Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

Meet Elf, a resilient and endearing 5-year-old Shih Tzu with a heart as vast as her journey to find a forever home. Elf’s tale begins in less-than-ideal circumstances from a very neglectful breeding environment. 

Elf’s medical history is a testament to her strength.  While at the Vet for her spay, her x-rays revealed that she had suffered the pain of a broken femur in her past. Thankfully it had healed in an almost normal position so shouldn’t cause her issues.   X-rays also confirmed some hip dysplasia, impacting primarily her back right.  But neither the break nor the hip dysplasia stopped her from wanting to run and play with her foster family’s two other dogs.  Our vet stated that she is a dog that will have  increased risk of degenerative joint disease as she ages, so may require pain medications or other interventions as she ages. She doesn’t need anything at this point and is pain free and is a happy dog.  She does need to be kept lean as extra weight will cause undo stress on her hips and joints.  She needs her person to be committed to portion control of her food, and few treats, so that she doesn’t get overweight.

Adding to her struggles above, Elf came into our care extremely underweight.  She had been also dealing with a hidden issue of uterine intramural arteriosclerosis, discovered during her spay. Although it sounds scary, the Pathologist has assured us that the arteriosclerosis has been removed, so nothing is preventing her from having a long and happy life. Despite all her health battles Elf’s spirit remains unbroken. Her journey towards gaining weight is balanced with the need for an active lifestyle, ensuring she doesn’t overburden her delicate hips.

This little warrior is understandably wary of new humans due to her past. Yet, eager to play with and interact with other animals, particularly dogs.   Elf’s social butterfly wings flutter when around other dogs, her tail wagging in delight, showcasing her inherent love for canine companionship. She adapts well to both genders (Elf gravitates toward keeping company with other female dogs) and sizes, finding solace and joy in their presence. 

Traveling with Elf is a breeze as long as she’s secured in her kennel; she views the car as a safe vantage point to observe the world passing by.

Her coping mechanisms are as unique as her personality; from seeking refuge under a couch to observe the world safely, to clutching onto humans for dear life when lifted. Stairs area challenge,, but every day brings her closer to conquering them, just as she recently conquered the challenge of peeking onto a bed.  She will become more adept with climbing stairs as she puts on weight and muscle. 

Elf’s culinary preferences are as discerning as her character, with a penchant for lick mats and an amusing habit of hiding kibbles for later. Morning in Elf’s world is announced with a kennel concert, signalling it’s time to start the day, and perhaps, hinting at her spirited side.

Once Elf finds comfort in a lap, she becomes the ultimate snuggle buddy, radiating warmth and affection. This precious soul is seeking a family that sees her not just for her challenges but for the incredible love and joy she brings. She dreams of a home with another dog and where her people have patience, understanding, and gentle encouragement to guide her through her fears, a family that delights in her victories, no matter how small.  She needs a quiet and calm adult only home where she can settle in and not be scared with sudden noises.  As with all mill dogs, she needs to be considered a flight risk so her people need to ensure that she is always securely leashed and on a martingale collar whenever outside of a fully fenced yard.  She will do her bathroom duties on leash on a walk, or in a secure fenced yard, so she is open to many housing options.  She does though require a quieter area where she wont be startled with too much traffic noise, skateboards, bikes etc.  She is not a suitable dog for busy city living but would do well in a rural area, town or quiet subdivision.  

If you’re looking for a companion who embodies the essence of resilience, love, and hope, Elf is ready to embark on this beautiful journey with you. Her story is not just one of survival but a beacon of what it means to love unconditionally.