Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

This beauty is Prudence and she is a 2yr old English Bulldog mix who is looking for her forever home.  Prudence currently weighs 35lbs and is a smaller dog with a stocky, muscular build.   She is a small Bulldog and a great size for many homes.  Prudence came to us from a life of being a kenneled breeding dog in a large scale breeding for profit facility.  She had no exposure to the world outside of the kennel, had no socialization to people other than the kennel owners and experienced nothing in her life but an overcrowded, loud, barn.   Her life changed for the better the moment that she came into rescue care.  She has come a long way already in her foster home and is at the point of being ready to move on to her forever home!

Prudence is a quiet, shy, and gentle dog who is very interested in people and wanting to be around her people, but just not in a cuddly way.  She is nervous with people though from her lack of any socialization prior.  She needs more positive socialization and quiet, controlled introductions to new people to make her more comfortable.   Prudence is not suited to first time dog owners.  Her people will need to work with her to help her gain confidence and form a bond with her.  She will always want to be in the room or area that you are in, and even sits on the couch with us, but wants that little bit of personal space still.  We  can pet her on the couch but you can see that she isn’t relaxed enough yet to fully enjoy this, but that will come in time.  She has only been in foster care a few months and you can’t wipe away years of abuse and neglect from mill life in a short amount of time.   But we can see that she wants that connection with her people.  

Prudence is calm and relaxed in the home as long as her people are calm and relaxed.  She likes a quiet, peaceful home.  An adult only home will be what Prudence is looking for, and one where children don’t visit often as well.  She is shy with people as mentioned and the noise and activity of children will not suit her.   Prudence is being fostered with dog savvy cats and does well with them.   She doesn’t bother with the cats at all.  Prudence is also being fostered with other dogs and quiet likes their company.  We feel that another dog in the home would be ideal for Pru so she can mentor off of that dog and have that companionship and role model.   Prudence has never had an accident in the home and is also crate trained.  She does need a very secure, fenced in yard for bathroom duties and to hang out in.  It can have no gaps or missing parts as she is a flight risk.  Pru won’t actively look to escape the yard, but we can’t risk her safety so she needs a very securely fenced yard.  She enjoys time out in the yard with the other dogs and likes to sun bathe!  

Prudence walks pretty well on leash and is learning  to walk nicely at your side.  She is still nervous on walks but getting better and better as time goes on.  She will not go to the bathroom on her walks though so will need a home with a secure, fenced in yard for bathroom breaks.  She will not be a suitable dog for a home without a secure fenced yard directly off of the house.   She is also being fostered in a rural area and does well without the noises of too much traffic or people.   A rural home would be her ideal placement but we would consider a home in a quiet town or subdivision as long as there will be plenty of quiet areas for Prudence to go for her walks.  We need her people to remember that she came from a life of no outside exposure so we need to gradually introduce her to the world around her and don’t want to scare her with too much too soon.  This is the one thing that we need to stress with anyone interested in Prudence…she needs to learn how to “dog” gradually and with patience. Too much too soon will be detrimental to her but also not pushing her to expand her world will be just as detrimental. It is a fine balance and why we need her people to be experienced dog people who can recognize when she is at her limits but also push her to expand and grow in confidence.  Prudence doesn’t enjoy car rides at the moment.  Getting in the car is scary and she needs to be lifted in. She is crated in the car for her safety and security.  Once in she will settle in for the ride.  Again, more exposure to car rides to fun places will help her learn that car rides are fun.

Prudence is a very easy dog to live with. She doesn’t ask for much and doesn’t pester or bother you for anything.  She is happy to have her meals in her crate and a couch to sit on.   She is a light eater and will not eat you out of house and home.  Prudence doesn’t play with toys much yet as she is only starting to show interest but she does like a quick chew on a Nylabone.   She likes toys she can chew on as opposed to play with.   Prudence can do the stairs on the deck outside but struggles with the long flight of stairs in the house as they are steep.  This will take more time and training.  A home without long flights of stairs to traverse is best for her.  Prudence is great at relaxing on the couch as you watch TV and settle in for the night.  She sleeps in her crate at night and is crated whenever we aren’t home.  Prudence is a true gem who is only going to continue to blossom and grow and is going to be an amazing dog for some person or people.  She needs patient and kind people who will understand that her background needs to be considered but not allowed to define her, and continue with the work we have done to bring out the best in this dog and let her live her best life!