Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle.
We at PDR believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

Aren’t they adorable?  These are 2 males Boston Terrier mix pups who are 9 weeks old.   We rescued them from a local puppy mill.  We know that the mother dog was a pure breed Boston Terrier and father a bigger dog like a Labrador Retriever.  They are a compact well-balanced dog, with a black and white short coat and have eyes that shine with kindness, curiosity and mischief.

Pups tend to take on the personality of their mothers so we fully expect these pups to be very affectionate with burst of energy.  They will be medium size (about 40 pounds full grown), sturdy, high energy dogs.  We expect these pups to be very intelligent dogs that will make great family pets.  This is a great mix of  breeds for a family dog…not too small, not too big…gentle, affectionate and friendly nature…active but not too active.  Of course, you have to get through the crazy puppy stage, but the dogs they will become, when trained and socialized properly, will be fantastic dogs!

Lokey has a little white line on his face with one front paw tip white.  He is the more energetic one of the two pups, very intelligent, easy going and eager to please.


Yaz is a more laid back, you will see more stubbornness in him, still intelligent and easy going but needs a little more coaxing to get the job done.


Cuddles and Snuggles are both their #1 favourite thing.  I read it provides them with warmth, affection, and a sense of belonging, which explains why they love to do it so much.

We will only consider homes for the pups where someone is home or has the capabilities to come home throughout the day multiple times for little playtime/walk.  Puppies need to be taken outside for bathroom breaks very regularly when they are small and will not be able to hold it for an 8hr work day.  We are also looking for families that are fully aware of the time commitment of a puppy and the work involved.  Puppies are a total joy and bring so much love and happiness into a home, but you cannot underestimate the work and time involved in raising a puppy properly.  They need constant supervision while young to expedite the house-training stage and to ensure they aren’t chewing on anything inappropriate.  We are also looking for a family that will crate train the puppies as we fully believe that this is the best for pups and offers them a quiet and secure “den” to call their own.  A crate trained pup is a blessing as it offers a safe place to put them when you can’t be watching them all the time.

We will consider a home for these pups with children over 6yrs of age.  They have their terrible nippy/jumpy/bitey stage coming up and will be too much for younger children.  If there will be young children in the home (6yrs to 11yrs) then we would need the family to be experienced dog owners who are fully aware of how to manage a young, excitable puppy with young, excitable children.  Supervision is key and the adults in the home would need to ensure that puppy/children management is a task they wish to take on.

For a home without young children we would consider 1st time dog owners for these pups.

Any family considering them needs to take obedience training and socialization seriously and have the time to dedicate in the 1st year especially of the dog’s life to this.  The more that is done with these pups in their 1st year, the better dogs they will be!

A home with or without other dogs is just fine.  A home with a cat would be fine as well keeping in mind that proper training and supervision is key around a cat.

They won’t be suitable pups for high-rise apartment living, however as long as their exercise needs are met they will do fine in a low rise apartment/condo building.  Keeping in mind of course that while they are settling in, a crying puppy in the crate when no one is home is to be expected so if an attached living situation, there must be good noise barriers to avoid neighbour complaints.  These pups are catching on to house-training well but still need a set routine for outside potty times.  Expect to be taken them out on the hour, after every meal and after crate time.

They will be suited for higher energy activities so very active people would be a great fit, they will need 30-60 minutes of exercise every day, not just simple walks around the block though.  A home with a fenced in yard would be ideal and convenient for puppy training but is not mandatory.  They just need easy and quick access to a grassy spot outside for the million trips out for potty training a young puppy needs.

The pups are too little to be neutered before adoption so potential adopters must live within a reasonable distance (within an hour) of Cambridge as the pups must be returned to our vet at 6 months of age to be neutered (included in adoption cost).  Adopters must be able to drop off the pup in the morning and pick up later that day for this surgery.  Adopters will be responsible for the continuation of puppy vaccinations and all other required vet care at their veterinarian of choice.  They have had everything medically that puppies their age should have and have been microchipped as well.  The forever family must also not have any holidays away planned for months coming up after adoption or be planning to move in the near future.  Stability is key in months after adoption.

We will be expecting our adoptive families to attend puppy socialization class with their new pup immediately upon adoption, along with, at minimum, level 1 obedience school after.  The guidance and lessons learned in puppy classes are very important to getting your pup off to a good start.  We handle these pups every day and will be offering them everything they need to be the best pups they can be when they leave our care but we need the adoptive families to take over for us when they get the pups home.  We take our responsibilities to these pups very seriously and only want the best for them.

We adore these puppies and will settle for nothing less than a dedicated, loving family that is well aware of the breed requirements and the needs of a puppy and this breed mix.  We also are looking for families that want the dogs they will grow to become, not just the little bundle of furry cuteness.  If you have been thinking about adding a medium breed puppy to your family and have the time and patience to properly raise a pup then they may just be perfect for you.  We know you will fall in love with them as deeply as we have when you meet them.  They are simply adorable puppies.  The only question will be, which one to choose?