Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

Meet one of the most adorable puppies EVER, Reesie.  Reesie is a 16 week old Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever/ Poodle mix) puppy who is about 25lbs, and growing quickly.  She will be a big girl (50lb + full grown) and the way her fur grows she will have a beautiful shag to her.  She has the softest wavy golden/tan coat, a fluff ball.  Reesie came into the care due to being discarded from a local puppy mill.  The family/persons that eventually adopts  her will be so lucky to have this girl that beams with confidence and has quite the sweet, spunky personality.  She will be up for anything and everything with her new family/persons.  Reesie is very active, happy, and a loveable puppy.  She will bring much love into the household.   

Reesie’s absolute favourite things in life is loving humans, being loved, and food and not necessarily in that order.  Reesie is exactly what you would expect from a Goldendoodle puppy, she is adorably goofy, friendly, super playful, and so sweet.  She’s a little goofball who wants to be the center of attention.  She loves to be involved and often if I’m in the middle of something a little fluffy head will poke in just to check to see if I need any help and if you’re sitting on the couch or chair she will situate herself right on you.  Reesie has three modes: asleep, awake but cute and cuddly, and pure playful puppy!  

Doodles are mixed breed dogs and therefore exhibit a spectrum of behaviours that are present in the breeds of their parents, however there are some behavioural characteristics that are very common that people should make note of.  First, Doodles have a tendency to be very social dogs that do much better with their people around and engaged with them more than not.  A Doodle that is left alone for long periods of time regularly can develop depression, anxiety, become obsessive about certain activities and these can result in other destructive behaviours.  Doodles also have a tendency to be high energy dogs that need an abundance of mental and physical exercise, especially as they are growing into adulthood. These are not couch potato dogs that are content with a few short walks a day.  If you have a more laid back lifestyle and are a homebody, a Doodle will NOT likely be a great match for you.  They are very intelligent dogs who like to work, so taking them beyond basic training is highly recommended to help them live their best life.  They like to push boundaries and challenge you and many Doodle owners have claimed their dogs are always two to three steps ahead of them!  

I would like to make very clear here that Reesie is NOT hypoallergenic.  She is a “Goldendoodle” which means she is part Golden Retriever, a shedding dog.  Her fur is so soft and fluffy and it’s impossible to not bury your face into her to give kisses.  If you are allergic to dogs and expecting to do this without sneezing you are out of luck!  She will not be a suitable dog for allergy sufferers, sorry!  Reesie also requires regular brushing as his fur will easily mat up if not kept up.  Regular trips to the groomer to keep her nicely trimmed will also be required.  There is quite a bit of upkeep with this coat type and it can become a huge mess quickly so the time and energy to keep up this type of coat will have to be taken into consideration as well.  This is quite the undertaking and not something everyone wants to take on or has the time or desire to do.  If you have the time and will to take on a big commitment, then Reesie just might be the right girl for you. 

Reesie is a very smart dog and a quick learner, she is doing a fantastic job with house training, sleeping in her crate at night and has the basic commands under her.  Though she is very young she has caught on to going to the door when she needs to go potty.  She loves knowing she will get a treat after.  Her new humans will need to stay on top of her housetraining so she can continue with her progress.  She is not very happy with her crate time during the daytime, we work on this daily and are finding that a routine is the way to go with her.  Her picking up on training is going very well, she knows the commands, come, sit, down, paw.  Consistent work is need on commands, so her new humans will need to dedicate time for this many times throughout the day. 

Reesie’s perfect home will be one with humans who are not away for long periods of the day.  She can be left alone for short periods, as she does have separation anxiety.  We are working with her on this daily so that when she is ready to leave to go to her forever home she will be better.  Even though she does not like her crate during the day she has no problem sleeping in it a night/bedtime.  She does have, and likes her night routine, getting some quite cuddle time before hand.  She can sleep 6 hours through the night, as long as she does her duty right before bed.  You will need to be patience with her not wanting to be in a crate especially during the day. She just wants to be with her people so much and with her energy level for her to have to hold that in for long is just not fair to her.  

