Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

Introducing Macallan!

Macallan is a sweet and handsome 4mth old Golden puppy.  Part cuddle bug, part adventurer, and part best friend, this boy is always ready for the fun in life.  Macallan is a solidly built Golden Retriever puppy and will most likely be on the larger end of the breed spectrum for weight so anyone considering him needs to be prepared for an adult dog that could weigh up to 75lbs.  

Macallan had a rough start to life as a discarded puppy mill pup.  At the mill, he was not treated well and was beaten up by littermates for food.  Luckily, he came into Pound Dog Rescue so we could help this special boy find his furever home.  And, since coming into PDR, he has transformed from a timid, scared puppy into a happy tail-wagging boy.

This sweet boy is a joy to foster.  He is smart, food motivated and takes gentle corrections well.  He feels his foster brother should love all the things he does and will try to exercise his leadership skills with his crew whenever possible. Macallan is sensitive and looks to his foster brother to tell him when he should be worried about dogs barking or at loud noises. Continued socialization and training will be important for him so he can be comfortable in different situations and grow his confidence. 

Play time is a great time! Macallan loves to play with both his humans and foster brother.  If his foster brother is being a party pooper, no problem! He is happy to play with toys on his own or with his human. Since this pup was beaten up by his littermates, he can be uneasy with sharing high value toys.  His foster family is working on this, and his adoptive family will need to be willing to continue to work on this aspect of his socialization. 

Macallan loves to be outside exploring or running around with a ball or stuffed animal, so he hopes his furever home has a backyard. Though he is a puppy now, he will grow into being a dog that needs adequate exercise and stimulation. He also loves being a part of everything that goes on in the house and wants to be where the action is.  This pup is an excellent supervisor and will watch what is going on either from one of the dog beds or from the kitchen mat. 

Due to his experience in the puppy mill, Macallan does not love his crate. His crate training is going well, and he has made great strides, but he does use his excellent singing voice to let you know he is not happy to be in the crate – especially if he sees the rest of his pack having fun outside the crate. This pup does not want to miss out on any fun! Macallan is fed in his crate, so he is learning it is not such a bad place to be but is still very vocal about it. For this reason Macallan is not a dog that can live in an apartment or condo.   At night, he is good in his crate with just a bit of half-hearted whining for the first few minutes. As long as he is in the same room as you, he quickly settles.  

Please know that while this cutie has a great balance of rest and sleep now, he will require plenty of exercise and stimulation during the day to get all his fun puppy energy out and keep his mind engaged. Currently he goes out every 4 or so hours for a break and exercise in the backyard. There is plenty of play time with toys and his foster dog brother. Macallan’s leash training is going well. Being a puppy, he is still easily distracted so with a gentle distraction and some encouraging words, he is back on way again. Macallan is a smart boy and advanced training will help this wonderful pup continue to flourish and engage his mind so his new family needs to be committed to ensuring that he can get these chances and be set up for success.

His house training is going well, and he will often go to the door and either sit in front or pace around it. However, if he is playing elsewhere in the house, he needs to be watched as he doesn’t know how to tell you it is time to take a bathroom break.   

Since Mac is a puppy, he needs a family with children 8 years of age or older who can handle puppy antics, be careful to close doors, understand that sometimes hands look like stuffed animals when playing, and who can be gentle with him and handle him  appropriately. 

Macallan has so much to offer his furever family! He is such a special and wonderful boy, and his foster family wants the best for him.