Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.


Everyone meet Swiper the Fox!  Okay, maybe he’s not a fox, but he sure is darn cute like one!!  Swiper is a Pomeranian mixed with a Spitz, he is about 4 months old currently and he weighs approximately 10lbs.   It’s hard to say exactly how big Swiper will be but my guess is that he will remain a smaller dog. Swiper is a complete fluff ball of a puppy with silky smooth thick puppy fur, that is a beautiful brown red colour with some off-white on his chest, some toes and the underside of his cute little curly tail!  Swiper is such a sweet natured dog and you can see it when you look into his soulful blue-green eyes that still show a bit of hesitation, but also so much wonder and excitement.  He is honestly such a gem!

Swiper was one in a litter of puppies that was surrendered by a for-profit puppy mill that no longer had use for him and was taken in by Pound Dog to give him the best chance at finding his forever home. Swiper was a terrified little pup on our drive home, but within 15 minutes of being in our house he turned into a very friendly and lively little thing!  Swiper is initially very nervous when he has to leave his safe space (our home) and when he meets new people, however Swiper has really made big strides with his confidence while with us.  It’s to be expected when he first meets with his furever family, that he will initially be a little reserved and scared, but time (and treats) will certainly have this sweet boy back to his regular self in no time!  This boy loves to seek out affection and if you’re petting another dog, you can bet he will run in and try to get in on some of the action too, or else he will try to get the dog that you’re petting to play with him instead.

Swiper would do well in pretty much any home situation as he is a pretty easy going guy. He absolutely loves his foster dog siblings and wants to run around and play with them all the time.  When they are outside he will do his business but then follow the dogs around and initiate some play time or a game of chase, once he comes in he tries to play with them a bit more and loves to wrestle on the floor or the pet bed.  Swiper is also happy to find a good toy or chew bone to play with and will curl up with it and play quietly for a time.  Swiper loves to take a nap pretty much anywhere, he will sleep on a pet bed with one of the other dogs, in the middle of the floor, or under the chair that you’re sitting in.  Swiper’s ideal home would have another playful dog for him to get some energy out with and to help him navigate his new surroundings and experiences, though with a confident handler Swiper could easily do well as an only dog. Swiper has a good mix of confidence to walk into new situations as well as laid back enough to follow the other dogs and just go with the flow of what they want to do.  Swiper is also currently living with a cat, he has certainly shown interest in the cat and will sometimes jump up on the furniture to get next to her, he has been very gentle in his interactions while we are overseeing him and we step in to correct unwanted behaviour immediately.  Swiper also lives with two young teens in the house, Swiper loves them and loves when they get down on the floor and play tug of war with him or when they snuggle in and give him lots of belly rubs.  Swiper is still a puppy and with this comes some puppy teething but I must admit that his nipping is almost non-existent at this point.  Given his nature we think Swiper would do well in a home with kids that are school aged and understand proper and respectful play with a dog.

Swiper would love a big fenced in backyard to be able to run around and play in, he loves playing outside so much and it is probably his favourite thing to do, especially when you’re outside enjoying this time with him. When Swiper gets really into playing outside, he will get the zoomies and race all around the yard outside, when he tucks his bum in and goes it’s the absolute cutest thing ever and always gives us a good laugh!  Swiper is crate trained, so when it is bedtime or time for the humans to leave the house he runs right into his crate and waits for a couple of treats.  We have made his crate a very comfortable place with a big comfy blanket and he is more than happy to settle in with a stuffed kong or a delicious treat.  Swiper will on occasion make some noise while he is in his crate, usually it’s just once he knows your home and he is so excited to see you, he doesn’t normally make any noise in his crate during the night or while we are gone during the day.  We currently feed Swiper in his crate to help foster a positive relationship with it, and he will certainly bark to let you know when he’s all done his meal if you’re not paying attention to him and he’s long ago finished.  

Since Swiper came to us we have had the occasional accident in the home at the beginning, but these accidents have almost completely ceased to happen!  If he has lots of access to water it’s important to understand that you will need to give him frequent pee breaks as his bladder just isn’t very big yet.  Swiper has been fantastic with his house training and knew right away that he should do his business outside.  Swiper knows to come when he is called and we are working on “Sit”. Overall, Swiper is such a well-mannered little guy that he has been an absolute dream to have. Once he gets some playtime outside he mostly plays and sleeps on the floor or pet bed. Swiper is a pretty chill and relaxed pup, he doesn’t mind hanging out in a different room then you and doesn’t feel the need to follow you everywhere you go (finally some peace and quiet in the bathroom – almost).  Swiper has been testing his boundaries and will occasionally test if he is able to chew on something he shouldn’t, he is however very responsive to correction.  It is extremely important that puppies be watched constantly in the home for the safety of the dog, as well as to make sure that you are there to catch any unwanted behaviour immediately and correct it before it becomes a habit.

Swiper has been a good passenger in the car on the few trips that he has taken. Occasionally he will get up to see if there is anything good to look at, but usually gives up and lays back down. Swiper has been on a few walks now, his first couple walks were difficult because he is just getting used to his leash and the large world around him.  However, his most recent walks have shown vast improvement and he is more than happy to take a stroll around town.  He doesn’t always like staying on the sidewalk, he’s more of a darting all over the place type walker currently.  Swiper does walk well on a martingale collar currently, continued walks with positive reinforcement should keep him on the right track.  Swiper’s new family will need to make sure they continue working diligently with his leash training to ensure he develops a happy relationship with it, with consistency and training he will continue to improve each day. Obedience training will be a must with Swiper as it will help him develop a wonderful relationship with his new family, but also it will help him to understand what is expected of him and help set out rules in his new home.  Swiper will need some basic obedience at minimum, but he would really benefit from seeing several levels of obedience.  His breed mix is very intelligent breeds and he really needs his brain worked.  If you aren’t interested in attending advanced obedience classes and hopefully some agility or rally in the future, then this breed mix will not be a good fit.  He will only get up to mischief and have behavioural issues if he isnt being properly mentally stimulated and physically exercised.  

Being Swiper is still a young puppy, we will only consider a home for him where someone is home or has the capability to come home throughout the day.  Puppies need to be taken outside for bathroom breaks very regularly when they are small and will not be able to hold it for an 8 hour work day.  We are also looking for a family or person that is fully aware of the time commitment of a puppy and the work involved.  Puppies are a total joy and bring so much love and happiness into a home, but you cannot underestimate the work and time involved in raising a puppy properly.  They need constant supervision while young to expedite the house training stage and to ensure they aren’t chewing on anything inappropriate.

Swiper is looking for his forever family with someone who will show him patience and lots of love as he continues to grow and build his confidence in the world. Ideally he would like to have a large fenced yard with another young playful dog to keep him company and run around with. Swiper is such a handsome, calm and sweet natured dog and he is looking for someone who will love him forever and be active with him. Swiper has been such an easy dog to love, his eyes and mannerism say it all in how sweet he is, if you’re ready for your days to be filled with looking at him and your heart breaking in a happy way because of how sweet he is then maybe you are the home for him!