Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

Hello everyone, please allow me the pleasure to introduce you to Marshmallow!

Marshmallow is a female Shih-Tzu, approximately 5 years old. She is mostly all white with a few small patches or tan on her fur coat. She has a long tail that loves to wag and wiggle around. She is small but mighty at about 15lbs of muscle!

The name Marshmallow was discovered by the children. They both thought that due to her colourings and size she would make a perfect Marshmallow.
Marshmallow is rescued by Pound Dog Rescue from a puppy mill, she is now enjoying retired life being a family friendly dog.

Marshmallow is microchipped, fully vaccinated, and dewormed, and spayed. When she came to us she was bumping into things while walking and I wondered if it was the fur around her eyes that was disrupting her vision. Upon examination from the vets they have said her right eye has an abnormal iris and microphthalmia, which means it is a non visual eye. It does not cause her pain or discomfort and she does perfectly getting around with a few blips here and there. There is also a suspected cyst to the right of her lumbar spine, but this also has no effect on her quality of life. She loves going for walks, although the snow is foreign to her at this point. The vets also checked her dental health and her dental disease is mild to moderate and doesn’t need immediate intervention. Her new family will need to plan for a formal dental cleaning within the next 12 months as a recommendation. Having her chew on chew toys and brushing her teeth will also have a positive effect on her dental health. 

Marshmallow has adjusted to being a family dog well. Having another dog in the home has been a benefit to show her the ropes, but it isn’t required. She loves to lay close to our dog, Sierra and go for walks like the big dog does.

Marshmallow gets regular crate time during the day even if we are at home. This allows us to know how well she does in it, helps her get used to it, and creates a safe space for her to be. She complained a bit at the start with some small whimpering noises, but she has overcome this and is very quiet now when she goes into her house. She will eat all her meals in her crate as well. Sometimes she will even go into her crate on her own while we cook dinner because she knows it’s her time to eat soon. We have a water fountain out in the open for both dogs to enjoy at any time they wish. Marshmallow will also spend her nights in the crate while we sleep. She never makes a peep and will make it all night long.

We consider Marshmallow a work in progress with house training. Although she has had many transitional adjustments she still has accidents here and there. She has a healthy thirst so be mindful of her drinks and make sure she goes outside shortly afterwards for a pee. We also just take her outside every few hours during the day time hours and night time she can go longer stretches. Marshmallow currently has 2 bowel movements per day, usually after breakfast and in the afternoon. She sometimes will not go to the bathroom on a walk so when we get home we let her into the backyard and use our words of “go pee” or “go poop” and she will usually go pretty quickly in the yard. This is improving for us, so maybe not a forever thing.

As mentioned before, Marshmallow really enjoys going for walks and she does really great on a leash. We can go up to about 40 minutes with her and she does just fine and keeps up with the big dog. She even still has pep leftover for walking around the house after. And she loves when children come by to pet her on our afternoon walk! She doesn’t react much to other dogs, just a bit of whimpering and curious to go say hello. She has had encounters with cats and she did well with the visit, didn’t really bug them and they didn’t bug her.

Marshmallow sometimes likes to play with toys, but mostly not, she loves to just lay on a bed or a cozy carpet and sleep. We have a crinkle stuffed toy that you will sometimes catch her playing with/chewing on it.

Marshmallow has a crate that she travels in a car with, she does wonderfully in the car. No noises and she will just curl up and sleep. The crate has been in the back hatch of our SUV or in the front seat of our pick up truck and both work really well. 

In her future home, Marshmallow would benefit from lots of attention and routine. She thrives on routine for bathroom breaks and meals etc. A backyard that she can go out in for bathroom breaks would be helpful but not fenced would be ok as long as there is a leash or tie out available to help contain her. She would benefit from someone capable of taking her for good paced, long walks daily, 1 at least, but 2 is best. Her new family should know that because of her breed she will require regular grooming appointments to keep her fur looking nice and out of her eyes as well. Children over the age of 8yrs and cats would be ok in Marshmallow’s forever home. She loves gentle children and cats seem to be tolerated.

If this bio resonates with you, please make sure to send in an application for Marshmallow, she is a lovely companion.