Please read our dog bios carefully to be sure that the dog you are applying for suits your family and lifestyle. At Pound Dog Rescue, we believe in the benefits of post-adoption training for our dogs and their families. This allows for continued socialization, and learning and helps to create a well-mannered and balanced dog. Post-adoption training is a requirement in our adoption process.

Let me introduce you to Yumiko, a Beagle who is about 9 weeks old.  Yumiko currently weighs about 10 pounds and is going to be a small-medium sized dog around 20 or so pounds.  Yumiko is still a sweet little puppy with soft puppy fur that is a gorgeous tri-colour and some beautiful markings.  She has many white patches throughout but is mostly black and brown.  Yumiko is such a sweet natured dog and you can see it when you look into her beautiful brown eyes that show such curiosity for her surroundings. 

Yumiko and her siblings were unfortunately puppy mill discards that didn’t find a home, so Pound Dog Rescue took them in to give them the best chance at finding their forever homes.  Yumiko was full of joy and excitement when we brought her into our home and it didn’t take long for her to warm up to her surroundings!  She loves to explore her surroundings and has such confidence to explore and do whatever she wants to do.  This girl is certainly a leader and is always initiating play time, or initiating a good sniffing hunt in the backyard.

Yumiko would do well in pretty much any home situation as she is a pretty easy going gal.  She absolutely loves her sister and all of her other foster dog siblings and wants to run around and play with them all the time.  When they are outside it is constant playing and sniffing out those real good scents, she also loves searching for acorns and sticks to chew on.  Once she comes in there is always a bit more play time, then some independent play with a toy or chew bone, and then she will find a nice quiet and comfy place to take a nap.  Yumiko’s ideal home would have another playful dog for her to expel some energy, but we also think Yumiko would do well as an only dog.  Yumiko can at times be a stubborn little girl and she wants to do things on her own time and thinks she can do whatever she wants, when she wants to do it.  Yumiko is also currently living with a cat, she has not had much exposure to the cat other than to see her on her perch, but she has not shown any interest in her.  Yumiko also lives with two teens in the house, considering she is still a puppy we have not noticed too much mouthing except for when she is really excited and they are down playing on the floor with her, but when it does happen we are quick to correct and she is very responsive to correction.  She loves when the kids get down on the floor and play with her!  When she gets excited her little tail will wag a mile a minute. 

Yumiko would love a big fenced in backyard to be able to run around and play in, she loves playing outside so much and it is probably her favourite thing to do.  Yumiko should have a fully fenced, escape proof and dig proof backyard to ensure her safety when she is in the backyard.  Yumiko is crate trained, so when it is bedtime or time for the humans to leave the house she happily walks into her crate and waits for a couple of treats, though sometimes you need to lead her in with the treats  Yumiko does initially make some noise when she is put in her crate during the day, and will yowl for a few minutes, but she does calm down and will stay quiet until you come back to let her out.  When she goes in her crate at night she usually doesn’t let out a peep, she does occasionally let out a few yowls during the night, but it only lasts a minute or so and then she stops.  Sometimes in the morning if we are taking a while to wake up she will let out a few whines.  Because Yumiko does occasionally bark/whine in her crate, it is recommended that she go to a detached home so as to avoid disrupting neighbours.  That being said, she will likely grow out of her yowling in the crate and it likely won’t persist for too long.

Yumiko has been doing fairly well with her house training, but she does still have quite a ways to go.  She is consistently doing her #2’s outside which is wonderful! When given the opportunity, she will pee outside whenever she has the chance, however she is still very young and still likes to pee whenever is convenient for her.  She will need to be let out to pee about every 15-20 minutes during her “awake” time, to help with facilitating no accidents in the house. She is still pretty young and we are having less and less accidents each day, and this will continue to improve with her age and consistency.  Overall, Yumiko is such a well mannered little girl and has been an absolute dream to have.  Once she gets some playtime outside she gets pretty tuckered out and is very well behaved inside.  Yumiko will on occasion find an empty toilet paper roll to chew, but she is generally pretty good to only chew on her toys.  Yumiko does like to steal the tea-towel on the stove sometimes as well.  Yumiko is a pretty chill and relaxed pup, she doesn’t mind hanging out in a different room then you and doesn’t feel the need to follow you everywhere you go.  Yumiko loves attention and if you are petting another dog, you can bet that she’s going to push her way through to make sure that she can get in on some of the pet action too.

Yumiko is a really good eater and her favourite time of the day is meal time!  She is extremely food motivated which will make training a bit easier of an experience.  When her food bowl is ready to go she will go and wait outside of her crate for you to put her bowl in and then she will eat it right up. 

Yumiko has been a good passenger in the car when we have gone out, she has been crated during all of her drives.  She has been on many car rides both long and short and she has been excellent for all of them.  Yumiko has not been on any official walks yet, but we have been working on getting comfortable with the leash and going out in public areas.  Yumiko is still pretty young so she is still learning and understanding about walks, as she gets older she will require longer walks, but so far she has a great relationship with the leash and enjoys being out and about.  Obedience training will be a must with Yumiko as it will help her develop a wonderful relationship with her new family, but also it will help her to understand what is expected of her and help set out rules in her new home.  This should be followed by an advanced obedience class to get her to be the best girl she can be.

Being Yumiko is still such a young puppy, we will only consider a home for her where someone is home or has the capability to come home throughout the day.  Puppies need to be taken outside for bathroom breaks very regularly when they are small and will not be able to hold it for an 8 hour work day.  We are also looking for a family or person that is fully aware of the time commitment of a puppy and the work involved.  Puppies are a total joy and bring so much love and happiness into a home, but you cannot underestimate the work and time involved in raising a puppy properly.  They need constant supervision while young to expedite the house training stage and to ensure they aren’t chewing on anything inappropriate.

As Yumiko is too young to be spayed at this time, she will need to come back to our vet in Cambridge to have this done at a later date (around 6 months).  Therefore we need a commitment from her forever family to take her to our specific vet to have her fixed when the time comes.  Yumiko’s adoption will be conditional on this commitment.  Our vet is in Cambridge and therefore we will only consider a home for her that is a reasonable distance (within an hour) from Cambridge that can accommodate a drop off and pickup there to have her surgery done.  

Yumiko is looking for her forever family with someone who will spend their time walking and playing with her, going to training class, and someone who will relax with her at the end of the day.  Ideally she would like to have a large fenced yard with another young playful dog to keep her company and run around with.  Yumiko is such a beautiful, energetic and sweet natured dog and she is looking for someone who will love her forever and be active with her.  Yumiko has been such an easy dog to love, her eyes and mannerism say it all in how sweet she is, if you’re ready for your days to be filled with looking at her and your heart breaking in a happy way because of how sweet she is then maybe you are the home for her!