Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. We at PDR believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the sweetest and most gentle girl named Agnes. She is an 8-year-old Basset Hound with soft black and brown mixed fur and some cute white spots throughout her body. Agnes is medium size and weighs around 45 pounds with a long body and a tail that never stops wagging. Agnes is super gentle, sweet, quiet and loves to be around people. I can’t say enough about how her tail is always wagging and she’s always two steps behind you, even if even her big ears get in the way of walking. She’s the happiest when she is around people. Whether that be curled up on the couch beside you or just following you around the house. The first day I met Agnes I could tell she was just looking for her forever person to bond with, she had no hesitation to jump up on the bed and immediately want cuddles and what I like to call her hugs. Which is when she snuggles right up to you and puts her head on your shoulder. Agnes is definitely the perfect best friend, perfect company, and such a loyal dog.

Agnes spent her first 8 years with her owner in Quebec who sadly passed away. Other family members were unable to give her the care she deserved. They surrendered her to a shelter and she was able to get some long overdue care. She had dental work done and updated her vaccines. She was on the last chance list but luckily Pound Dog Rescue came to her aid and brought her to Ontario so she can get the love and care she deserves with the right family.

Agnes would do well in pretty much any home situation, that being a condo, apartment or a house as she is low energy, calm and a quiet dog indoors and prefers to spend her spare time napping on the couch. In fact we have yet to hear Agnes bark. But she does have her cute little groans when she’s switching positions or trying to find that perfect spot on the couch. She enjoys puzzle games with treats or bones to chew on, but isn’t big into playing with dog toys. When it comes to food and bones, she does show some signs of guarding . She has been eating in separate rooms as other dogs and has been working very hard at learning her manners when it’s time to give her bone up. She tends to have a very hungry belly and likes to eat too fast it upsets her stomach. I have been giving half her food in a dog bowl flipped upside down and the other half in a slow feeder or puzzle game.

Agnes can be very stubborn to get into her crate but once in the crate she is happy and calm to just lay down. She spends the first 4 hours of the morning in her crate and once she is let out, she likes to spend her afternoon time on the couch or wherever her nose might take her. Sometimes her nose can bring her to the toilet bowl for a drink, or snacking on gross things found outside on her walks, so she does need close supervision on walks. That being said she prefers walks in the afternoon or evening, during her walks she spends most of her time sniffing, so this requires a lot of patience. We normally walk for 30-45 minutes every evening; she does tend to get cold easily so we are always walking in fashion with a cute jacket on. She does well with on leash and loves both wooded trails or walks around town.

Agnes is a very snuggly dog and loves lots of pets and attention. She will greet you at the door when you are home from work with her tail wagging at maximum speed. I can almost hear her saying “love and pet me, I missed you all day”. She will sit down and almost fall over asking for more pets. She is the happiest always being by your side, whether that’s following you around the house, sitting beside you on the couch or sleeping on the bed. She just can’t get enough love and affection. She enjoys to snuggle her nose under the blanket and right up next to you when its time for bed. In fact she’s a little bit of a bed hog. When she’s curious or hears a noise, she lifts those big ears up and does a cute sideways head turn and sometimes lets out a little groan. Agnes has been such a girl during her stay here, she is very well behaved when I clean her ears and feet and likes the pets and treats that accompany it. She is house trained and has not had a single accident. She is also crate trained as I mentioned earlier but is stubborn getting into the crate. When we are away from home she is happy in her crate but prefers a confined room that has a bed or couch of course. She isn’t big on dog beds, but how could you be when you have the entire couch and bed to snuggle into. She likes to sleep on the bed with someone at night. She has been such an amazing dog to foster and get to know and even greater company.

Agnes does okay with dogs her size as her foster brother is a bull dog, but can be jealous at times. Agnes does not get along well with dogs bigger than her, and would need careful introductions. She doesn’t show interest in playing with other dogs and tends to do her own thing. I think she would do well in a home with another calm, gentle, well-behaved dog that’s around her age but it is not a necessity for her. Agnes would do just as well being the only dog and getting all the attention and couch or bed space to herself. Agnes is well behaved with cats and tends to just ignore them. Agnes is not being fostered in a home with any children but I believe with her calm and gentle personality she would do just fine. She would love the attention of pets and belly rubs. With children around she would need to be watched carefully with any food as she is quick to steal food, even from the table.

When Agnes first arrived, she didn’t know any basic obedience but was very well behaved. She is still learning but knows “sit” if you are holding a treat in your hand. She also knows to come when you call her. Agnes’s new family should commit to continuing her obedience training to bring out the best in this smart dog.

Agnes visited the vet here in Ontario and had a lump removed on her left side and some more dental work done. As a final note, we are sad to say that Agnes tested positive for Lyme disease. Although this sounds like a scary disease, it is absolutely manageable and dogs with Lyme disease go on to live very full, active lives. Her previous owners obviously didn’t have her on the heartworm/tick preventative which would have prevented this. Good news is, she shows no negative signs or symptoms of the disease and the vet says that she has a perfectly normal life expectancy. Her adoptive family needs to be aware of her Lyme status and advise their vet of it and understand that she will test positive for Lyme’s every time she has her heartworm/lyme tests done. Our vet is more than happy to talk to prospective adopters about

Lyme disease and reassure them that she is a healthy and hardy dog regardless of her Lyme status. True to the basset hound breed, she’s got yeasty ears and skin. Regular bathing and ear cleanings will be a necessary part of her care routine.

It has been hard to write an adoption bio that encompasses all the aspect of this dog. Agnes is such an amazing girl. She has a personality that’s so gentle. She just wants to be by your side and getting as much attention as possible. I cannot overstate how wonderful this dog is and the company she gives. She is truly a happy loving dog and it has been an amazing experience to get to know her and enjoy her company. Her forever family will be incredibly lucky to have her and to give her the bond she is searching for.