Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

It is my pleasure to  introduce you to the sweetest, bravest, cuddliest and most gentle boy named Stark. He is a 3 year-old apricot colored Moyen Poodle. Stark is medium in size and weighs around 20 pounds. Stark is super gentle, sweet, and absolutely loves to be around people. He’s always two steps behind you or leading you off to explore the new big world outside. He’s the happiest when he’s around people, whether that be following you around the house, napping beside you, getting pets, playing with his toys or exploring the great outdoors. The first day I met Stark he was very shy and unsure of everything, even being pet was new to him. But being the brave boy he is, he overcame a lot of his isolated past, wagged his tail and wanted to interact. Stark is definitely the perfect best friend, perfect company, perfect cuddler and perfect walking buddy.

Stark spent his first 3 years at a puppy mill to be breed and then eventually wasn’t needed anymore, but luckily Pound Dog Rescue came to his aid and welcomed him in so he can learn what doggy life really is all about, getting the love and care he deserves.  But this comes with learning a lot of new things and new environments for him that he is still getting used to. That being said he is still learning and is still a very shy and nervous dog that gets scared easily, especially of loud noises. Although he gets scared, he is very brave to come back and check things out.

Stark would do well in pretty much any home situation, whether a condo, apartment or a house as he is a medium sized dog and pretty quiet but would be best in a quiet house environment; although I think he would be happiest in a house with a fenced yard where he can run around and explore. One of Starks favourite things to do is run and be outside. That being said Stark is medium energy, calm and a quiet dog indoors. He will sometimes bark at things outside when he is looking out the window but he is very quick to stop barking when he’s called. He prefers to spend more of his spare time if he had a choice being outside on walks or cuddling. When it’s not nap time, you can find him following you around the house, or playing with his toys. He enjoys toys with treats stuck in them, or stuffed toys he can shake around. When it comes to food, he is a great eater but it took some time for him to get comfortable enough to eat. He needs a quiet environment to drink or eat as he will get startled easily with a noise and make it hard for him to eat or drink. We did learn Stark wasn’t used to eating out of a bowl and was a little scared of it. We used a flat dish but eventually conquered the scary bowl. 

Stark is not a fan going in his crate, although if there is food or treats in the crate he will gladly go in on his own. Once Stark is in the crate, he is calm and quiet and will just lay down. After his morning pee and once I am off to work, he spends his morning in the crate enjoying his breakfast. Stark is left in the crate until the afternoon but is taken out for potty breaks. Stark then spends the rest of the day outside the crate in the bedroom where he feels safe and secure or he gets to spend time in the office with our other family dog and a family member working from home. If no one is home Stark is left in his crate. He is still learning not to go potty indoors so he is watched closely when he is outside the crate, although he has only had one accident in the past two weeks. 

When I first got Stark, he was very scared and unsure of the world around him but just wanted to be as close to someone as he could. Stark came around pretty quick and was comfortable to explore the house the day he came. He even learned how to do stairs within two days of discovering them, he is great going up stairs but is still learning how to go down and he takes his time. I named him Stark after the super hero Iron man because I was so impressed with his braveness and how quick he learned new things in a new environment. Although it took time for him to come around and even be comfortable enough to sit down. For a while he was falling asleep standing up getting pets. He loves having the top of his head pet or his bum. Once comfortable he will sit or lay down but it took some time. 

Stark does love to be outside and would never turn down a walk or just going outside to pee, unless it is raining of course. Stark does not like the rain, or getting wet in the bath but he is still very good for baths. I think he would really enjoy a fenced in yard he can walk around himself or even run. We have been walking each evening for around 45-60 minutes, and sometimes a 20-minute walk in the morning as well. Stark is amazing on a leash, something that also impressed me. He is quick to come when called or when he feels a small tug on the leash. He will happily walk beside you most of the walk and the other part he will spend time sniffing and peeing on everything that smells good even if his tank is empty, he still tries. I do have to say he is a very quick walker and needs some reminders to slow down when needed. Stark is fine to walk past other dogs and people, he does not bark or pull for the most part he just keeps walking and will maybe turn around to check them out behind us but he responds well to “this way” or “come on let’s go”.  Stark is still getting used to the sounds and world around him so he gets scared easily especially on walks in a busier loud area, he will tuck his tail in between his legs and try to walk extra fast. I have been taking him to quiet areas to walk and slowly working our way up to a busier location. Stark would not do well in an area with a lot of traffic or other city noises, or where there are a lot of bikes, skateboards etc.  He needs a quieter neighbourhood as she is still learning about life outside of a puppy mill.  A rural area, small town, or quiet subdivision would do best by him.  Stark is also not a huge fan of car rides and gets a bit stressed out but he is quiet in his crate in the car. 

