Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

Hello, my name is Fido.  I am a 4 month old Black Lab mix and I am unique in that I only have 3 legs . But don’t let that discourage you from considering me for adoption. I can run, jump, pounce and play just like any other puppy, except I do it all on 3 legs. I was born with a deformed front limb that hindered my ability to move around so it was felt that my life would be easier if my leg was removed. It was a tough go at first, but I have recovered beautifully and now can run full tilt and even pounce and jump on my larger dog playmates in the park. I am a very lucky puppy because me and my litter mates were puppy mill discards and I was able to find a rescue that would take me on even though I was going to require surgery for my limb. 

My foster mom tells me that I am gorgeous and have the most stunning eyes and glossy black coat. I am very friendly and love to be petted and cuddled by almost everyone I meet. She also tells everyone that I have been a very easy dog to foster because I learn very quickly and although I am only 4 months old, I will be graduating soon from Level One obedience classes at Elite Dog training. I only have one more class to go and so far I am doing great. I understand the commands sit, look at me, down, wait, stay, come, leave it, drop it, close (heel) and settle. I will also go into my crate on command and here is the best part of all, not only am I housebroken, but I ring a dog bell to go outside. I am also learning a couple of rally obedience moves like get in, and get around. My new family will need to take me to training to reinforce what I have learned and more so that I will grow up to be the best behaved dog ever. 

My favourite things to do are hunt and eat bugs, play with balls, chew on my toys, play with other dogs, meet people and go for rides in my puppy wagon. My foster mom got me a wagon to ride in because I couldn’t walk very far before I had my l had my surgery and I needed time to recover after my surgery. She wanted me to be able to meet people, socialize and enjoy other stimuli other than playing indoors. I was too heavy for her to carry around. I took to my wagon the first day and even though I can now get around on my own, I still want to climb in my wagon if we go for long walks as I need to build up my muscles.  Walking with only 3 legs can be tiring for a young pup. Also, as I am still growing so it is best not to put too much stress on my joints. My playtime with other dogs is also limited to shorter durations. 

I was afraid of rabbits when I first went into foster care (I encountered 3 scary ones, two domestic and one wild bunny) and would run from them and tuck tailbetween my legs, but I have a lot more confidence now so maybe I won’t be afraid anymore. I have not had any experience with cats, so I don’t know if I would like them or not. I do love to play with other dogs, but as I am very enthusiastic and can be a bit rough, I can only play with bigger dogs that are not bothered by my rough and tough play. My long tail that wags like crazy is also a dangerous weapon as it  can sweep objects off a low table and send and send them flying. 

You probably want to know a bit about my personality. Well, I am a pretty chill little dude that can be taken anywhere. I ride well in the car and I am not stressed by new situations.  In fact I thrive when there is a lot of activity. I love to go to Canadian Tire and ride around in the cart where everyone comes to pet me. I crate very well and can be put in my crate in places where I should not be running around and I do not complain. (Except if I need to go to the bathroom, then I will whimper to be let out.) And did I say I am very affectionate and love hugs and cuddles? Yup thats me. All round happy go lucky kind of guy. I sound kind of perfect, however

I should let you know, that even though I am doing well with my training, I am still a puppy after all and I can get into trouble if unsupervised.

 I like to steal things off the coffee table and sometimes will try and chew on things other than my toys. I know I am only supposed to play with my toys but sometimes I get bored of them. Then I might start to bark and growl at you to try and entice you to play with me. I can get nippy in this mode but I am learning that this is not acceptable behaviour. My new family should continue to remind me to settle when I get a bit overzealous because while this may seem cute now,  I am going to grow into a big dog.  I am also still learning bite inhibition and love to take a nip at legs and hands. Therefore I would not be suitable in a home with small children since they are just funny looking puppies to me.  I could do well in a home with children over 8yrs of age who are dog experienced and the adults are very aware of the need for constant supervision around dogs and kids.

Unlike some labs, while I have a good appetite, I won’t overeat and I am picky about my training treats. Those healthy artisan dog biscuits are not really my thing. I prefer smelly treats, like cheese, dried liver bites, crispy fish skin, and meaty treats like Rollover. You can give me leftover chicken and fish because those are super good too! Yum! 

If I could have the perfect forever home, It would not be one where I was adopted because it would be a novelty to have a 3 legged dog or you feel sorry for me.  There is nothing to feel sorry for, I am doing great!!  I want to be appreciated for all I have to offer. Smart, laid back, super cute, inquisitive, go anywhere kind of dog. I would love to be with a family because I like lots of people around. And although I can’t run marathons, I do need regular exercise and mental stimulation. My new potential family should familiarize themselves with the challenges of having a 3 legged dog, so they can be prepared especially when I get older. I am going to be a big boy so as I age I may need help getting into cars and up and down stairs, that sort of thing. It is also important that I not be allowed to become overweight as this would put a lot of extra strain on my front leg. If you have considered all of this and would like an easy going, easy to train, most lovable pup, then I am looking forward to meeting you and licking your face. 

A note to potential adopters. Fido is too young to be neutered at this time. He will need to come back to our vet in Cambridge to have this done at a later date. Therefore we need a commitment from his forever family to return him to our vet to be neutered when the time comes. Fido’s adoption will be conditional on this commitment. Our vet is in Cambridge and therefore we will only consider a home for his that is within a reasonable distance (within an hour of Cambridge) that can accommodate a drop off and pick up there to have his surgery done