Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

This dapper gentleman of a dog is looking for a family or person to call his own. Meet Bumble, who is approximately 6 yrs old, and is a very handsome Maltese cross. Bumble weighs around 14lbs and packs a lot of love into that little body. He is a puppy mill survivor who has a wonderful outlook on life and love after finally learning there is a whole wide world outside of the barn he has lived his years in. If you are looking for a sweet, slightly mischievous, loving, and affectionate companion, keep reading…he just might be your guy.

Bumble joined his foster home just after Christmas and although a little shy in the beginning, he has shown himself to be an easy and wonderful sidekick. In the home he is quiet and not destructive. In fact, the only time he has barked so far is when he lets you know in the morning that he needs out of his crate to go to the washroom. Although not an excessive barker, his bark can be surprisingly loud for a small guy, so he may not be best for attached living situations. He goes into his crate readily when his foster mom leaves the home and overnight for sleep where he rarely makes a peep until around 7am each day. When he came into foster unneutered, he had a tendency to exhibit marling behaviour but that has all but gone away since his neutering and with a regular bathroom schedule and supervision. His future family needs to know this could regress a little when he transitions into his new home while he learns his surroundings and schedule there, but he is a quick learner that is very much a people pleaser so he will catch on fast with his new family’s guidance. In his foster home, Bumble is housetrained and can be trusted to be unsupervised at this time.

Bumble currently lives with other dogs and gets along well with them, but truth be told he is all about his person/people. Bumble could just as easily live with another well-mannered dog as he could live as the only dog getting all the love to himself. He is learning about toys and has a few stuffies and a rope he quite enjoys. Don’t expect a game of fetch yet though, he’s still trying to figure out why you keep throwing away things you actually want to come back to you…in his mind, you threw it, he got it, it’s now his. No worries though, he shows zero resource guarding over his toys, he really just likes to keep his treasures to himself rather than bring them back at this time. He has quite the comical, playful side emerging and it is a joy to watch this coming to be. 

Outside of the home, Bumble travels well in the car. He typically curls up in the seat beside you and has only ever gotten sick one time. That was a car trip following a whole lot of treats and his little tummy staged a revolt. Bumble meets new people submissively and shyly, but not fearfully. He asks only that you give him a moment to come to you rather than reach for him and if you allow that, he will eagerly snuggle into your hand for some affection. He has even met a few children quite well but won’t be suited for loud and rambunctious children. He’s a sensitive guy and still startles at quick movements and loud noises, but he recovers quickly. The more exposure he gets to the world around him, the more confident he becomes. In fact, he is very happy to go anywhere with you, do anything you ask…as long as he is with his person, he’ll find the courage to be their partner in crime. He walks beautifully on leash but does not yet have a recall, so he must always remain leashed when outside of a secure yard.

In terms of health, Bumble came to us with atrocious teeth. He has had a full dental and only has his 4 canine teeth remaining. These are healthy at the moment, but they should be monitored regularly to ensure they stay stable in his mouth. Bumble also had long term ear infections that have since been cleared up. His family will need to ensure they regularly clean his ears but no worries, he doesn’t mind one bit and never makes a fuss when you are handling them. In fact, he was a rockstar at the groomer and the vet as he is an easy going, people pleasing sort of guy. Bumble does not have any diet restrictions and even with only his canine teeth left, he eats a top quality kibble diet with no issues.

Bumble has earned the moniker “Mr. Perfect” around his foster home for a reason…although he has a lot to learn about the world and has confidence to build, he is truly an easy, wonderful, laid-back companion that anyone would be lucky to have as a family member. He does warn you though, he likes to give you kisses…A LOT…so if doggy kisses are not your thing, he might not be the guy for you. He gets so much joy out of showing you affection, it’s hard to ask him not to do it. 

If you are looking for a “Mr. Perfect” of your own, you might have just found him. Dorp us a line, we’d love to know more about you and the life you have to offer Bumble. We promise you will never regret bringing this wonderful guy home.