Stark is a very affectionate dog and comes for pets all the time as he just wants to be close to someone. He will greet you at the door after work with his tail wagging or sometimes his entire body and from then on, he will not want to leave your side. When he is excited or wanting attention, he does stand or jump on to your leg. He is still learning not to do this and a simple “down” and putting him back on all four legs but he is still learning and will require consistency, patience and some more training. Stark also likes to grab clothes on the floor and play with them as toys but is easy to a simple “no” or “eh eh” and a trade for one of his toys works perfect. Stark absolutely loves shaking his toys around, sometimes playing a bit of tug but he mostly loves to play with his towel, he will rub his entire body on it and rolls around before laying down on top of it. Stark will require a lot of patience and time when it comes to training and tricks, he gets very unsure and nervous when we are trying to learn new things. We have conquered “down” when he jumps up and puts his front paws on the table or counter. But we are working hard at getting the hang of  “sit” and it still needs some work. 

Stark is almost fully house trained and has had only one single accident in two weeks, but his last accident was on a very windy rainy day when he didn’t want to be outside. That being said his house training will have to continue with his forever family and he will have to re-learn in a new house setting as learning to only go outside is still new to him. Stark is still learning how to ask to go outside but I find he tends to pace a lot when he has to go. He is taken outside multiple times a day for a potty break. Stark will need lots of time and patience for him to come fully come around. Stark trusted me pretty quickly but it took him some time to get comfortable his surrounding enviorment and meeting new people. He can still be very nervous and does best in a quieter enviorment. Meeting new people and having company over can be a bit stressful for Stark when it is loud. When Stark gets stressed out, he shows it by having his tail between his leg, lots of pacing, panting and shaking. He is easily startled by loud noises. This will take him some time to get used to. 

Stark also crate trained as I mentioned earlier. When we are away from home, he is happy in his crate or a confined room that he is comfortable in and tends to have no accidents in those areas. He likes laying on mats, big fluffy dog beds or a couch if it comes with snuggles. He enjoys to snuggle his nose under the blanket and right up next to you when it’s time for bed. In fact he’s a little bit of a bed hog. I think he would do well in a home with another calm, gentle, well-behaved dog but it is not a necessity for him. Stark would do just as well being the only dog and getting all the attention and couch or bed space to himself. Stark is not being fostered in a home with any children or cats. But I believe he would do best in an adult only home or one with quieter children over the age of 10yrs as he is very timid to loud noises and busy environments tend to stress him out.

He has been such an amazing dog to foster, teach and show the world, walking buddy and even greater company. It was been so rewarding to him go from being scared exploring and meeting new people and getting more comfortable with me. Once he gets comfortable, he will show you his belly and will never say no to a belly rub, mostly on the couch or bed. He will also roll himself around before he climbs right on top of you and cuddles in, he is a perfect cuddler.  Stark is good with meeting other dogs. He is super shy with new dogs but is still calm. He doesn’t show interest in playing with other dogs and tends to do his own thing most of the time. Stark just can’t get enough love and affection but this has come with some protective growling when he is getting attention and another dog comes too close. Although he has been very good with training and has not had this issue recently but it is something to remember and continue to work on. He also tends to growl when another dog gets too close to his space when he is comfy on a bed or on the couch. This will require some training and if he is to live with another dog in his new forever home, they will need to understand to give Stark his space when he is in his bed. This being said it is very important to continue his obedience training and a requirement to attended dog school with Stark.

Starks new family should commit to continuing his obedience training to bring out the best in this smart dog as he has a lot of potential. As a final note, Stark visited the vet and is in good health. He had round worms which has been treated, he also had very dirty ears which were treated and will require cleaning maintenance and he will eventually need a dental cleaning but doesn’t require any dental work now. Stark will also require regular trips to the groomer. He was neutered and has fully healed, along with all this vaccines and microchip. 

It has been hard to write an adoption bio that encompasses all the aspects of this dog. Stark is such an amazing boy and keeps showing me more and more of his personality. He just wants to be by your side or outside walking. I cannot overstate how wonderful and this dog is and the company he gives. He might take some time to come around and learn the environment and trust. As he is still very timid, but with time patience, love and trust he will show off his personality. He is truly a happy loving dog and it has been an amazing experience to get to know, watch his progress, enjoy his company and teach him so much. His forever family will be incredibly lucky to have him and to give him the forever bond he is searching for.