Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

I invite you all to meet little miss Tink.  Tink is a very sweet 6 year old Yorkshire Terrier.  She has a beautiful black and tan coat and the fur on her back is almost a metallic great, she really is quite a stunning little girl.  She has super sweet brown eyes that are always quietly but inquisitively watching all of her surroundings, and when she looks at you with those soulful eyes you just melt right into her.   Tink is about 12.5 lbs and she is at a very good weight for her size.  Tink is an absolute sweetheart and she is really learning to trust the humans in her life now.

Tink came to Pound Dog Rescue after being surrendered by a for-profit puppy mill.  When she arrived in our home it was clear to see that Tink was not well taken care of and she was in a deplorable condition, her fur was very matted with all sorts of debris, she had a build up of eye secretions that were rock hard and in her field of view, her nails were so long that they were curled over, and her poor little mouth was full of rotting teeth.  It was very clear when we first got her that she did not have much trust in humans, and how could we blame her.  We quickly got to work with her in the bath so that she could feel much better, she did very well in the bath and it seemed that she understood we were doing this to help her, after we gave her a few baths and trimmed up her nails she was already walking with a bit more pep in her step.  Soon after, Tink was able to get in to see the wonderful vets to have her mouth looked at and she unfortunately had to have the majority of her teeth pulled but she does still have a few teeth left and in the days after her dental it was clear just how much pain this sweet girl was in because within days she was a whole new dog who had a renewed passion for eating her meals, and that is when she also started coming to seek out affections from us on a more regular basis.

Tink is still very unsure of the world around her and has much work to do with her confidence.  This is the most rewarding work that you can do with a dog because you can visibly see the progress in them and it is so heart warming when they get to that point!  Every dog is capable of becoming their confident self, some just take a bit more time.  In her foster home, Tink loves all the other dogs and people, she loves to snuggle on the couch, she loves to come up to us for some pets and if we stop petting too soon she is all too eager to lick our hands or start rubbing up against us to remind us that she is still there and waiting.  Going outside of the foster home right now is still a very scary thing for her, it will take some time and patience for her to continue to build the confidence to go on some walks with her forever family, but don’t fret, she will get there and when she does she will love to take some lovely walks outdoors and smell all the smells while knowing she is safe.  Tink will not be suitable for a home in a busy city center or on main roads or in a busy area.  She would be best in a rural area, small town or very quiet subdivision.  The noises of traffic, and the hustle and bustle of a lot of people, bikes, skateboards etc will be too much for her.   Training classes will be an absolute must for a dog like Tink, she has never had any kind of formal training and the classroom setting will be perfect for her to gain some confidence and learn everything she can in a safe distracting environment.

Tink is a very sweet girl and she loves everyone in our foster home, she loves the adults and the teens, the big dogs and the little dogs, even the young puppies that we have in our home.  She is not big into playing as she has never had the opportunity until now to really be a dog so she is still learning what that means.  When the dogs are all sleeping Tink will happily go and share the pet bed with them, if they wake up and start playing with some toys, she will stay in her spot and just ignore them.  Tink would be happy to be in a home all on her own, she would also be happy to join a home with another older calm dog for her to hang out with.  Tink has also on occasion been able to interact with our cat, and she really didn’t think much of her, because of that I would say that Tink would be perfectly fine to have a cat in her forever home.  We believe that Tink would do better in a calmer household, so older children over 10yrs of age, opposed to younger children, as she wouldn’t necessarily enjoy the high energy hustle and bustle that comes with younger children.  

Tink is a very sweet and quiet girl, she doesn’t really bark a whole lot when she is in the house, unless a very unusual noise startles her, then it’s a couple barks and she’s done.  She is happy to follow you around the house to see what you’re up to and once she thinks you’re settling in then she will find a spot to curl up where she can see you.  Tink is extremely food motivated, which is great news for training!  This also means that when you’re in the kitchen cooking, you can bet that she is going to be right behind you, in front of you, or under you every step that you take, she can never be too sure if a piece of food will fall and she wants to be ready to catch it.  I like to think that she just likes to spend time with me, but it’s really just the food.  Tink is currently crate trained and spends her nights in the crate as well as the day when we are gone to work, she doesn’t always like to go into her crate so we do have to give her a little pick up and push in, but then she goes in and settles down.  When we first put her in she will bark for a bit because she’s not super happy about being in there, but she does settle after about 5 or so minutes and relaxes and sleeps for the rest of her time in there.  Once she hears you wake up in the morning or come home from your work day, she will start to bark again as she wants to be let out.  We have let Tink spend small amounts of time out of her crate if we are only stepping out for a short period of time and she has always done extremely well.  Tink is house trained, though she does on occasion still have a very small accident in the house.  When riding in the car, Tink was able to stay in the back seat and was more than happy to just sit and watch the view in the window, or to curl up on the seat.  She does get a little anxious on her car rides so she drools a little more than normal, but she overall does very well and will lay down.

Tink is looking for a happy low key home where someone will dedicate some time to taking her to training classes and working patiently with her while she continues to develop her confidence to become the best girl that she can be.  Tink is a small girl with such a big personality, she may take a bit to warm up to you but once she does she is an absolute doll.  If you’re looking to add a Yorkshire Terrier to your home, then consider giving Tink a chance!