOVES to burrow in a pile of blankets and is even happier if those blankets are beside you on the couch – little Lucia is a lover of the couch! Her uncoordinated gait brings a smile to everyone and if you’re lucky you get to hear her grumble and snort as she goes. She likes to talk to you about her day and lives for the attention she gets as you talk back. She also enjoys being involved in whatever you are doing in the house and is my sweet little shadow. She is looking for a family who wants to involve her in every part of their life – she lives for her people.

Lucia has an easy maintenance coat that just requires a bit of brushing and she has been a willing participant in bath time – after all, it is just another way to get some attention. I have not had to cut her nails myself but I expect her to be as cooperative as she is with everything else. Lucia was very easy to house break and clearly had it mostly under control when she arrived. The only accidents she has had in the house have been due to gastro upset and she knows to go to the door when it’s time to go out. She lives with an older foster sibling which means everyone goes out quite regularly and she has not had to ask to go out often, but I have found her waiting at the door on more than occasion. With directed repetition I think this would be easy for her to grasp. She also took to her crate immediately and goes there to rest during the day as often as she climbs up to the couch. She sleeps in her crate at night and settles immediately, not making a peep. Right now she is crated in the morning and again in the afternoon with an outside break at midday. I think this is a schedule she could easily maintain. We get up early here but she always takes some extra coaxing to get going in the morning so she does not need this early morning schedule. Overall I think she will be very easily adaptable to a new schedule in her new home. Lucia travels very well in the car, immediately settling and resting for the duration. She can worry a bit and try to move around when you reach your destination so it’s important to make sure she is secured in either a booster or a crate for her safety. 

Lucia loves the other dogs in the house and has integrated well into the group. She picks up on social cues and is very respectful of the other dogs. She is just starting to attempt playing with her foster sister but she’s a bit awkward and they haven’t figured it out yet. It’s adorable to watch. She would be fine with another small dog of compatible energy and she would also be fine as the only dog, happy to be the centre of attention. She is reactive to cats when we are out walking and is untested with cats in the house. I think a dog-savvy cat who has easy escape from her would be fine. At 6lbs and with 10 teeth I think she would be easily outmatched by most house cats 😊

Due to Lucia’s size and her clumsy nature we are looking for an adult only home or a home with teenage children. She is very small and prone to slipping and tipping so we want to make sure her new family can be aware of her movements and watch out for her safety.

Lucia almost has a grasp on a few basic commands but this has not been the focus of her time in foster care. She is a dog who will greatly benefit from a structured training class and her new family has to commit to providing this experience for her.

As discussed previously, Lucia has overcome some health concerns while in foster care and is now healthy and ready to go. One of the things we discovered early on was that she was not getting any nutrition from a few of the different foods she was eating and as such she was not putting on weight. When we switched her to a food that offered a single source of protein she immediately started packing on the weight. She has put on almost 2 pounds since her arrival 2 months ago. Her new family needs to be prepared to provide this same food for her and commit to monitoring her weight with her vet team to be sure she stays at this optimum weight.  Her food is called Tripett and it’s the Lamb formula.  This food is a must for her so her new family must be willing and able to continue her on this as it’s the only food we have found that works for her digestive system and she does great on it and she loves it.

Lucia has been through a lot in her short life and she is ready to leave it all in her rear view mirror and spread her joy to her new family. She is looking for a family who will love her clumsy, talkative ways and offer her a safe and stable home to learn how to be calm. She is packed full of more love than should be possible for her 6lb body and, I promise, she will give you more than you could ever earn. We all love her here and will treasure the memories we have made in our time together. Are you looking for your next ride or die partner to have your back and lick your face? Look no further!

You can find more pictures and video of Lucia in her foster home on Instagram and TikTok @little_rubys_crew