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We at PDR believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.
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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for; I would like to introduce you to Kobe. Kobe is a 4-month-old Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever/ Poodle mix) puppy who is about 25 lbs (and growing quickly) with the softest golden yellow coat. Kobe is a happy and loving puppy who came into Pound Dog’s care from a puppy mill. Kobe has a positive attitude and the kind of energy that we all need in our lives. Kobe will be a large dog in the 60lb plus range when full grown so anyone interested in him needs to be fully prepared for a large dog.  Kobe came to us from a puppy mill where he and his sister were unsold pups with very uncertain futures had they not found their way into rescue.

Kobe’s absolute favourite things in life are loving humans, being loved, and food and not necessarily in that order. Kobe is exactly what you would expect from a Goldendoodle puppy. He is goofy, friendly, playful, energetic and sweet. He’s a little fluff ball who gets excited easily and wants to be the center of attention. One of our favourite things about Kobe is the fact that he loves to sleep on his back with his teeny tiny paws sticking straight up in the air! Kobe is unreasonably cute when he is asleep. Kobe has two modes: asleep, and, pure playful puppy! His ideal forever family will be active and will understand that he needs both physical activity and mental stimulation to help him live his best life.

We want to make very clear here that Kobe is NOT hypoallergenic. Kobe is a “Goldendoodle” which means he is part Golden Retriever, a shedding dog. His fur is remarkably soft and fluffy and it’s impossible to not bury your face into him to give kisses. If you are allergic to dogs and expecting to do this without sneezing you are out of luck! He will not be a suitable dog for allergy sufferers, sorry! Kobe also requires regular brushing as his fur will mat up and may require regular trips to the groomer to keep him nicely trimmed (depending on which breed he takes after with his adult fur). If he follows the poodle side, there is quite a bit of upkeep with his coat type and it can become a huge mess quickly, so the time and energy to keep up this type of coat will have to be taken into consideration. This is quite the undertaking and not something everyone wants to take on or has the time or desire to do.

Kobe is a very smart dog and a quick learner. Kobe has done a fantastic job with house training and since he got the hang of it, he has only had 1 accident inside. Kobe signals that he needs to go outside by sitting at the door and staring at it; sometimes reaching up to paw at the handle; or barking if he’s quite desperate. Though he does not normally have accidents he is still very young and his adopters will need to continue to be on top of his house training. He can almost sleep through the night but during the day we take him out every 4-5 hours to relieve himself. He will need continued support as his ability to hold his bladder grows but we are very impressed with how quickly he has learned that he is supposed to only go to the bathroom outside.  Separate from his ‘bio breaks’, Kobe will occasionally release a small amount of piddle when he gets super excited.  In the few weeks that we have had him we have learned to keep a calmer energy when entering the room or starting to play, which has helped reduce how often this happens.

Another example of how trainable and intelligent Kobe is how quickly he caught onto his main training commands. Kobe learned “sit” before we even realized that he was capable of it. He put together the fact that sitting politely got him praise and so he taught himself sit. He does a great job sitting when he is waiting for food, asking for treats, before crossing the road, etc. He does “sit”, “drop it” and “come” wonderfully which is very helpful because this puppy likes to pick up everything. Kobe is also learning “lay down”, “roll over” and “paw”.

Kobe’s perfect home will be one with people who love him endlessly. Kobe is so sweet and loves people and he likes to keep his favourite people close by – especially his foster mom – and will follow his favourites around the house. Kobe does deal with separation anxiety and to be fair he had a rough start to his little life. Being taken from a puppy mill, separated from his last remaining littermate (Shelby) and taken to a new foster family. It’s been a lot of change for the little guy. We firmly believe he can deal with this separation anxiety with training and support as he’s already made great progress with it. That being said he can be vocal when he is alone so he needs a detached house so that he can sing the song of his people while he settles himself. He is a very loving little dude and would not like to live in a home where he’s alone 8+ hours a day. His ideal situation would be one where he isn’t home alone for more than 4 hours during a day. Kobe really just wants love and companionship; he wants to be a part of his forever human’s life in any way that he can be.