With the energy Reesie has and the amounts she runs around now as a pup, a large yard would be important.  I can see playing fetch will be a big part of her life and she would love to be able to do this in her own yard.  As well will be a great helper with any yard work, or just lazing around with a toy or bone.  If she does not get outside enough she will be like a toddler in the house and grab anything just to keep busy, will definitely keep you on your toes.  If you try to be stern with her she looks at you with those big loving eyes that melt your heart, so you will need to be a strong leader.  You will realize very quickly why the proper exercise will be a must.  Reesie will require her people to be very active and athletic as she is going to need a good amount of fast paced exercise as she matures into an adult dog.  She is not a dog that will be content with simple walks, this is a dog that requires running, hiking, dog sports etc in order to be sated.  She needs this daily outlet of physical activity in order to be a happy, well-adjusted dog.  If you aren’t already a very active, outdoorsy, and all weather type of person Reesie won’t be the right pup for you. 

Reesie could happily go to a home with children age 8 or older.  Reesie still hasn’t totally learned how not to nip and chew and though her nibbles to us as adults are quite soft, for young children it could be painful.  That being said Reesie would make a fantastic companion for a family with older children as she is lots of fun and has a wonderful playful energy.   Reesie is in a home with two foster siblings, that she is smitten with.  She would do well in a home that has another playful dog that is male.  She is a very confident female pup and will not enjoy sharing her home space with another female dog; there can only be one queen in the palace!!  She is still learning her boundaries and is growing fast so a dog that will be a larger dog like her when she is fully grown is best, one that can handle a spunky pup bothering them.  Her forever family will need to be confident with a large adult goofball of a dog.  It’s hard to say how she would behave around a cat but likely she would be her playful self and not know how to read the cats signals.  She would need to be taught appropriate behaviour around a cat 

Reesie has done fantastic with her training so far, but as we all know she is just a puppy and will give your patience a workout when she gets into a lovable goofy mood and inevitably breaks rules that she knows she’s not supposed to break.  Reesie’s future family/people must be calm and diligent with correcting her behaviour and giving her lots of praise when she does the right thing.  Reesie LOVES making her humans happy and loves being praised, will sit in front of you with a hug smile.  She has conquered the come, sit, lay down commands.  While working on her commands daily, we will also introduce a new command every second day, she is now working on shake and pretty sit.  Her favourite command is ‘come’.  Out of all the puppies we have fostered I have not seen one react so fast and be so proud as Reesie when she is called.  She will make her new family/people so proud to have her by their side.   

Even though she learns fast we want to remind potential adopters that she is very new to the world and so she needs guidance and support.  She is a good puppy, but a puppy none the less and puppies are tiring and need constant support while they grow and navigate the world.  Having previous puppy experience, or experience with a high energy dog would be a great asset for a potential adopter.  

Reesie likes going on walks with her foster siblings by her side and alone, but she is not fond of the leash attached to any of them.  Periodically she will jump up and try to pull it.  Her zig zagging is still going strong.  We love taking out our puppy fosters on big adventures, so they are introduced to many things in the environment, like noises and objects.  The adventures teach them to problem solve by having to navigate over/under/around obstacles like, logs, water, branches etc.…  It helps to build their confidence and build a trusting bond with their humans, which always make for a well round behaved dog.  Once Reesie is older she will need a few long walks a day.  One of these walks could be substituted with a jog/bike/or hiking or a big play in the backyard with her humans interacting.  She is fantastic on fetch, brings it right back to you for her next throw.  If she gets the needed amount of exercise physical and mental she will be an outstanding girl.  In between her physical exercise she does love her mental stimulation play time, which is her training as well sniffing/finding games.  If she plays hard she will crash hard, which will be one of your favourite times with her as she loves to snuggle and cuddle.  She will lay right on your lap, belly up and rubs will put her right to sleep.   

Overall Reesie is the epitome of what you would expect of a “Goldendoodle” puppy.  She is loving, goofy, and super sweet.  She is clingy and curious and a companion animal through and through.  Reesie is going to make a family/people VERY happy and will be a great addition to anyone with an active lifestyle who has a lot of time and love to give.  We cannot wait to see Reesie in her forever home so that she can continue to give her whole heart to her people.