Jelly Roll


Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

Introducing Jelly Roll! This handsome man is an approximately 2 year old neutered male Golden Retriever. He has lovely long red-golden fur the most expressive brown eyes. He is currently about 70lbs, and while he is full grown, he is underweight and we are working on getting him to his ideal weight. He is making it pretty easy as he loves his food! He has a large head, a brown and pink nose, and the slightest underbite. This boy could be a cover model.

Along with his good looks comes an amazing personality. He is the sweetest dog and loves affection. He will happily bound up to greet you at the door when you return home. He will paw at you occasionally if you forget to pet him. He gets along well with everyone that he meets – humans and animals alike. He is very friendly and respectful greeting new people, usually with a “sit” at your feet and a submissive tail wag. As he gets more comfortable he will give you more attention and expect more in return! Once he has received his desired amount of affection, Jelly Roll can be found curled up at your feet, on a dog bed in another room, or enjoying the fresh air. He loves his people, but isn’t too clingy. 

Jelly Roll had a rough start to his life. He was discarded by a puppy mill, and he is one of the few male dogs that get out at an early age. Everything about being a pet dog and companion was brand new to Jelly Roll. He wouldn’t walk at all for us and needed to be carried (yes, all 70lbs of him) for the first few days. He has quickly been coming out of his shell and showing us the amazing dog he is. Things that initially terrified him now just spook him, and he is improving every day. Abrupt movements (especially above his head) and loud noises can still make him flinch, but he no longer bolts and hides as he used to. 

Jelly Roll is being fostered with other dogs, a cat, a rabbit, and 2 kids. He loves engaging in bout of play with his canine foster siblings and gets along very well with both male and female dogs. He is curious of the smaller animals but really doesn’t bother with them. He adores his 2-legged foster siblings and is very gentle with them. He will soak up any attention he can get from them and loves cuddling and gives kisses. On occasion he will get a little too excited during play and has knocked over the toddler, so any children in his future home should be sturdy and comfortable around dogs. He is a playful puppy after all!

Once Jelly Roll bonds with his new family, he will excel in training and obedience classes. He listens well in his foster home to the person he is closest to. He is house trained and is able to go through the night without going outside. He is working on leash training and has come a long a long way. He is walked on a martingale collar, and this is imperative in his new home as he can still spook easily on walks. He is food motivated, so a treat pouch when walking and during training will go a long way! He does not love his crate and does try to dig out of it, so we have learned it is best to not have to crate him for long periods of time as a water dish will likely get spilt! He is a very quiet guy most of the time and usually only barks when he is ready to come back inside. He will require a family that is home more than away so that he doesn’t have to spend long hours in a crate.  He would not do well in a home where his people are away for a full workday.

Now, a dog this great is made extra lovely because he does have some physical issues and medical issues, so let’s get his medical history out of the way. At his vet visit he had his routine blood test done and it showed he was positive for Lyme disease. This means Jelly Roll was bit by a Lyme positive tick at some point in his life. He is asymptomatic, and after follow up testing was done, it has been determined he does not need any treatment for this. In the future he will likely test positive again on his yearly blood work, but it should not affect him in any other way. His family will have to be very committed to heartworm/flea/tick preventative every year.  He can’t risk another disease or infestation.   It was also noted that he has very poor range of motion in his legs, especially his front legs. X-rays were taken and showed he has significant degenerative changes in both of his elbows, as well as hip dysplasia. This is likely from the incredibly low quality diet and poor housing conditions he was raised in. As of now, he is pain free and happily jumps around like a puppy. He is very stiff in his front legs as his elbows do not extend properly, so he does have a bit of a wonky trot/run. He does not currently require any medications or surgery. It is imperative that Jelly Roll kept on his high quality diet, has added supplements for his joints, and gets exercised regularly. It is incredibly important to ensure that Jelly Roll remains an ideal weight and never becomes overweight as this would put additional strain on his joints. This diagnosis means his mobility could decline as he ages and he could require medical intervention earlier than most dogs would. Anyone interested in Jelly Roll needs to have an understanding of his medical issues and be prepared for the potential future costs of treating a dog with Degenerative Joint Disease, as well as be able to physically support a large dog if needed.  A daily pain management medication will be needed when he is older, at best, but he may require surgical intervention or other medications should his condition deteriorate further.  He also likely wont be comfortable doing long flights of stairs when older so this needs to be a consideration.

Jelly Roll’s ideal home could include other dogs, small pets, and children as he loves to play but has a sweet, calm nature. His forever family should be moderately active and enjoy the outdoors as much as he does! He should have a fenced in yard as he loves laying out enjoying the fresh air. They should have prior experience with a dog with degenerative joint disease or have done sufficient research to ensure they are adequately prepared. Jelly Roll is a big teddy bear who loves to cuddle and receive affection. He deserves a loving family who can continue to show him how great life can be.