Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

I am so happy to introduce you to Lumi, who as his name suggests is a brilliant, bright-eyed pup. Lumi is a (5 month old) Siberian Husky/ Pomeranian cross. Because of the size difference in these two breeds, Lumi has a big personality in a small package, currently less than 20 lbs. When fully grown he’ll likely be around (30 to 40lbs). Lumi is an absolutely gorgeous pup. He has the fluffiest light cream coloured coat with sable markings on his face, ears, and legs, very similar to that of a sable husky, and with an adorkable curly little tail. One of Lumi’s most stunning physical characteristics is that he has heterochromia where his left eye is a piercing blue and the right is a soulful brown. I’m pretty sure he uses his brown eye to get more cuddles and his blue eye to entice playtime, but both eyes are equally manipulative. He is such a smart, playful, confident, and adventurous pup, who absolutely adores a good cuddle.

Lumi’s first months of life were unfortunately as a mill puppy until a few weeks ago when Pound Dog rescued him. Lumi was our first foster dog, and we couldn’t have been more impressed to have such an amazing guy. Over these past few weeks we have seen him transform from a slightly shy, slightly overwhelmed by the world puppy to a bouncy, happy guy with so many cuddles to give! He clearly knows that life has so much to offer and he is super ready to take advantage of it! He’s also done fantastic with his foster sister and loves to play with her or even just nap alongside.

Each morning when Lumi wakes up the first thing he wants is to cuddle, sometimes he doesn’t even leave his crate. His foster sister often joins in and gets a few Lumi kisses too (he’s such a cuddlebug). He goes out to do his business in the yard, gets in a few zoomies, and then we head out for a walk. While we’re putting on our winter gear we’re always aware of the location of our socks and Lumi at all times. On his walk Lumi likes to choose a stick to carry, sometimes trading it for a better one along the way. If he sees anyone outside he sits and watches them with a wagging tail, hoping they’ll come over to greet him. He also likes to watch the geese fly overhead. Fast or loud noises used to scare him a bit but not anymore. He happily trots by all the cars and trucks and doesn’t even flinch at the loud ones. When he gets home he does a bit of training with half his breakfast, and the other half he eats in his crate. He then likes to have a morning play with his foster sister while we make coffee and get ready for the day, and he’s starting to enjoy simply chewing on a toy by himself for a bit too. One of his adorable quirks is how he learned that the toy bin is full of fun things, but the best thing is to take out each toy and bring them all into his bed to chew (this is also where we find our missing socks). The cushy dog bed full of toys is Lumi’s favourite place in the house. One more bathroom break and by this time he’s ready for a nice nap in his crate. When Lumi gets a good routine of exercise, mental stimulation, and social time he’s such an easy puppy to care for.

Lumi is quite good in his crate during the day, and fantastic in his crate at bedtime. If he’s had a fulfilling day he can easily sleep the whole night without needing to go out. He sometimes cries for a few minutes in his crate but this gets less and less every day, and he always happily goes in his crate especially when given a little snack.

Lumi loves to chew (he is a puppy after all) and so will need a safe home with good chew toys and nothing left out that could hurt him. He will try everything at least once including blankets, shoes, slippers, socks, etc. He’s so smart though that it’s an easy trade for something he shouldn’t have with something he can, but he will test you to see if you’ll always follow through. It will be important for his new family to teach him what is and isn’t ok to chew, and equally important to stay strong (and avoid laughing) even when Lumi thinks stealing your socks is such a fun game. Have I mentioned this guy loves socks?

