Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

This handsome dude is Greg and he is a 6mth old Labrador Retriever boy who will easily weigh 65lbs plus when full grown.  Greg came to us as an unsold puppy mill pup. He spent 5mths of his life getting no socialization, exercise or proper care.  You would never know it though as Greg is one of those “never had a bad day” types and is a happy, gregarious pup who is excited by everything life has to offer.   Greg is the extrovert of his foster family and is a healthy, happy and friendly Lab boy who would love to join his forever home for his happily ever after!

Greg is a total love of a dog and is very people focused. Now don’t get us wrong, he is all about the fun to be had and adores being outside with a world of sniffs and sights around him, but he is also quite the cuddler and sucky and loves nothing more than to lie on your lap and fall asleep after a good day of smelling stuff.  Greg also really enjoys meeting new people and getting the attention from strangers who are just friends he hasn’t met yet.  Greg is a social dog and really enjoys new places and meeting new people.  He can be a bit unsure in new environments but this doesn’t last long. The more he gets exposed to the world around him the more confident he will become. 

Greg adores being outside and running the yard constantly playing and exploring.  Greg has asked for a home with a good sized fenced in yard where he can spend a good amount of time each day. He loves his outdoor time and always finds new things to sniff out or get into.  He also loves having outdoor toys to flip about and run around with. He is a big puppy and gets a lot of joy from playing.  Although he enjoys leash walks, he does need the ability to run free in his fenced yard as this is such a joy for him.   He is a generally quiet dog and rarely barks which is very nice!  He is very quiet in the home as well and doesn’t cause a fuss.  Greg is a very easy dog to live with.  He doesn’t ask for much, just some toys, good food, and to be pet and fussed over.  Greg is working on his housetraining and needs to be let out regularly and for his people to supervise him and be proactive about getting him out. He doesn’t know how to signal that he needs to go so his family needs to be on top of this and keep an eye on him.  He is much better  than when he 1st arrived and he will only continue to learn proper housetraining in his future home with people who are on it and don’t ignore him or wait for him to let you know he has to go.    He is also crate trained and is crated whenever we aren’t home and at night time.  He is too young and mischievous to be left out in the home without supervision at this age.  Greg is very good in his crate and goes in eagerly for a treat. 

Greg requires a home with a large fenced yard so won’t be suitable to most apartment or condo settings.  He can go to a home with or without another dog.  He is a friendly sort, although a bit too enthusiastic when playing with other dogs.   He would do well with another large,  playful, confident dog to buddy with and cuddle with when the play is done.   The other dog would need to be one that enjoys wrestling and boisterous play.  Greg will be too much for a timid dog, elderly dog or a smaller dog or any dog that is submissive or easily bullied.  Greg can also be the only dog and get all of the attention and he would be happy as well. Greg lives with cats in his foster home and does well with them. The foster’s cats are very dog savvy though and don’t run from dogs or react to them at all. If a cat were to cause a fuss or run, he would certainly chase.  So we can only consider a home for him with a cat if that cat is VERY dog savvy and won’t react to a new dog in the home at all.  Greg also is keen on getting into kitty litter or the cat food so there would be a need to have these items in areas where he cannot access.  

Greg is a big oaf and is very clumsy.  He has a good nature that would make him suitable with a home with children, but he doesn’t know his size and he is still learning about mouthing and chewing and not to jump up, so best he go to a home with children over the age of 7yrs who are very comfortable around large dogs.  Greg will just be too much pup for younger kids.  

Greg is a character!! The word gregarious suits him well; social, outgoing, friendly, a liking of companionship.  Greg has never met a person he didn’t like! Greg can be a bit of a bull in a china shop type and when excited he forgets himself and can become jumpy.  But in the home he is generally quiet and calm. Its only when it is feeding time does Greg race down the hall and get really excited.  Greg loves his food and finds feeding times very exciting!!  Greg is also one to try and steal food if left out so proper food storage needs to be in place.  He will also steal mitts, shoes etc if left out and he will destroy them so he must be supervised.  He loves to chew on material and will quickly put a hole in a piece of clothing if he gets his mouth on it and isn’t being watched.  

Greg travels well in the car. He is quiet for the ride and settles nicely in his crate.  We crate him for car rides to keep him safe.  He would love to come along on all adventures.  Greg is destined to be some person or people’s very best friend and companion.  He is equal parts cuddle bug and outdoor adventurist!  He is a moderate energy dog and needs some good yard running time along with a couple good paced walks every day. He is a fast walker and needs his person to be fit and active and able to keep up with him . But he is happy with his walks and doesn’t need extensive running to be happy.  He will happily lounge all evening on the couch with you as long as he got his outside time met during the day.  He is not though a dog that will want to be left outside all day alone.  We are not suggesting he be a kenneled dog or a yard dog…he just needs regular outings throughout the day to be happy.  He is very much a family dog and we know that there is a lucky family out there that he will be the perfect dog for! Is that yours?