Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

Hello!  I’m Joni and I’m such a beautiful lady!  I’m a Wheaten Terrier and I’m 6 years old.  I’m about 25 pounds of soft sweetness and I’m looking for my forever home.  I’m very gentle and sweet but very shy and reserved.  If you give me a cozy place to nap that’s likely where you’ll find me!

When I first came to my foster home I was very uncertain about living in a home with a family as I wasn’t familiar with this type of safe, secure life.  I am slowly learning to relax and enjoy it here and I’m starting to understand that living with a nice family means I can feel free to be happy and wag my wee tail!  I have two teenaged human foster brothers here and I get along with them just fine!  I wouldn’t enjoy a home with children though as I need a quiet and calm home to feel safe in.  I wouldn’t enjoy visiting children either, peace and quiet and calm for me please! 

I am a healthy girl but a little bit underweight.  The vet seems to think that I would feel best around 30 pounds.  I have had my teeth cleaned, been microchipped and spayed and everything else that I needed.  I didn’t even mind the car rides to and from the vet!  I just laid down and relaxed the whole way.  

I have only had one accident since I’ve been here but I don’t ask to go outside so you need to take me out regularly to go.  I do love being outside, though, and have even enjoyed a backyard fire safe in the arms of my foster Mum!  It’s important that I’m not left unattended outside ever though as I do have the terrier tendency to roam and can fit through smaller holes than you might think!  I am considered a flight risk and I can’t be trusted off leash ever or even out in a fenced yard off leash so it’s important that I am kept secure at all times just in case I decide that the squirrel across the street is worth chasing! I could go to a home with or without a fenced yard seeing as how I can’t be trusted off leash anyway, but I would like to have a yard and some outdoor space to call my own and hang with my people.  

I am a quiet girl and my foster parents have never heard me bark.  I have been known to let out a groan when I wake up though!  I may never bark but there’s a chance I’ll find my voice sometime in the future when I’m safe and comfortable with my new family.  I would be fine with living in an apartment or attached home as I’m pretty low key.  As long as I can get out for my walks I’ll be okay!  

I am indifferent to other dogs I have met on walks but I think having a confident, friendly male dog-sibling in my new home to show me the way would be good for me!  I’ve never met any cats but I don’t think I would mind having a friendly, respectful kitty friend.  My foster family has two birds who often fly free and I don’t bother with them at all.  They fly all around me and I just watch them or ignore them.  One of them even came nose-to-nose with me and we just sniffed each other!

I am still learning to trust people and this could take quite a while for me.  Feeling safe with people is new for me and my new family will need to strike a balance between being very gentle and kind while being consistent and confident.  This will help me learn to trust people and know that I can count on them to keep me safe.  This will take time and patience but I just know I can be an amazing companion for the lucky family that gets to adopt me!

I haven’t discovered how fun toys can be yet but eventually I will!  With patience I can show my new family how smart I am and learn all kinds of skills!  I am VERY skilled at napping and snuggling but I do plan on branching out.  

I have a pretty good appetite but right now I need to be in a safe place to feel comfortable eating.  This could be in my crate or when I’m alone. My foster Mum cracks a fresh egg on top of my food and that always gets me eating!  I don’t have any special dietary needs, so no need to worry about that.   I do love treats, though, and will gently take one from your hand.  I love to chew on bully sticks and this can occupy me for a good amount of time!  

I don’t mind being in my crate.  I sleep there at night and never make a peep.  I also go in my crate if my foster parents go out for a little while and I don’t mind at all.  It’s a perfect place for naps!  I enjoy going for walks and am doing pretty well with my leash training!  I don’t pull at all but I do look to my foster parents for guidance and to show me confidence when I’m out and about.  I am unsure about some of the noises I hear when walking so some positive reinforcement will go a long way.  I haven’t had any formal training and right now the best way for me to learn is for my new owner to confidently show me that everything is safe.  As I come out of my shell more I think I’ll really enjoy training!  But for now I just need reassurance while I figure out how to navigate this world.

My foster Mum says I have the most beautiful eyelashes she’s ever seen!  I’m constantly being told I’m pretty so it must be true!  I even got groomed and I did really well!  I felt a bit nervous with the dryer but with a little reassurance I got through it!  

Do I sound like the right girl for you? Could you be the lucky one who gets to take me home and be the subject of all my adoration?  Will you be the one who gets all my snuggles and love?  If so, please fill out an application and maybe we will be a good match :).