Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. We at PDR believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

In a galaxy far far away, this beautiful Princess Leya was from a puppy mill where her future was unknown. This Princess has produced many puppies and is now in retirement!  Leya is a 5yr old golden retriever cocker spaniel mix. She is fully grown and weights 41.5lbs. She has the body of a retriever and the height of a cocker spaniel; her coat is beautiful and silky soft.

Leya came to our home in a state of neglect and was extremely scared and fearful of people. Initially Leya was extremely timid and would not venture from her spot at the couch, she has been exploring our home in small doses. She has to learn simple things such as stairs and how to use the bathroom outside regularly. She has defeated the stairs and is now a Jedi master of them. She enjoys going outside even if to only do a few laps of the back yard. She prefers for people to escort her out and encourage her to do her business. She loves being called a good girl and getting head pets and scratches.

Once Leya is more confident and comfortable in her surroundings she will love to have you lavish her with your time and attention, she is a huge fan of being petted on her head. She is still shy and will slowly sneak in a few kisses on you. She has recently become so comfortable in our home that she will now jump up on the blanket we have for her on the couch. Previously she needed to be picked up and placed on the couch.

Leya loves surrounding her self with stuffed toys, cats, and receiving love and affection.

Leya is working on playing with toys but the mother in her has her gathering them up and grooming them. She will even venture out of her “safe zone” to gather a sock should one be left in her field of vision.  Leya is the best of friends with our cat they can often be found laying together and grooming each other. Leya has the true heart of a mama.

Leya received some TLC from the vet, Leya had a very bad, chronic ear infections in both ears: lots of pus, ear canals basically closed up with lots of hypertrophic tissue. She also had some moist dermatitis between the toes on her left hind foot. She received Claro in both ears and antibiotics for the hind foot and ears.  Leya had tartar on her teeth but really no indication of dental disease.  Her teeth were scaled/polished.  Leya has been spayed and is looking forward to her retirement from producing puppies. Leya is recovering beautifully from her surgery and has become much more happy and lively. She deserves to spend the rest of her life being treated like the princess she is.

Leya requires a home with a fully fenced backyard (this is not negotiable), she is still a flight risk as any new situations will cause her run. She has been working on her confidence to do walks in the neighbourhood, she has walked to the bus stop around the corner and back to pick up our tiny human. She is okay with the sounds of traffic but is very easily spooked if the metal in her leash touches a pole or tree and makes a noise. She will rear up like a horse and try to bolt, therefore Leya MUST have a martingale collar as she will experience flight responses to anything new and scary.

She is crate trained. She will benefit greatly from an owner who is home most of the time or works from home. She enjoys knowing now that people are around. Leya will become sad and withdraw if her “person” is gone too long. We noticed when her “person” at our home works 12hr shifts she becomes quite withdrawn.  She is fully house trained, she only once had an accident in our home within the first 2 days she was with us and none since.  Leya can sleep soundly through the night either in her crate or at her blanket by the couch.

Leya prefers at this time to have her food and water near her, she will wait until you are not looking and she will eat. She doesn’t have a preference on treats, but doesn’t care for milk bones. She either will like the type or not. So far mostly she doesn’t care for treats. She may be 5, but she is learning a whole new world outside of her past. She is learning what love and affection is.  Leya is a very quiet dog, in fact we have not heard her make any noise other than panting when she is scared or nervous.

Leya is very scared of vacuum’s, becomes scared and tries to run, if she is outside when the vacuum is on she will not come in and will need to be carried in.  We noticed when scooping poop in the backyard she is terrified of shovels. Leya also displays fear of rolling computer chairs, she will not come in the back door if the rolling chair is near.

Leya understands some commands, such as “come here good girl”, “ahhh no”, “give kisses” and “up you go” with the stairs.  Leya travels well in the car, on a nice blanket she is content to lay down in the back seat.  

Leya would succeed well in a home that is quiet, with adults or older children (teens). She prefers a very calm and very quiet environment. She would do well with cats.  Leya is currently helping us foster another dog. Leya displays jealousy when we are giving affection to the other pup. She displays this but inserting her self between you and the other dog to get all the attention. She is a gentle jealous type.  She would prefer to be the only dog in the home and get all of the attention,  but could do ok with a mature and calm male dog who wont pester her to play.

Leya absolutely loves to cuddle other pets! She can be found cuddling another foster dog and even the cat. She is a gentle and docile lady who deserves this world and beyond.