Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

A quirky, comical, spunky, mischievous, and energetic little goofball…that pretty much sums up Veronica, affectionately known as “Ronnie”. This little firecracker is a beautiful, 11 pound, 6 month old female black Pug who has shenanigans and affection in abundance. You can never have a boring day, or a private trip to the bathroom, ever again with this little girl around. If that constant, hilarious companion is what you are looking for, keep reading…do we have the dog for you!

Veronica came to us from a puppy mill and she has not let those early days of neglect and no socialization hold her back. She might not have known anything about the world outside of a barn, but she is ready to take it on…or bowl it over like a bull in a china shop, whatever works! She is adapting beautifully to life in a home and exploring the outside world. She currently lives with a few dogs and although she is learning their cues about knocking it off a little, if she is to live with another dog they must be one that can match her energy and less than delicate play style. She is essentially a 6 month old puppy with an 8 week old puppy brain and life experience…she would be a lot for a laid back or older dog or cats who don’t have the patience of a saint. That being said, she will also be great as an only dog with a family that can focus just on her and her training. Young kids that could further amp up her energy or not know how to reinforce boundaries with her are not going to be a good match. Children over the age of 10 that can be consistent with her and follow through with training, however, would be a good fit…otherwise she will totally take advantage of the weaker links and make up her own rules. She is smart as a whip and can spot an opportunity in the blink of an eye.

Veronica displays the typical Pug tendency of wanting to be with her people as much as possible. Her whole world revolves around you and after a good play session to work out some of that puppy energy, she is absolutely a lap dog. If your personal space is something you desire, she is not the girl for you. Veronica now knows that people can be wonderful, and she just cannot get enough of them! She doesn’t however currently display any signs of separation anxiety, which is a blessing! When unsupervised or when her foster mom leaves the home, Veronica waits patiently in her crate with nothing more than some soft whining for the first few minutes, if she makes any sound at all. But once you come home, it’s game on! Veronica does still have a young dog’s bladder and so for this reason and the ones mentioned above, her ideal home will be someone that works from home or has the ability to be home with her throughout the day for a bathroom break. 

Being a young dog who is discovering the world, one of her favourite ways to learn about it is to put everything in her mouth…again, 6 month old puppy with an 8 week old puppy brain. She cannot be trusted to be unsupervised and be expected to not grab your favourite pair of shoes. The good news is she can be redirected easily, and she thrives with positive reinforcement, but you have to be good at supervising her to prevent bad habits from forming. If you are looking for a laid back dog that doesn’t require much of your attention, I assure you Ronnie is all puppy and will need your engagement and guidance to show her the ropes or again, she will make up her own rules and games that only she will end up enjoying.

Veronica travels well and is getting used to longer car rides. She meets people perhaps a little shyly at first and new locations take her a few moments to become comfortable in but she is gaining confidence more and more each day. You can quickly win her over with something tasty to eat and as long as you are with her, she will find her courage to explore new spaces. In fact, I have no doubt she will be a world class adventure buddy who is quite happy to sit on a patio in the summer while you sip a pint, and she charms everyone around her. 

Veronica is a very healthy girl with no health issues and a solid digestive system. She has no allergies that we have discovered and does she ever love her food! You will have to be the one to watch her waistline to keep 

it healthy because she would be happy to eat everything and anything, thank you very much. Also, she wants you to know that one of her favourite ways to fall asleep is to have her front paws and head on your shoulder while you pat her bum as if you are burping a baby. Yes, you read that right…she is SO quirky, it’s endearing!

She might be a bit of a whirling dervish sometimes, but Veronica is a constant ray of sunshine and although she doesn’thave a graceful or delicate bone in her body, she loves deeply and can be quite tender with her affection…of course, she can also be sloppy as heck giving you kisses, but hey, that’s just Ronnie and you’ll love her for every whimsical quirk she has.