Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

Let me introduce you to Eloise, the cutest little Shih Tzu I’ve ever met!

Eloise is about 6 ½ years old and has a soft, beautiful white coat with dark brown, grey and tan markings. Her muzzle is half white and half dark grey which gives her a unique appearance that catches everyone eye. She weighs about 11lbs and is an active little girl, ready to handle whatever her new family has to offer. She has bright, expressive eyes and a tail that rarely stops wagging. Eloise has a sweet personality and a curious nature that has helped her start to navigate her new life.

Eloise spent the first part of her life having puppies in a large-scale breeding operation. This life meant that she did not have any positive experience with people or the world at large and as such she is still learning how to be a regular, family dog. Eloise is still very nervous about new people so she will be looking for a family who understands that she will not immediately be warm and cuddly. She has come to accept some affection from me after being here for a month but she is still very cautious. She is very interactive in the house and loves to follow at a distance but still runs to the safety of her crate if I approach too quickly. She is looking for a family who can help her find her confidence while understanding that she is still a work in progress – and she has been continuously progressing!

Although Eloise is still nervous about people, she has really started to become comfortable in the house. Her crate is still her safe place but she now prefers to be outside of the crate when I am home. She spends her time playing with one of her many toys, trying to get another dog to play with her, investigating every inch of the room or napping in one of the cozy dog beds. She has moments of real bravery where she comes to me for affection and other times when she prefers not to be touched. She will be looking for a family who can respect her need for space while still finding ways to encourage her to find her confidence.

Eloise is a very quiet dog and I have only heard her bark while trying to instigate play with one of her foster siblings, or to join in with another dog in solidarity! She is still learning to navigate stairs but I think she would be good in any home environment as long as she has access to a suitable securely fenced outdoor place, to do her business. Eloise is still perfecting her skills walking on a leash but she has come a long way. We can now go for a 15-20-minute walk where she alternates between following behind me and walking beside me. She is still afraid of other people who may approach, or barking dogs, but with some words of encouragement she is not shutting down and can keep on moving. She will need a family who is willing to keep working on these skills with her because I can see how much she enjoys the moments of peace she has while we are out walking. And after the relatively stagnant life she started out with, this girl deserves all the walks she can get! That being said, Eloise is not a dog who requires hours of exercise to be a well-behaved dog – she is just as happy to do her business in the yard and get back inside when the weather is less than ideal. She is also learning to be relaxed in the car and just needs more exposure to become more comfortable. 

Eloise took to house training immediately and has not had a single accident in the house. She likes to do her business in the yard even if we are going for a walk. Her forever home will need to have a fenced yard (no holes or gaps) for her to use for bathroom duties.  She has not yet learned how to signal that she has to go out so her new family will need to take her out regularly while she learns the schedule of her new home. She also took to her crate right away and will need to have a crate in her new home. Her crate has become her safe space where she stays while I am at work as well as overnight. She sleeps quietly and calmly all night, not making a peep. On the days that I work she is crated for the morning and then again in the afternoon with a bathroom break midday. She has not had any issue handling this schedule.

One of my favorite things about Eloise is her love of her toys. Many of the dogs who I have fostered who have started life as a breeding dog don’t quite understand the joy of toys while they are here with me. It’s a treat to get to watch Eloise take so much enjoyment in her toys, whether it’s to throw them around or give them a good chew – she appreciates every toy fully! I also love to watch her dance and dash around the house, trying to get another dog to play with her. It’s clear that underneath her fear is an incredibly joyful girl and her new family is going to get to witness a beautiful transformation as Eloise find her confidence and learns to trust. Part of this transformation will include enrolling in training classes as this will play in integral role in Eloise bonding with her new family and learning how to navigate the world. Eloise’s new family must understand this and be committed to her training.

Eloise has a coat type that will require regular grooming so her new family has to be prepared to do what they can in the home and then find a suitable groomer for her more advance coat needs. As she continues to learn to tolerate being handled it will become easier to keep up with her brushing in the home to prevent any matting.

Eloise has been a perfect houseguest when it comes to the other dogs in the house and she enjoys their company. She looks to them to learn about life as a pet and loves to play and chase her foster siblings. As such I think it would be good for her to go to a home where there is another dog of similar size and energy. She would continue to learn from this dog and also take comfort in cuddles and playtime. A home without another dog would also be considered. She has not had any exposure to cats but as she has not shown any interest in chasing small animals outside I think she would be fine with cats, as long as the cat was dog-savvy and had a place to escape to if necessary while introductions are made.

Eloise met some children and was well behaved and calm. She approached for treats and sniffs and was as cautious as she is with any new person. After a few minutes she relaxed and sat peacefully on the ground with the children. Any children in Eloise’s new family should be at least 12yrs so they can be trusted to understand her needs. As Eloise is still quite afraid she will continue to be a flight risk so everyone in the home needs to be responsible enough to be taught how to keep her safe.

Eloise seems to know her name at this point and will come when I call her. She also knows the routines of our home around meal times and outdoor time. She knows to go into her crate for a treat and will easily take a treat from my hand now. Any other tricks or skills are still to be learned with her new family!

Eloise saw our vet where she was spayed without incident. She received all the necessary vaccines and tests and was also microchipped. Her teeth were checked and the vet noted that there were no mobile or fractured teeth to necessitate immediate action. However, there is tartar buildup so she will likely require a dental procedure in the next 12 months.  Keeping her on the top quality diet we are feeding, and allowing her to chew on Nylabones or other effective chew toys will also help with her tartar and could potentially delay the future dental.   Eloise’s new family will need to follow-up on this with their vet and be prepared for this financial investment in her health.

So, I come to the end of my bio for Eloise and I am even more in love with her than I was when I started. Although she has some road ahead of her she has already shown so much bravery and determination. Eloise needs a soft place where she can feel love and patience while she builds her confidence. She needs a family committed to her training, both professionally and in the home. She needs a new life where she is cherished as a pet and encouraged to explore hew new world. And she needs toys. Lots of toys. If this sounds like something you can offer and you’re ready for the next great love of your life then please fill out an application for this sweet girl, I’d love to talk to you more about her.