Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

Introducing ‘Marvelous Miss Mitzy’! She is a 5 year old Poodle X, puppy mill Mama, weighing in at 10 lbs. In the short time she has shared our home with us and her foster brother, she has opened up to us and has learned what life as a pet in a home is all about. 

Mitzy was very scared and withdrawn when she arrived. You can imagine how different a house was compared to a mill barn setting. For the first week she barely moved from her crate, didn’t make a sound, and ate very little food or drank water. Stairs were foreign to her, so we had to hold onto her leash and try to coax her out of the crate so we could teach her how to manage 3 steps to the backyard. In no time at all she learned how to go up and down steps, following the lead of her big foster brother. Stairs inside the house was an accomplishment that would come weeks later. We learned that taking ‘baby steps’ with our Miss Mitzy was the method to gain her trust. There was no reaching out and scooping her up, or walking quickly toward her. She would go stiff and freeze like a statue and stare at you. On occasion we would need to pick her up and she would shake uncontrollably and was stiff as a board as you held her against you.  She would never ‘run away from you’ but rather ‘freeze’ and offer those big brown eyes that almost spoke to you, ‘I’m scared, but I am going to trust you’. Talk about melting your heart! We are happy to say she no longer shakes when we have to pick her up, and slowly she has learned to ‘loosen up’ and not be so stiff. It is at that moment, when she sinks into you neck or lap, that you know you have earned her trust. 

To date, she doesn’t know how to play with a dog toy or how to play with other dogs. However, she shows no fear when dogs are around, she observes but doesn’t interact. She enjoys the company of her humans from a distance, but will sometimes put her two front paws up on your calf and look forward to a chin scratch or pat on the head. She has not yet learned that ‘snuggles’ are allowed and are the best experience ever. We can’t expect 5 years in a mill to be unlearned in a few months. Her forever home would need to have people with patience and a gentle and slow approach to new experiences.  You can see in her eyes that she wants to be with you and will follow you around and settle in whatever room you are in. She has adapted to an environment of ‘work from home’ foster family lifestyle and would likely be the best type of ‘forever home’ for her. Having another dog in the home would help Mitzy learn how to be a ‘family pet’ and learn to interact and play, as every dog deserves those experiences. She has not been around cats, but I would imagine her gentle disposition would not be a problem with a calm quiet cat.   MItzy is scared of sudden noises or a lot of excitement so we are looking for an adult only home for her or one with quieter natured teens.  She needs a peaceful and quiet home to continue building confidence to the world outside.  She also wont enjoy a busy city center living or a busting high rise building, but a quieter rural, town or subdivision setting in a house, townhouse or quiet condo would suit her well. 

There is one obvious and great characteristic about Mitzy, she absolutely loves to walk. Almost from day one, she realized there is a ‘big world’ to explore beyond the confines of her previous life a mill mama. She sees the martingale collar and leash and she begins to literally dance. She spins in circles, puts her two front paws up onto her foster brother’s back, bounces on her back feet and does a few spins, tail wagging from side to side,  before she can settle and become a ‘statue’ for you to gently slip the collar onto her. There is no weather condition or length of walk that would stop her from an outdoor adventure. We have come to learn; she spins in circles as a form of release from anxiety. A block or two into the walk and she is into a good rhythm and has reduced her ‘circles’. 

She is routine with her outdoor potty time. She is working on how to let us know she has to go outside, and therefore, has had a few accidents on carpets. She is great to do her ‘duty’ on her walks and will let you know she has some business, by stopping on the grass and doing many, many circles. We are trying to offer treats as rewards, but she is not treat motivated. The only treat she likes is cheese but we limit the amount she receives. Bedtime is a breeze, we head upstairs, where she sleeps in our room and she immediately walks into her crate, lays down and that’s it! Nite Nite! She has never barked or had a desire to leave her crate, as a result we leave the crate door open, and to date, she had never ventured out during the night. 

She doesn’t bark in the morning, she waits until we are ready to get up, we say, ‘pee time’ and she comes out of the crate, wagging her tail, circus spins galore and outside we go. Breakfast is served and then the best is when she gets to go for her 30 – 40 minute walk in the morning. Returns home and sleeps on her daytime bed, or on the floor near her foster family. Ask her if she wants to go for a car-ride and she is equally excited. Back seat views and a place to sleep and she is willing to go the distance long or short drives.

Mitzy has demonstrated courage to try new things and the ability to trust in her foster family and friends that visit. She really does seem to want to take the ‘next step’ in learning about being a family pet, but needs space, patience and a loving family to help her find her way. Another four-legged buddy in her forever home, would be an asset to lead the way.

If you can offer Mitzy a home that is safe, loving, and willing to go the distance to give her the best life every, then you should fill out an application with an opportunity to meet ‘Marvelous Miss Mitzy’.