On leash Kobe has done a great job and walks well though he sometimes gets distracted by people and smells. He still zig zags a lot but with further practice around your neighbourhood he will definitely get the hang of it! Just like everything else, I am sure Kobe will learn quickly.

Kobe is good in the car as well. He will jump in the backseat with little hesitation, although he immediately wants to get back out. However, once secured, he will calmly lie down for the majority of the trip.

Kobe has met 2 larger dogs and did very well with both of them. He was wary but very interested and took his cues from them both. The 2nd dog very much wanted to play with Kobe in the yard but he did not know what to do with himself. He will certainly learn this with time and more interactions and we are certain he would be very happy to have other dog friends. Kobe is still learning his boundaries and is growing fast so would likely do well with dogs both around his size and larger (25 pounds and up). Kobe will learn appropriate play as he gets more opportunities to socialize. It’s hard to say how Kobe would behave around a cat but likely he would be his playful self and not know how to read the cats signals. He would need to be taught appropriate behaviour around a cat and we would only consider a home with a cat if that cat was very dog savvy and knows not to run from dogs or be reactive as this will set off Kobe into a great game of chase and pester the cat.

Kobe has not met any children.  When he gets excited, wants attention or plays he will jump, nip/grab with his mouth, and chew. Though his nibbles are quite soft to us as adults, it could surprise or scare young children. We feel that Kobe could happily go to a home with children age 8 or older. Also, Kobe loves to steal socks, clothes and shoes that are left laying around, so a tidy environment will help keep him out of mischief. Kobe feeds off of the energy in his environment and too much excitement sends him into wild puppy mode. Though Kobe is growing quickly, he doesn’t always have a great understanding of his size which could be overwhelming for small children. That being said, Kobe would make a fantastic companion for a family with older children as he has lots of fun and a wonderful playful energy.

Kobe is just over 25 lbs at four months old and he will not remain this size for long. Kobe will be a large dog when he is fully grown and his forever family will need to be confident with a large adult goofball of a dog. Kobe has more than doubled in size over the past few weeks and he will continue to grow quickly so his forever family will have to realize that he won’t be small for very long! Anyone interested in Kobe needs to know that he could quite easily be 80lbs or more. We don’t know as again, this is a mixed breed dog and it will depend on if he takes on more of the Poodle body type or the Retriever body type. Either way, he is going to be a large and strong dog that will need a confident and experienced handler.

Kobe needs clear and consistent boundaries as when he gets overly excited he can forget what he has been learning. Kobe goes through the standard puppy “witching hour” nightly any time between 5 pm – 8 pm. This lasts for about an hour to an hour and a half before he crashes for the night. During this time Kobe is a little chaotic boy who will desperately try to get you to play with him and to chew on anything that seems chewable. During this time it’s best to calm down your own energy, give him favourite toys to chew (that don’t squeak as that gets him more excited) or a digestible chew in his crate, or start working on more training with him. Kobe is very smart and working on his training gets him to focus on you and calm down.

Kobe has done so well in his training so far, but as we all know Kobe is just a puppy. He will give your patience a workout when he gets into a goofy mood and inevitably breaks rules that he knows he’s not supposed to break. Kobe is small and at this time in his life he is doing his very best and he’s still learning. Kobe’s future family must be calm and diligent with correcting his behaviour and praising him when he does the right thing. Kobe LOVES making his humans happy and loves being praised. He learns very fast but we want to remind potential adopters that he is very new to the world and so he needs guidance and support to make sure you’re happy with him. He is a good puppy, but a puppy nonetheless and puppies are tiring and need constant support while they grow and navigate the world. Having previous puppy experience, or experience with a high-energy dog would be a great asset for a potential adopter.

Overall Kobe is the epitome of what you would expect of a “Goldendoodle” puppy. He is loving, goofy, and sweet. He is clingy and curious and a companion animal through and through. Kobe is going to make a family VERY happy and will be a great addition to anyone with an active lifestyle who has a lot of love to give. We cannot wait to see Kobe in his forever home so that he can continue to give his whole heart to his people.