Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

This little Schnauzer cross is the epitome of her breed; Strong physically and willfully, loyal, and stubborn. Aribella loves to play! She likes being present with other people too and will give quick little kisses.She is 7mths old and approx 10lbs and is eager and excited to find her forever family!

She came to us after suffering a broken leg, but even that didn’t deter her playfulness and exuberance. Her front right leg was badly injured. She had to have orthopedic surgery but has healed exceptionally well, and doesn’t seem to bother her at all any more. During her healing time, Aribella would take any type of play, from quietly playing with toys on the floor to wanting to run around after her foster family’s other two dogs. Sadly she wasn’t allowed to run around while she healed but she did play vicariously with them from her pen.   Aribella does like to claim all the toys are hers, but will share when it suits her need for play. She can be protective of toys and will need a person who can help her learn to share with kindness.

Aribella also does not like to be alone, but weeks of recovery have taught her that her kennel or confined spaces are okay.  She will complain when placed inside but soon quiets down. She would be looking for a home where here people are around more than away.  She would not be happy in a home where her people are gone for most of the workday.  Aribella happily sleeps through the night in her kennel and wakes with all the energy and joy a puppy can muster. When a human returns to the kennel, or she thinks one is about to, she will let off an incredible yowl to be let out of her kennel. Basically, once she thinks you are coming back, she wants out. There is a lot of world to play in.

She is fully house-trained and has had only one accident with us.  She will start to loudly whimper when she needs to be let out and will continue until she is outside. Generally 3 trips a day is ideal for her. Our youngest gets her out when he returns from school at 3.

Aribella loves to play with balls and is learning to fetch.  She will fetch but not return yet.  Aribella loves rolling in the long grass and running through flowers.She needs to learn leash manners as she likes to pull her walker and, for only about 10 lbs, she has a very strong pull.  This is a work in progress. 

Aribella is not sure what young children are yet. She wants to meet them very badly, but is also nervous of their sudden movements. She will be fine with children that are patient and understand dogs. We expect she would bond closely with them if given a chance. It will be very important that she has a chance to meet as many people as possible in the coming months while she is young. If she does, she’s going to be amazing with all ages. Right now we are having her meet some of the children as they walk home from school. We are looking for a home for her with children over 8yrs of age as she is nervous still of younger kids.

In general Aribella just needs to see the world. There are many experiences that she just hasn’t had the option of having yet as healing time required several weeks of quiet and highly limited activity. As she is bold, once she discovers that the experience is okay, she will do whatever is necessary. Remarkably, stairs don’t appear to be an issue. She kept trying to run up and down them with her broken leg.

She will benefit from another small-breed younger dog in the house. This dog will need to be male, as Arribella would like to be the only female dog in the home, and has to be eager to romp and play with her.  She has to let the energy out and have several solid play times.  A yard will be needed as well so she can run off some of the energy she quickly stores up. She has excellent bite inhibition, and we’ve had many meetups with another 6 month old puppy to help burn off her energy. She is excellent with other dogs.  She does not like cats, they are an immediate threat to her physical and mental well-being – as far as she is concerned.. She does have prey drive as a terrier and will chase anything that moves while on walks.  Birds on the ground are a particular enemy that she thinks should be removed from the immediate area.  

Aribella does not like the car and it’s recommended that she always travel in her kennel.  She does get excited about adventures upon arrival and will likely be good in the car over time. We believe her car travel issues are based on not being able to play with someone, or to at least sit on someone during the trip. Do not do this though as she will not sit still and she will get into trouble in the car.  She does like to watch the world go by as you travel.

As a terrier, she is very intelligent and will learn a great deal of commands. This will only happen if you can out stubborn her. We also suspect that she will be a digger as this is common with the breed.  Arribella will need a family that is committed to advanced obedience classes with her.  She is far too smart and far too stubborn to be only trained to the minimal requirements. She is a terrier and those that know terriers will understand this!  Experience with terriers will also be very beneficial for her forever family.  If you are willing to put the time in to work on her training and socialization Aribella might just be the perfect fit for you!