Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. We at PDR believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

Looking for a sweet, gentle, easy-going companion who loves to relax in her dog bed under a blanket, almost as much as she enjoys slow, steady walks full of sniffs? Then look no further; meet Gloria! 

Gloria is a 5 year old Cocker Spaniel with a creamy blonde coat and adorable little white speckles nestled atop the fur of her snout. She has been recently spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. She is a medium sized dog, weighing 32 pounds, but she is working on trimming up with weight management food and the benefits of regular exercise.

Gloria’s potato-like frame is certainly not her fault; you see, before coming into our care, Gloria was used for commercial breeding purposes and had little to no socialization or exercise. Everything she is experiencing is new, but she’s been brave and trusting the world more with each day! Despite her fears, she is the most gentle and calm soul and has never shown any form of fear aggression. 

Gloria would be suitable for a mellower family with (or without) kids over 8, and with (or without) another mature, calm dog in the home. She is a low energy “Glo”-with-the-flow kinda gal and will be good in a condo, town, or detached home. She is sometimes startled by loud noises or sudden movements, so a quieter home is best. If her adopters have a yard, it should be fenced, as she – like many former mill dogs – is a flight risk.

Gloria was excellent when introduced to another dog who had a similar calm, mature temperament. After a good “pack walk”, the two dogs were snuggled up a couple feet apart, snoring away together. However, Gloria can get scared when big, high energy dogs barrel towards her or when certain large dogs frantically bark at her as she walks by their property. For this reason she will be suitable as an only dog, or as an addition to a home with another mature, lower energy dog(s).

Gloria passed her cat test, and was happy to hang out at a friend’s house with two cats present. Neither the cats, nor Gloria, bothered with each other, and all animals enjoyed their afternoon while respecting each other’s space.

Throughout the day, you can find her resting quietly in her dog bed, occasionally looking up to curiously observe her surroundings, with her eyebrows doing a cute little dance as she scans the room. Gloria could spend hours just snuggling on your lap or resting her head between her curly, fluffy paws. Her paws kind of look like platypus feet – they are adorably wide compared to her slender legs.. no wonder they are comfy to rest her head on! 

Adopters will need to be able to lift her (~30 pounds) in a couple scenarios, like when she’s reluctant about leaving her crate or going up the stairs after her walk. This should subside with time and as she increases her confidence, which is improving already. When she first arrived, going down stairs was terrifying and required assistance, but now she is trotting down them like an old pro!

Gloria walks like she’s on a slow but steady mission, and once she gets off the couch and out the door, she really enjoys walking and has excellent leash manners! She walks beside you, doesn’t pull, and is unphased while passing other dogs. She becomes totally puppy-like when she discovers a fresh snow pile, delightfully burying her nose or body in it!

Gloria is house trained but doesn’t yet know how to signal she needs to go out; she’d rather hold it all day, so taking her out at regular intervals is best. She takes her time to find THE perfect spot to do her business, even if her last pee was the night prior. It may be a while before she’s comfortable quickly relieving herself in the yard – for now, she is quite particular about the perfect time and place to do it.

Gloria really likes her crate and it is her safe space, along with her dog bed. She is happy to silently sleep in it while nestled in blankets, or hang out in the crate when her humans aren’t home. It’s like her sanctuary!

She is fond of her chill time, so she isn’t always sold on leaving the crate or her bed when it’s time to walk. With some encouragement and lightly lifting her to her feet, she will get moving, but her family should be prepared that she may need to be carried to the door to show her that it’s time to go outside. Once she’s actually outside, she’s ready to rumble!

Barking is not a problem with Gloria. She has been quiet as a mouse when people knock at the door or there’s commotion indoors or out.

Gloria is a “passenger princess” in the car and will calmly ride along and hang out, sometimes even napping in the back seat! She is nervous before getting into the car and needs to be lifted into the SUV. Once she’s in, she has a tendency to relax & fall asleep, especially when cheesy 90s ballads come on.

Gloria accepts her treats very kindly, gently licking the palm of your hand to scoop up her snack. She has not shown any resource guarding whatsoever.

We have no doubt basic commands will be learned with some more time. As an example of how intelligent she is, she taught herself to stand quietly at the front door after coming inside from a walk, patiently waiting for her gear to come off. After removal, she toddles over to her dog bed to settle back in.

Gloria is good about meeting new people. While shy about strangers approaching her, she simply backs away if she’s not feeling it. She warms up faster when friends enter the home, knowing that they have the stamp of approval from her guardians! She will gladly accept behind-the-ear scratches from them while slowly closing her eyes.

Gloria is a super sweet, mellow gal who shows a ton of promise and will be a great cuddly companion. She will make a fabulous walking buddy for a family/person who likes to get outside for fresh air a few times a day. She will make you laugh with her puppy-like delight when discovering interesting things along her walks, and will melt your heart when she falls asleep with her big curly ears flopped across your lap.  She will be a great addition for a family that is looking for a calm, gentle, sweetheart!