Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

I would like to introduce you to Mina an approximately 8 year old, 24 pound Puggle—a Pug/Beagle cross.  Mina was a puppy mill mama who surprisingly did not show the fear that so many of these dogs do.  She entered my home with confidence and wandered freely, very curious sniffing her new surroundings.  I had a larger foster awaiting adoption and the 2 dogs got along well, mostly ignoring one another.  They never did play together but they would often end up having a nap in the same dog bed curled up butt to butt.  Mina recently met my neighbour’s cats and didn’t mind at all when Tucker rubbed up against her.   Mina is a very easy-going dog who gently meets other dogs and people on our walks.

When Mina first came she was a bit stiff legged and limped on her walks.  It was recommended that I add a teaspoon of herring oil to her morning kibble and in less than a week she was walking quickly with a bounce to her step and no stiffness and she was able to jump up on her favourite chair where we cuddle each day.  Mina loves being petted and cuddled.  She will gently rub on your leg or jump up if she wants your attention, a pet, cuddle or treat.

On our first few walks Mina tended to pull but when I walked her with my other dog who walked well on lead, Mina quickly learned to walk at my side without pulling.

Mina adores being outside and going for walks.  We go for 4 walks daily with a combined total of over 5 km.  At times she almost hippity hops while investigating open areas.  We do a longer walk first thing in the morning as it takes her awhile to do a full bathroom.

When the weather was warmer Mina would spend a lot of time outdoors on a 20’ tether in the backyard while I raked leaves and did gardening.  She would often sit by the sliding doors hoping to go outside more often.  As the weather became colder Mina, in her warm jacket, would tend to shorten our walks.  Once she had completed her bathroom she would do an about face and trot quickly back home and I had to speed walk to keep up.  She doesn’t mind the snow, just the bitter cold.

For the first few weeks with me Mina would be my shadow, laying nearby where she could see me.  After awhile she would go to another room to nap while I was busy elsewhere in the house.

Mina is highly food motivated.  She needed to lose a bit of weight when she came to me and we were able to take off a pound and a half.  She is now close to her ideal weight.  Mina needs to have her food and treats monitored in order not to gain weight.  She eats her food quickly and will continue licking her bowl after it’s empty hoping to find more.

Mina is quite independent and can be very focused when outside sniffing.  When she spots a squirrel or bunny she stops and won’t willingly proceed until the animal goes out of her sight.  

Mina is a smart girl but a bit stubborn.  It took her several weeks to learn to sit even with treats as an incentive.  She now willingly sits when asked and sometimes is already in a sit position when she sees me heading to the treat jar.

Mina had to be encouraged to go into her crate/kennel.  She refused early on but now goes in without any problem as long as a treat is given.

Chew sticks are something Mina loves.  Dentasticks are a waste of money since she eats one in about a minute.  She jealously guards her chew sticks and if you want to take it away you need to distract her with a treat and quickly remove it.  All treats should be given open handed as Mina can tend to grab at a treat given between the fingers.

Mina is a licker!!  When we cuddle she will lick my hands and face.  Sometimes when I’m on the floor doing my yoga practice Mina will come and want to cuddle and give me some licks.  Other times she leaves the room and ignores me.

Warning—When you come out of a bath or shower Mina will be right there licking your wet legs.  She loves hopping up on the bathtub to visit when I take a bath.  Solution—close the bathroom door.

The only toy Mina has shown an interest in is her kong which has treats inside.  She ignores other toys even balls which resemble her kong.

Lately Mina and I have been gently play wrestling and when she wants to stop she simply exposes her belly for a tummy rub.  She adores her ears rubbed as well as her whole body.  Mina has recently taken to rolling all over on her bed and waits for me to come and rub her.

Caution needs to be taken when opening an outside door.  Mina needs to be secured since, as a former mill dog she is a high risk for flight.

When Mina went in for her spay she displayed sinus arrhythmia.  We had an ECG done and it’s mild and will in no way restrict her from enjoying a full and active life.  It will need to be monitored and only really needs to be considered should she ever have to go under anesthetic again.  But Mina was spayed and then again had a dental surgery without issue, just extra monitoring.  Mina has had a dental and had to have several broken teeth extracted but now has a healthy mouth and she has no issues.

Mina has never barked in all her time with me.  She did a few minor whines the first week but nothing since.  She’s an amazingly quiet dog except for an occasional puggle snort or a quiet snore when she’s in a deep sleep.

Ideally Mina would love a home with a fenced in yard where she could explore and sniff at leisure in the warmer weather.  Mina would do well in an adult only home or with children over the age of 8.  She could easily be on her own or with a cat or another laid back dog.

Anyone looking for a quiet, gentle, independent loveable cuddler should consider Mina.  You also have to enjoy being outdoors and going for walks.