Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

I would like to introduce you all to Pebbles.  Pebbles is an approximately one year old Boston Terrier mix who is about 22lbs and the perfect weight for a dog her size. Pebbles is an absolute love of a dog, she has a beautiful short red coat that is so silky smooth with a little bit of white on her paws and under her neck.  She has an adorable little underbite which makes her smile oh so perfect, and the sweetest brown eyes with her right eye having a beautiful blue streak in it, which always makes it look like the light is glinting off of it.  Pebbles is very much a people pleasing dog and you can see it in her beautiful eyes because she is always trying to make eye contact with you to see what you’re expecting of her.

Pebbles came to Pound Dog Rescue after a for-profit puppy mill surrendered her as she was no longer of value to them.  When Pebbles arrived it was clear that the only thing she really cared about was attention and getting affection from her humans.  Pebbles is very much a Velcro dog and she wants to be with us at all times, she will happily follow us around the house and loves to curl up on the couch with us at the end of the night.  Pebbles is crate trained and will happily go into her crate for bedtime or during the day when we need to go to work, all she asks is that you give her a yummy treat when she goes in!  She is pretty calm and quiet in her crate, she will sometimes bark a bit when she first goes in, but she does calm down pretty quickly.  

Pebbles is living in a home with human adults and teens, as well as big dogs, little dogs, old dogs and young dogs and she certainly doesn’t discriminate.  She will happily try to play with anyone who will play back with her, and otherwise she is happy to lay on the pet bed and chew a good Nylabone or to play with some toys on her own.  She does love snuggling up with the other dogs though when it is nap time!  Pebbles has also on occasion met with the cat of our house and she has done really well in these interactions, our cat is extremely dog savvy though.  It is my belief that Pebbles could handle a cat in her forever home, as long as her family keeps an eye on their interactions for the first while.  

When Pebbles first arrived she just began her heat, because of this Pebbles cannot be spayed for 3 months, and therefore her forever family must be able to bring Pebbles back to our vet in Cambridge in order to have her spay surgery completed.  She is done her heat now.  Anyone interested in Pebbles needs to live within an hour of Cambridge to feasibly accommodate the drop off and pick up of the spay date.   She will be adopted out on a contract that mandates the return for her spay.  

Pebbles is a very sweet girl and loves her people, though it’s important to know that when she first meets someone new she is extremely shy and will be act very submissive.  Pebbles will need someone who can help her with building her confidence and attending training classes is the best way to accomplish this.  Pebbles has been on many walks and the outside world is still a bit scary for her, she has made huge strides with this as our first few walks she laid down submissively and refused to move.  We can now get through a 15 minute walk and only require just a bit of encouragement every once in a while when she wants to lay down.  It’s clear that as she gains more confidence she will grow to love her walks more and more.  She is certainly an active little girl and gets the zoomies in the house quite frequently and will even go running around bouncing from couch to couch and has even jumped off of a wall once too!  She is certainly quite the character.  Pebbles reminds me of one of those dogs that you see training to jump through hoops and who walks on her hind legs, I say this because she absolutely loves to walk on her hind legs and will do it frequently if she thinks you have something tasty in your hand for her.  I believe that Pebbles will truly strive in training classes and would likely love to move on to agility or something similar.

Pebbles has been on a few car rides and she seems to enjoy them, she will happily sit in the back seat and just look out the window, or she will just curl up on the backseat and let the time pass by.  Pebbles is also 99% house trained, there is the occasional accident in the home, but those are very few and far between and she has done a wonderful job on this.  When we first got Pebbles, having to go outside was a very scary thing for her and she wouldn’t go out our back door on her own, so the fact that she is 99% house trained now is such a huge feat for her!

Pebbles is extremely excitable and very quirky, in her moments of extreme excitement she does like to jump up on us, this is something that we have been working diligently on with her and she gets better every day, but it is still something she is working through in her highly excitable moments.  Because of this Pebbles should only go to a home with kids who are 8 or older to avoid anyone getting knocked over.  

Pebbles would love to have another young playful dog in the home with her to play and nap with, however she would also be happy as an only dog and getting all of the attention to herself.  Pebbles is very confident with other dogs and would be well suited for a male doggy housemate.  Please be certain that your lifestyle is indicative of having a higher energy dog and that you are capable of meeting Pebbles physical and mental exercise needs.

Pebbles is looking for her forever home with someone who will spend quality time with her at home, she doesn’t want a family who spends most of their time away from the house as she really enjoys being with her people.  She’s looking for a family who will dedicate time to taking her to training and to building her confidence by taking her for walks and hikes around new places so that she can become more comfortable with her surroundings.  Most of all, Pebbles is looking for a place that she can call home, a place that is safe and where she will never have to worry about being abandoned or left alone.   If you can offer all of these things to Pebbles then I promise that in return you will have a dog who will love you unconditionally, who will always be there and happy to see you, and who will curl up with you at the end of every day good or bad.  If you think that Pebbles might be the right fit for you then I urge you to apply for her!