Lumi is a very fun-loving and intelligent pup with a bit of a willful streak. He already knows come and sit, and is learning down and give paw. He’s also almost completely housebroken, only having had an accident when we didn’t get him outside in time. He often will tell you he needs to go out by going to the door or giving a little bark. Lumi needs exercise and mental stimulation to avoid becoming bored or frustrated. He’s really quick at picking up on body language and cues, which is super useful for training but also means he can use them to his advantage. He knows he’s adorable and will use these tools to get what he wants or try to get out of doing something he doesn’t want to do. He will try to take the easy way out sometimes, for example when training he will go into his crate when being told to do something else, to see if you’ll reward him anyway. Lumi is learning what will and won’t get him what he wants, everything is still so new to him after all. He craves attention and cuddles and will sometimes bark to let you know he wants something. This is helpful to know when he might need to go outside but we don’t give in when he’s demanding attention or food. Because he’s so smart he will require obedience training beyond the basic level, and would also benefit from the bond it will create between him and his new family.

Lumi does well in the car, and will happily chill in his crate for the trip. He sometimes likes to sing the song of his people at first, but this doesn’t usually last more than a few minutes. When leaving his crate Lumi can get a little apprehensive, so we take a few minutes to coax him out whenever we get to a new place. Once he’s out and about he’s so inquisitive and excited he forgets all about his initial shyness.

We’re currently working through Lumi’s biggest challenge, which is just about being comfortable being alone. He’s come a long way since he left the mill where he was likely never alone. In just a few weeks we’re able to leave the room for a short time where Lumi is completely alone and there’s no fuss or crying, he just waits patiently for our return. He can also be left in his crate for a few hours a day without a fuss. He will need to continue this training though to build his confidence, especially once he gets to his new home as things will be different for him. Once he learns that being alone isn’t scary and his family will always come back to him he’ll be calm and happy when chillin’ by himself.

Lumi is that wonderful blend of energy and playfulness with a very generous dose of cuddlebug. If he’s allowed in your lap that’s where he wants to be, and he can easily fall asleep there. Another great thing about Lumi is that because he is so happy being cuddled and pet it’s easy to handle him when needed. Pick him up, trim his nails, check his ears, bathing, brushing, etc. He does think the brush is a chew toy though so some more training is needed here.

Lumi would do best in a home that is looking to have a close companion to share adventures together. Don’t let his small size fool you, Lumi is up for long walks, forest hikes, frisbee, or anything outdoors really. A fenced in yard would be ideal for him as he is a very energetic pup who loves to run around and play, but if he’s getting enough exercise through other means it’s not a requirement. Like both of his parent breeds Lumi is a vocal boy with a love for singing, chirping, grunting, or really any sound he thinks will get your attention. He likes to talk to you, his toys, his foster sister, his food, everything really. It’s quite adorable watching him make funny noises as he plays with his toys. They’re usually short conversations and not long monologues, but until he completes his crate training and is comfortable being alone there will still be some crying sessions. This should be taken into account, especially if living in a condo or apartment.

Lumi is such a people lover! He has met a bunch of new people and loves them all. Whether he sees them on the street, at the pet store, or they come over to visit he’s all wiggles and tail wags. He’s met and played with a couple of kids so far and did amazing, he was very gentle and fun to play with. He is still a puppy though with those sharp puppy teeth and so would do best with kids over 8 years old. Lumi is very happy with his foster sister, they play great together. He is a very confident guy with other friendly dogs and can be a typical in-your-face puppy, so would do best with other dogs who are friendly, well-behaved, playful, and confident but not territorial. Lumi isn’t being fostered in a home with cats but so far doesn’t show any signs of wanting to chase small animals like squirrels or birds. That being said his parent breeds typically have high prey drives so this should be taken into consideration.

Lumi has learned so much in such a short time, he really is ready to enjoy all that life and his new family can offer. The best parts of my day with Lumi are the outdoor adventures together, watching him goofily play with our family dog, and of course our snuggles in the morning and evenings. He makes you laugh every day, he really is such a sweet dog. Lumi does everything with a smile on his adorable little face and with a bold, happy attitude. We are so excited for him to find his forever home with someone who wants to share all of these moments with Lumi, who truly wants to show him every wonderful thing that life has to offer, and experience some amazing adventures together. Are you game?